Review Bluetooth Speaker Ikea Eneby 30 - True Bargain

Review box Bluetooth Ikea Eneby 30
Review box Bluetooth Ikea Eneby 30

What is the Ikea Eneby 30 Bluetooth speaker review tutorial about?

In the Review tutorial, the Ikea Eneby 30 Bluetooth speaker will introduce you to the speaker I just got from Ikea, after which I will compare it with the Tronsmart Element Force speaker. Why ? Because Element Force has the same power as Ikea Eneby 30, namely 40 watts.

How did I choose Ikea Eneby 30?

I was at Ikea for stuff, and at one point I saw the Eneby 20 and 30 speakers plugged into the socket, ready for testing. I took out the phone, connected to Eneby 30 and I let him go. I put on a few songs that I knew, so I had an idea of ​​how they should sound.

I liked the sound at first, at 50%, because I didn't even want to bother there. In 2-3 minutes an employee came, who I thought would ask me to disconnect, but no, the man even invited me to do my best.

BUM, at most no distortion and the sound was very pleasant.

That's it, I bought it!

I get home, I plug it in, I connect and BUM, it sounded even better.

Many watts do not mean quality sound.

From the beginning we have to make a difference between the two speakers.

Ikea Eneby 30 it's a bigger bluetooth speaker that doesn't have a battery, so it's not portable. It doesn't even have a 12V input to power the car's battery.

Tronsmart Element Force it is a smaller, portable, splash-resistant speaker. You can easily put it in a backpack or picnic basket, which can't be said about Eneby.

However, watts are watts (which also meant that) and we will compare this, watt by watt.

What do I like about the Ikea Eneby 30 bluetooth speaker?

  1. Simple design, does not go out of style over time.
  2. Warm, pleasant, strong sound
  3. The fact that it doesn't have a battery that you forget to charge before grilling.
  4. It can be heard very well both inside and on the terrace, garden, etc.
  5. The price is super decent for what you get

What I don't like about Ikea Eneby 30?

  1. The fact that it's not portable (but that didn't hold me back)
  2. The volume is not synchronized with the phone
  3. It only has Bluetooth 4.2, it would have been perfect with 5.0
  4. Cannot connect 2 Eneby to each other via bluetooth
  5. After 20 seconds without music, it stops

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  1. Victor said

    is it right now what you are doing now ???
    a speaker more expensive than the minimum wage ???

  2. Victor said

    'europe vs china… .what not everything that comes to us is ,, MADE CHINA ???
    Make a comparison of PRICE and SPECIFICATIONS and OPERATION: android radio china vs radio a..emag… .or other ste uri ..
    … Do another DAY tutorial for phones as webcams .., surveillance, compared to those of a few years ago, .. and without reference to POST FORVAEDING11 !!!!!


  3. Where do you get these good guys from? According to the calculation formula, on a 4 ohm speaker, I must have a voltage of 40V peak to peak for 12,65W !!! One of the speakers is powered by a battery !!! Did the laws of physics change and I didn't find out?

  4. how much did they pay you to advertise them?

  5. Popescu Cornel said

    please change the title!… it's not really a bargain, maybe for you who make money from what we follow you!… little respect for those who still follow you!


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