4.3 Android Jelly Bean live USB stick to run and install on your laptop

Hey friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can make a bootable usb stick with the operating system Android Jelly Bean 4.3 to run live or install Android on your laptop, netbook, notebook, ultrabook or desktop PC.
The process is not hard at all, we need a USB stick or 1 2 GB and ISO image with the operating system Android. As many probably know or are familiar with the ability to run in live mode of Ubuntu or Linux Mint distributions without dealing updates operating system or partition already on the laptop, as it can do with Android.
ISO image we downloaded from the project homepage Android x86 and we will also need LinuxLive USB Creator
The project homepage Android x86 you have multiple Android versions to choose from: Android 2.0, 2.3 Android, Android 3.2, 4.0 Android, Android 4.2. I personally have downloaded Android Jelly Bean 4.3 in my case things work properly. Even running in live mode, Android 4.3 moves very well on my Asus netbook is incredibly fast and operating system comes with Play Store.
CAREFUL!: If you have problems you can choose different versions of Android. X86 Android project page, near the other versions of Android you have a small specification of the ISO image, exactly what model of laptop work. search and download version available for your model of laptop.
If you request in the comments section, I will do a tutorial on how to install Android in dual boot with another operating system or how to install Android on your laptop. Keep your requests only these two tutorials become priority!

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  1. Of course we want tutorials on this subject.
    Android on PC / laptop sounds great.
    In general many give up because there is little linux DISTRIBUTI apply and bad, but sounds good for that Android is the most prominent and give apply Froyo version moves very well and very quickly.

  2. DJ NICHI PIZZA said

    How to install Android on PC?

  3. Hi Adrian! I look forward to the next videotutorial about installing Android on your PC or Laptop.Multumesc beautiful!

  4. definitely worth doing installation tutorial! thank you for that now and one that I hope you will do.

  5. florin5625 said

    I eagerly expect and new tutorials about installing Android on your PC or laptop. Thanks in advance and congratulations for your work

  6. Hi Adrian. Very interesting tutorial and certainly are one of nerabdatorii want to see installation PC.Daca can I ask you something:
    How to connect net of cable in android
    -if I had office applications available that would create files that could be read without problems by those who have windows and office — the well-known one from Microsoft

  7. I will try very hard in the play are curious applications store if I go, there are many disadvantages 64 see no

  8. nice article and very interesting… I made a bootable stick and I am satisfied with how it moves, I would like you to make an article on how to install android on laptop / netbook / desktop, alone or in dual boot. Thanks.

  9. hello I have a computer in the living room that I want to use it just type activities net watching movies etc and the android operating system would be perfect, because that look forward tutorial on installing the PC and if you can show us how can we make a grub with Windows but how to install android mean just clicking on the button to enter directly into the bone

  10. RUSZ Alexander said

    installation time and if you dual boot

  11. Active News said

    Informative and useful article!

  12. It is a very good tutorial. I'll try to install on your laptop. I could tell you if

  13. Mattresses antiescara said

    I tried, but failed 🙁 It gives me an error…

  14. I run the laptop on stik and goes well

    • Hello and me gives me error how to do I followed the tutorial and I do not Nergal neither box nor in virtual real mode boot BE interface and if I see only one option error occurs that I do not support mouse and more

      If you have any ideas zimi

      • Salamalichi Silviu-Valentin said

        Hello I installed dual boot Android on PC with Windows 8.1 / 64 concrete bits go .Partea sucks is that the driver does not have wi-fi goes Cable da bai not I find a compatible network card if you want to change your explain how to install not difficult.

  15. nasty I tested it and it has a lot of bugs, it doesn't work, the play store doesn't work, I don't know which application stopped unexpectedly, it restarts… if it hadn't had these problems and in one way or another we could have I put the video card drivers to work on an HD resolution to make it clear it would be great, I would give up windows as well.

