Problems with the browser certificate

Problems with the browser certificate

Lately, the comments box we came several requests regarding a problem with the certificate on google, youtube, facebook, yahoo, twitter and others with SSL (https).
Why do I have problems with certificates?
Most times, the problem has a very simple solution, namely, correct setting of the date of your PC.
Besides the set date wrong, and he has not found a site certificate, but the https page loads, although not certified. If you trust a website that loads the page in https, but it has been certified, you can enter. However, if you do not know the site, I advise entrants.
What's up with the date and certificates?
Certificates are issued by the authority for a certain time. If we set the date on PC outside this range, the certificate is seen as expired. It is therefore important that the PC date and time are set correctly.
How is disturbed on your PC?
Data from the PC can disturb: reinstalling a new operating system, running a live CD on the same drive, resetting the BIOS, etc.
Pont related to SSL connection (https).
As you realize, if the page you are visiting is valid or not, check the area for which the certificate is registered. If the site is, the certificate must be registered for the If it is done, for example, a DNS poisoning, can occur in the address bar, but you will find it on another site, resembling 100% with, but actually be a phishing site. Compare domain name in the address bar with the certificate for which it was registered. So check the validity of websites working on secure connection (https). Example; DNS poisoning to a website may appear as the bar to write certificate is valid but is not recorded on the, but on the other field.

Video tutorial - Certificate issues in the browser

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  1. I also had this problem with the certificates and also on win 10 …… but for me the time was set well. And yet the certificates did not work.
    Eventually I rusit to give him head. It was from some hot-fix_uri be received by the Windows security updatates even from Microsoft. After I removed the problem revolvers.

    • Allez PRAE not think that Microsoft sent you updates that you can not access certain sites.

      • good… .. and then why after I uninstalled those hotfixes, the problem with the certificates was solved? I emphasize the time was set correctly it was clean install am kaspersky ……. and the 2nd day after install I had prb with the certificates

  2. caisindonici said

    I would like to know how to download the diagram of the respective notebook from the datasheet site or how a controller of a stick sticks out, as there are many who throw the stick if Windows does not detect it, there is a tutorial on this site about sticks but it doesn't help always. all the best…

  3. caisindonici said

    but if this problem occurs with setting the date and time after each restart of your PC, then the problem is the battery on the motherboard of 3volti need to change

  4. I still do not understand how to solve the certificates after the date has been set.

    • Those error that is not supported application server because of the difference of date / hour. There was a problem strictly linked certificates. anyway this is the simplest solution for this error. There are cases when even expiring certificates.

  5. yeah just in time microshit have problems with timpu that can disrupt oddball. :)) And say and to mention the mess left win and put linux. possibly keep it to desktop for games or programs that are not alternatives for Linux. and microsoft app up and shook hands with canocical partnership that develops Ubuntu. and stay to see when it will be completed mir looking unless you know what myrrh and you will see what vb. I repeat leave messes win and go on a nice clean as that goes on without misfires.

    • … Mess is in your head as a consumer who wants everything to be free… buy the license and then we talk.
      A licensed windows and everything in it licensed without antivirus like home works perfectly on a correctly made car… if I make a pc from parts no name low price for high needs and with software at mine 100 it is normal to have a cabbage system.
      Mir has even catch up with 0.0001% x direct response to the picture quality as say

  6. A tutorial, -how choose an SSD for Linux / Ubuntu, TRIM- how we operate and what we need to know!

  7. My date is good, but is still not loading, I get the error: "NET :: ERR_CERT_INVALID" what should I do?

  8. After much searching on the net, I found solve this problem.
    open mozilla browser tools-options-turned-network-connection settings get in there and tick the No proxy.
    now goes smoothly

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