Xiaomi MI portable Bluetooth speaker, clear sound, bass unexpectedly

Xiaomi MI portable Bluetooth speaker, clear sound, bass unexpectedly

Bluetooth speakers are very popular lately, especially because they are super portable and some of them offer very good sound. How good speakers are quite expensive, I started looking for the perfect Bluetooth speaker and I think I found it.
Xiaomi MI It is a Bluetooth speaker, Micro SD card slot and a very pleasant extra BASS generates almost unbelievable for its size.

What is a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth portable speakers speakers are powered by battery or batteries and equipped with Bluetooth for connecting various devices for playing sound or music. Bluetooth speakers sometimes have extra functions: speaker phone function, SD card slot, AUX input jack, FM radio, etc.

Why do I need a Bluetooth speaker?

Right now most users listen to music on the phone on speaker. I think you all realize that the phone is not the best tool for music playback. Although some phone manufacturers have made great efforts to improve the sound output from the speaker (HTC, Axon, Sony, Nexus, etc.), further can not go because we have no space on your phone for a sounding board and speakers quality. The speakers sound weak solve the problem on their phones in a very elegant way. In addition, no longer consume the phone's battery so fast.
If you have no budget for Bluetooth speakers, you can do you one from a certain speaker. How do you make one a speaker or Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth is a storage area where?

1. In the shower
2. In the hotel room
3. over
4. barbecued
5. At the picnic
6. At school (break)
7. On the outside with the boys / girls

I chose Bluetooth speaker is the Xiaomi MI?

There are several reasons we chose acasta Bluetooth speaker, which I will list below, but you should tell you that I tried several speakers before you make this decision. I wandered the shops, just as I was buying the basement, I had to hear, and have not found any speaker who to like and to have a decent price. I found one that I liked (Bose), but it was too expensive and slightly higher than Xiaomi MI. Finally, after about 6-7 speakers and one good whack but expensive, I went home and searched the net on specialized sites. After research, I decided, Xiaomi MI Bluetooth speaker for me.
Strengths box:
1. sound quality
2. Design and execution (aluminum)
3. Bass even at low volume
4. Gold color begins to like
5. Micro SD slot (running MP3 on the card)
6. Depending speaker (good microphone)
7. AUX input jack (can connect any)
8. compact dimensions
9. Battery lasts all day about
A few negative points (minor):
1. Chinese battery level posts
2. Manual in Chinese (with PDF in English online)
3. After each startup volume is 30-40%

Where to buy Xiaomi MI Bluetooth speaker?

Bluetooth speaker Xiaomi MI on Amazon.de (hence I bought myself)
Xiaomi MI Bluetooth speaker from Amazon.co.uk

Video Tutorial - Xiaomi MI portable Bluetooth speaker, clear sound, bass unexpectedly

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  1. Hello Cristi, you can listen to her radio and phone (with or without headphones introduced)? But the music on TuneIn and other applications like that '?

  2. Hello Cristi. Super cool is the basement. I do not know if you tried mini X2 vertically expandable. It's super ok. OnePlus connected to one well with powerful bass sounds. I am one of about 7 years and are very happy with it. The downside is that it only speaker has nothing else the older model. Newer models have card, radio, Bluetooth ... Etc. I salute you. A good evening.

  3. Hello Cristi, is very interesting speaker, I also Sudi and I unpic market speaker bluetooth portable, indeed speaker Bose sound very good, but I found 2 speakers, they have bought and which sound as good e A3143 about Anker and Heavy Metal Jam HX-P920 are 2 speakers at a very low price but with quality comparable to bose. Anker's bass is more powerful than the Jam Jam site and instead is better than mid and high Anker site. The speakers are not found in Romania at the moment, I've got them on Amazon. Good luck in the future!

    • Anker sounds like Bose or less. They are any interested in this basement and not know what to choose between Anker and Xiaomi

      • some comparisons are made on youtube, I never was able to compare them side by side, but tend to think it's at least as Bose. However the price is far below bose

  4. a small disadvantage not often put on the back or somewhere in front of a small LCD screen to show which part is the basic functions of the card's volume at how and why not to display and battery. somewhere in a corner micur not hurt. Another not give a momendant not know where you left parts or what

  5. Hello Crisi please do a tutorrial with the latest changes in Windows that were added in the last update thanks

  6. A tutorial updates from Windows 10 would be welcome

  7. Cristian Nechifor said
  8. Excellent product! I want to make more accurate as a retro curiosity, that in the years 70 radios to Bucharest Electronics products, increasing levels bass at low volume called physiological volume control. It was based on the property of the human ear to perceive the weaker bass at low volumes, which have compensated by increasing bass. Everything I have said is for information and due age where you did not have to know. Regards,

  9. Hello Cristi! Tell me please have a card slot, I do not see it in pictures. Thanks.

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