  16. hello, I installed the android while on a stik and on a memory card, stik is seen, but the card in the boot menu, all worked so far, the problem is that if I install an application and it runs in portrait rotates the image and after that I can not rotate the screen, there is a solution to this inconvenience?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is normal to exist such problems. Android is an operating system for desktops concept! On a tablet of some sensors that allow you to change direction very easily. Desktops and laptops have it.
      Enthusiasts of the Android-x86 tried to adapt Android and PC but do not know how far it will reach perfection as long as it is not perfect or devices for which it was created.

  17. I forgot to ask, can not be higher RAM and internal memory, in my, about tablet are 2giga 8giga RAM and internal storage.

  18. aces like the netbook installation tutorial.
    thank you

  19. My stick has 16 giga

  20. Loud (via Android)

  21. Dual boot? That interests me and me. :) Thank you!

  22. Android and Windows.

  23. Why the comments section was divided into only 24 comments on one page when before there were about 50 comments on one page, better all the comments on one page, as it is easier for everyone, you no longer have to give click on "older comments" {my opinion}.

  24. Hello,

    I tried 4.3 android virtual box and my portable android logo appears glare and came out of there, I stayed 10 minutes and all glittered.
    When I restarted to run it live ... some lines appeared to me, then it checked the root… after which a white square appeared and it was still blinking. I stayed there for 10 minutes and it stayed the same.

    System Specifications ::
    Motherboard: ASUS K8N-E
    Memory: GB 1.5 DDR1
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128 MB
    CPU: 2.63 GHz (~ 1.81 GHz overclock at stock), AMD Sempron 3000 +
    PC's 8 years old without 7 days.

  25. adreiandrei said

    Dual boot? That interests me and me. thank you in advance

  26. Hello, now run OS on a stick on a Dell Mini 9 but can not connect to Wi-Fi from Settings button is blocat.Aveti any solution?

    • Hey if you find about us solve the wifi and new .. and I still encounter this problem a whole on a dell mini 9, Ms

      • In the meantime, I installed the bone on the hard drive. The same goes for….

        • Adrian Gudus said

          One of you read this: “ATTENTION !: If you have problems you can choose another version of Android. On the Android-x86 project page, next to the other versions of Android, you have a small specification about the ISO image, more precisely on which model of laptop it works. search for and download the version available for your laptop model. ” ????
          I kind of doubt it! It is fixed above the video tutorial and where you put that "ATTENTION" was written blued (thickened) just to catch your eye.
          On the Android-x86 project page there are also several versions for "Android-x86 2.2 live & installation iso for Dell Inspiron Mini Duo platform"
          These details are written to each doanload versions available on the right side thereof.

  27. I tested it and I had to reset a couple of times for the mouse to press nothing is blocking, I managed to install Despicable Me and a few others play games and applications from others not fall went after I left the despicable screen remains turned me around. people at Google have made for tablets and phones if we wanted to do one for desktop and laptop would have done it but there is like linux plus for me is worse than Windows, I had ubuntu on the laptop and I problems with drivers plus moves slow.

  28. I would be interested 7 multi boot between Windows and Android! Thank you in advance!

  29. I wondered why I used last tutorial Adrian 8 Windows and now Windows 7.
    stik site that I have can be formatted NTFS and exFAT only.
    stik to boot sees that the pro has the option 8.1 Windows Secure Boot
    SecureBoot isn't configured correctly or doesn't even boot windows by changing the bios settings, and the Secure Boot option has some settings.
    the loss of time step.

  30. Hey, do not remember which settings do you install applications not remember anything at each opening setup from scratch .. any solution?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      It is normal to happen, I run in live mode, do not have it installed! The same happens with other Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint) that can run in live mode from CD / DVD or USB stick
      About installing Android on laptop will speak at another tutorial. Now just to set the stage.

  31. Emanuel Dasaga said

    You more battery Android OS?

