Hikvision surveillance camera socket repair - to IP cameras

What is the Hikvision Surveillance Camera Plug Repair video tutorial about? In this video tutorial called Hikvision Surveillance Camera Plug Repair, you will see how to repair a damaged Hikvision Surveillance Plug. Specifically, you'll see how Hikvision's color-coded cable is wired. Why do the plugs break at… [Read more...]

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turn your phone into a surveillance camera for where it's not worth installing cameras. Surveillance cameras do not protect us from thieves, but at least they keep us connected to what happens when we are not where the camera is mounted. As we all know, even if the rooms have become cheaper lately, it still costs you some money to install a room and that's why… [Read more...]

Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I camera IP surveillance 3MP

Hello friends, today I will present a surveillance camera from Hikvision, it is about the DS-2CD2732F-I model, which comes with a 1/3 inch sensor at a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels. The DS-2CD2732F-I surveillance camera comes in a metal case with a vandal proof dome design, with a variofocal lens from 2.8mm to 12mm and an f1.2 aperture. Can film… [Read more...]

How we choose our video camera surveillance system

Hello friends, today I will tell you everything you need to know when you want to buy a camera or a video surveillance system. The most important thing you need to know is that surveillance cameras are of two types, analog cameras and IP cameras (they can connect to the internet on either wireless), the latter are more modern and more versatile. Asa [Read more...]

Setting up a surveillance system, part 2, audio video recording and management - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will continue with the second part of the series dedicated to video surveillance, in the first tutorial we discussed about installing an IP camera and today we will talk about managing and recording the video signal emitted by the IP camera. If you do not have an IP camera, you can turn your phone into a surveillance camera, or you can turn your webcam and computer… [Read more...]

Configuring an audio and video surveillance system, part 1, installation and setting of the IP camera - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will start a series of tutorials in which I will present the steps we need to follow to set up an audio video surveillance system. This tutorial is the first in this series and is dedicated to the camera or IP cameras, I will learn how to configure the camera and I will explain all its settings. The great advantage of a… [Read more...]