Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries and WITHOUT INTERNET

Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries What is the Nearby Share video file sharing tutorial without intermediaries about? In this tutorial, Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries, I present the new method of transferring files from one Android device to another Android device. File transfer is done directly through… [Read more...]

Files GO GO files with DIRECT Wi-Fi file transfer

Google Files GO file manager with DIRECT Wi-Fi transfer Files GO is the first official file manager from Google. This file manager is designed to provide a slightly different experience, as it focuses on freeing up space occupied by large files, caches, and applications that have not been used for more than 4 weeks (one month). Application structure… [Read more...]

WiFi Direct, quickly transfer files between Android phones

We have smart phones, we have internet, we have Bluetooth, but we can't transfer files at high speed between two phones. Via Bluetooth, the speed is too low. Through the internet, we are limited by the provider's bandwidth. The solution would be to connect the phones directly. Fortunately there is WI-FI Direct, which together with the Super Beam application does not throw the files de [Read more...]

Miracast, Android phone to connect wirelessly to TV

Hi friends, today I will show you how Miracast works. If on iOS (iphone, ipad, ipod) we have Airplay Mirroring, on some newer laptops we have WiDi, on Android we have Miracast or ScreenCast. Miracast is a protocol that helps us to display on the screen of the wireless TV, exactly what we see on the screen of the phone or tablet, a kind of HDMI Wireless. To … [Read more...]