  32. I installed Android on virtualbox! There is a trick to change the resolution because I searched the settings and I have not found? Thanks

  33. I also want a android installation!

  34. You can use an android phone as a webcam and microphone to PC?

  35. Very useful tutorial, if you can do a tutorial, dual boot with Windows and Android.

  36. Gabi Gabriel said

    I got a few questions and I hope I enlightened. I bought a Toshiba Satellite day C55-A-1H1, drivarele leam installed on the Toshiba site that videtutorialului above but at least CS 1 games. 6 and NFS on the net is full screen and sees only the middle at a low resolution. You can install driver or what application you can see the game in full screen. And you said that videotutorial can shoot and record at the same time with room to laptop but showed neat to install driver that we can use for shooting and recording? ? ? ami go WebUI as the only laptop messenger and skype for. I am waiting for an answer. Thank you

  37. Hello, first of all thanks for the tutorials, very helpful, my problem is small in addition to many, I have an asus laptop and my x5dij 4.0 android running well, but when I install 4.2,4.3 some games can not say that this device can pt.problema in chestiune_ cava?

    Thank you!

  38. please make a tutorial about how to install Android in dual boot with another operating system or how to install Android on your laptop thanks!

  39. How to change back and forward buttons in windows with the windows 7 8?

  40. View Product said

    and I'm interested in a dual boot tutorial

  41. I have a lenovo 3000 N200 sees my wifi at him and practically fully functional problem is that all the 3, 4 minutes and I reset the unlock screen appears

  42. I posted something above… the dual-boot installation is done with UNetbootin, Download from the UNetbootin site choose the image, let it be installed in partition C or where you have windows and with that you have dual boot, windows with android on your desktop or laptop.

  43. Hello,
    I have some questions and I hope I am clear. I bought a Toshiba Satellite day C55-A-1H1, drivarele leam installed from Toshiba website, but at least CS 1 games. 6 NFS on the net and sees all and only the middle screen to a lower resolution. What driver do I install or what application I can see the game in full screen. And you said that videotutorial can shoot and record at the same time as your laptop but showed neat that we can use to install driver for filming and recording? ? ? ami that the laptop goes WebUI only for mess and skype. Waiting for a response. Thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Stop trying to post the same question 10 times. You will not be answered!
      This tutorial is not related to your problem!

      • gabriel gabi said

        I posted at the videotutorial that spoke posted by Cristi Toshiba drivers but no response mia, and I chose to write to the latest videotutorial. VAM Crezint and asked nicely to help me, but if you dont want to help me.

  44. daniel baptism said

    I think there are many of us waiting for tutorial with desktop / laptop installation so we don't catch our ears here…

  45. sal I came to see how it goes lam not install my problem is why it does not see the HDD?

  46. vinatoriu said

    Hi all Well I do not know if I post I would like to apologize if you can a tutotrial about wireless technology 802.11. BGN vs 802.11. abgn needle or even a short answer and please play nice thank you again for your help happy holidays to all

  47. I have problems connecting my laptop inspiron wifi.Pe 1545 I do not see any wifi network I'm wrong about the activat.Oare setting?
    In your demo is obvious that you're connected to router.Multumesc advance and keep up the good work.

  48. Hello I tested the live CD goes super well on samsung laptop only prb is that Macromedia Adobe Flash Player apk is installed but not working
    I installed a player it works very well but as you know after the restart… ..pa
    Interestingly, in Virtualbox tutorial I tried and it works but can not integrate mouse and WiFi sees sin can do a tutorial on virtualbox Android 4.3
    Adrian doing a good job!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There are already tutorial about Android on your PC or VirtualBox Android. Use the search box on the top right to find tutorials.
      As I said in another comment here (but which you get to read if you click on "<< Older comments" immediately below the last comment) it is normal that after the restart everything you installed will disappear because you ran it in live mode, you don't have the operating system installed on your PC, the same thing happens with Ubuntu or Linux Mint running in live mode.
      Live mode serves to test, to play a little with the operating system to see if you like it, without making changes to the operating system that is already installed on your PC without question or make changes to existing partitions.
      For those who do not have a USB stick, the ISO image can be burned on a CD / DVD as on any operating system. For those who don't know how to make a bootable CD / DVD, you can watch our tutorial on "how to make a bootable CD" which you can find with the search box on the top right.

