Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I camera IP surveillance 3MP

Hi friends, today I will present a surveillance camera from Hikvision, it is about the DS-2CD2732F-I, which comes with a sensor 1 / 3 inch megapixel maximum resolution 3.
The DS-2CD2732F-I surveillance camera comes in a metal case with a vandal proof dome design, with a variofocal lens from 2.8mm to 12mm and an f1.2 aperture. It can shoot at 3MP (2048 × 1536) and 20 fps, full hd (1920 × 1080) at 30 fps or hd (1280 × 720) at 30 fps.
Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I has infrared LEDs that allow the night to see up to 20 meters (no bleeding IR) LEDs light up automatically and sensubilitate or timing parameters that can be changed from the web interface.
DS-2CD2732F-I is an outer chamber, that means you stand outside in cold and hot weather from up to 30 -60 degrees Celsius, it can add fog, dust, moisture, etc. The face of interior rooms and it has armored metal housing with seals everywhere, extra PCB and faces are designed to withstand large temperature variations or extreme temperatures.
Among the facilities that this camera comes, there are: slot for micro SD card, supports POE, encoding hardware h264, intrusion detection, motion detection, line crossing detection, tampering detection, functions that we will explain in the tutorial Next devoted to this rooms, where we will see how it works with the supplied software, web interface and applications for smartphone or tablet.
To be honest, I didn't expect to find this camera so capable and solid, I was expecting something more Chinese, especially since it came from a little known manufacturer (Hikvision), but then I found out that only department Hikvision research and development specialists are employed 2800I repeat, only the R & D department!

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  1. Hello Cristi.Scuze that has nothing to do with the tutorial I have a huge request sus.Dar if you want me ajutati.Detin a M15x Alienware Notebook http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Alienware-M15x-Gaming-Notebook.22280.0.html and I do not know if procesorul.SI exchange supports Intel Core 5Ghz i3570-3.4 and 3 video card or 4GB.Va please give me an answer.
    Thanks and sorry to bother

    • It doesn't work, it's another kiosk, another generation, another design
      However, changing the laptop processor is not a good idea even so, there are many considerations other tdp, pcb is designed for processor cooling, power, etc, etc.
      The laptop is not desktop.

  2. Thank you for this interesting tutorial, expect these episodes.

  3. Very useful, expect these tutorials and the control software etc., are very curious

  4. Hi Cristi, good tutorial. I have a surveillance system using the phone (s) as a camera, possibly something like that - I'm at work and I want to see or be warned if I have a thief in the house (or the neighbor's cat) 🙂

  5. and related tutorial, official link with technical specifications about the camera presented:

  6. hello Cristi, you can mention which model is the camera that has automatic rotation settings, meaning not to go to it, to order it from the tablet… .Thanks in advance!

  7. Very good tutorialul.Camera presented is of good quality but a bit expensive for some of us.
    We are waiting for a tutorial with a DVR surveillance system at a very good price-quality ratio (why we must take into account when purchasing a camera, a DVR, an NVR, etc.).
    Maybe you can make us a recommendation of a ready-made outdoor surveillance system (kit) - "budget" because there are many offers on the market and there are many pitfalls.
    Thanks again and come back soon.

  8. And where you can buy this room possibly PTZ version in Romania?

  9. because I'm a beginner in Surveillance systems have kindly help me and me with some advice on the system that I need to do, namely:
    - I have a house and I intend to make a surveillance system consisting of 2 IP cameras module: Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I (I have a front yard a back)
    - the cameras will be connected to a NAS qnap TS 453-PRO - it has 2 licenses for the cameras
    - I want the recording directly on the NAS at max fullHD resolution
    - I intend to connect the cameras through a switch with POE so that I can also pull power supplies or from what I read, maybe with injectors.

    - it's worth taking a POE switch or there are enough injectors. the idea that they both lead to a single camera socket with a single network plug. I understand that injectors have several standards. what do you recommend
    - what HDD do you recommend. I was thinking of the 2 × 3 Terra WD red or purple version.
    - what variant of switch can I take and where is the best place to be located considering the problem of long distance power supply of devices with POE
    - I saw that there are 2 types of cameras DS-2CD2732F-I and DS-2CD2732F-I (S)
    What does the S?

    thank you

    • Hello,

      rooms will be connected to a POE IP NVR HIKVISION DS-7604NI as SE / P or DS-7604NI-E1 / 4P / A or 4XPOE. Wiring CAT6 the NVR. Maximum cable length CAT100 6 meters from the camera to NVR Power POE.
      S stands for the Special (Audio In / Out and Alarm In / Out)
      super you will enjoy it!

  10. Petre ivanusca said

    Ceau, Cristi follow your videotutorialele long and I am very glad that helping others with your knowledge. I would like to install an IP camera and I want to know if I can use the USB port d-link router memory as a storage room. Thanks

    • Sure, you can use an external hard drive connected to the router, which will store records.
      Even so I set myself.
      You have before you the necessary settings in the router to activate the FTP server.
      Unless you have a router with the FTP server, you can configure the connection between the camera and hard disk.
      My recommendation would be to stay away from USB memory sticks, for proper that are not sufficiently reliable to work 24 / 7. The hard drive is perfect for that.


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