  49. Hello Adrian.
    I downloaded the Android 4.2 version from the respective link for my Dell laptop.
    I put the stick, I let go, move well, it's okay, just a little problem: when I connect to Wi-Fi, my image disappears, no longer can do anything. What could be the problem? Since the details, specific laptop model.
    Waiting for an answer if you can provide one.
    Thank you in advance.

  50. marius thyme said

    please urgent help if possible. I installed this version of android and now I can not make my stick with Windows. lack of ready-made CD or stick with Windows, I have to do something about it.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I had to think about this situation before you start to install Android.
      Now that's going along to a friend who has a laptop or borrow a Windows CD from someone.

  51. View Product said

    If possible I would like to do a tutorial how to install Android not only stick even from a bootable CD (I have an older PC) and even stick.
    S steps to take to install correctly.
    Thank you

  52. Hi Adrian,
    It would be very useful tutorial where we show how we install Android on PCs.
    I for one am android fan! Thanks in advance.

  53. Hello, can make a usb stik android, then run it on a smart tv? or to change the operating system android tv? thanks a lot

  54. Super tutorial! I want to know if you can make a multiboot with Windows 7, to get away and I child, I flipped the phone!

  55. hello my name is cristi I would like if you have good pleasure in more detail how to install an adroid jely bin as a real system for laptop and installing drivers on it webcam, chain, wireless, audio…

  56. Please excuse me, I'm not sure how good it is to post a tutorial suggestion here, but being the newest tutorial in the "mobile-bone" category, I thought it would be the most visible here. So what if you did a dual-boot tutorial between android and windows phone?

  57. hello Adrian, very interesting tutorial.
    We tested the first time in live mode, I liked how it moves android laptop, I installed in dual boot with win 7 with UNetbootin. My problem is that I did not find any combination of keys that you can unlock android laptop after entering standby. If you know which keys please tell me or to me is another way to disable entering standby (maximum waiting time without button is 30 minutes).

  58. IT'S A LIE THOUGHT THAT THE ANDROID WORKS ON THE LAPTOP . and nustiu cause…. says how to make a cd with android this answer and I tried several versions of android….

  59. Magadanuhak said

    Adrian Thanks to you!

  60. Hi everyone, my name Emil.Va ask more respected Mr. Adrian knows (if they knew it would not post) that says you have a laptop emachines face.eu e510 x86 4.3 I installed android on it and go super ok. Ladies and Gentlemen advantage of these operating systems linux or unix Related (same thing) is that it can be configured utilizator.nu tried to blame someone, choice and consequences are yours if you want to use or just to test a OS

  61. Very interesting idea Android laptop.Citind previous posts I have seen many conflicting opinions on instalare.Pentru doing the right thing please do a tutorial on how to install to be a source autorizata.As have a question that expect a response that depends on whether they can install Android.Am a tablet that run Windows 7.Merge Good (1 GB Ram), but I would if I could install the Android USB CAN 4.3? It would be extraordinar.In awaiting your response Thank you

  62. It's new inradevar but after many attempts and installation does not really work. I had no lock no effect, I read on their site they say you should do wakeup but remains hooked go somewhere. That's I'll keep trying and see if other versions do the same.
    Here is Something users need to know
    1. You Can only use ESC, Menu, left, right, up and down keys to wake up the system.
    2. To wake up the system, you have to hold the keys for at Least 1 Mentioned above ads.
    3. You CAN push key menu screen KeyGuard When showing up to unlock screen.
    4. You CAN use the mouse to turn the wheel on the KeyGuard screen to unlock screen.

  63. I pulled the slide lock settings and put the screen will go off and I see no longer close, but do not mount the stick reusesac, shows me it's mount but do not see it.

  64. Please make a tutorial made with a hard disk installation. I have a laptop, I tried a lot of times to install, but every time it gives me an error each.
    I mention that I tried in every way possible, but still gives me error.
    I would be grateful if you make a tutorial with a clean install on the hard disk.
    Thank you .

  65. On the site where you copied the installation of documentation, but the review makes clear if you go version took trying another version. 4.0 worked for me and I have no problems. I put the ftp server on the PC and get the laptop to the PC and see fime ftp etc..

  66. Thank ptr tutorials! I want to do a tutorial with dual boot android and windows thanks.

  67. Hello, can you help me to install android on a TEC T-BOOK. Processor: WMT, ARM-WM8505 Memory: 128, 00MB 6 Windows CE version. 00 (Build 3122)?
    For a whole week looking and can not find how to install: ((

  68. Hello, how can I install Android on a Windows 6.0 NETkids pro

  69. please tell me if I have root privileges if they can install applications that require root, respond! please

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Be calm, give time to put right a question. There I understood nothing of your comment, if statement or question because I see a question mark anywhere in your comment.

      • Dragulin Constantin said

        Hi, I have an Aspire One netbook accer if I install android on it, I run Sygic android truck, thanks in advance.

  70. nicu hard said

    hello, no nai can download the files from your link are other alternatives to download?

  71. OK! Repeat the question: I want to do exactly what you did in the tutorial and I'm interested if you can install apps that require root privileges (author) in the Jelly Bean OS of your video? And yet another addition to make me understand better: I mean the application (downloaded from certain sites. Eg blablabla.apk) that you can not install on a phone, for example, which is not root -at. I think it was better if the OS stuffing on a stick and try it, without asking you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The Android put on the laptop stick comes with root (in the one I used in the tutorial this happened) You don't have to have root to be able to install third-party applications (which are not downloaded from the Play Store). Simply go to Settings / Security> Security and check Unknown sources / allow unknown sources. With a file manager (ES File Explorer) navigate to the location where you downloaded the .apk file and touch it then touch the Install button

  72. Thanks for the tutorial, very interesting! Please do a tutorial to dual boot android and windows.

  73. Thanks ptr answer. Really works, I got 4.3 version and has no root .. I installed the game killer and I say: Root privilege is needed! (Not shown me anything that I can give access to) and I have absolutely killer game that I have a niece and her bag that the laptop OS not to keep an eye on the tablet, so I need in games to make them infinite life .. and so on Live usb creator I do not work in mint 16 (install it but then make a scene), I put the OS on the stick with UNetbootin.

  74. A tutorial for installing Android would be great for those who need it, my question is why? Why Android on a device like a laptop or something similar, we did not have the opportunity to test it and then maybe Adrian could share his experience. Anyway, we have windows at our disposal, but let's say we have a device with "yesterday's" hardware and it is about to resume and then Android would be something light that would give it life and have a better behavior for today's needs. , and if so, why would I choose Android at the expense of Lubuntu, Puppy Linux or even Mint. I hope that Adrian or someone who has experimented can elucidate me on the issues raised above 🙂

  75. Flash Player not working on any of the versions

  76. costyiordan said

    Hello, I would also like an image from an android 4.o, Evolio tab 4 of fun I tried an image ALWIEV

    • Can you give more details? Why do you have a picture of Evolio android 4.0.4 EvoTab fun? You're asking for a tutorial on stick run android desktop. And what do you mean you tried one of Allview?
      If you have a rom you can try to search the Chinese counterpart of the tablet and search for rom him. Of course you do not go the 2 Allview because the companies do not have the same Chinese ODM (same Chinese importer) Romanian firms do not produce tablets they take from china and rebranded them uiesc. I mean like Samsung, LG, HTC make in china. That is but a difference LG Samsung etc. Chinese tell them what to do, what design, what hardware etc. Romans while they take ready made them change the name a little soft and ready to put the interface in Romanian

      • Hello alex, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but in Romania there are allview factories ... which produce phones and tablets on the spot… that the parts do not come from Romania but from Europe, China. Turkey or another country…. that's not our problem 😉 only good

  77. Any idea why not go the link to the tutorial?

  78. the TV can use it

  79. Hello ! I would like to install on my PC that I have windows XP SP3, android… but I don't know exactly how. I tried with VM virtual box and it still doesn't work…. is the android thing only valid on linux? Pixy

  80. Silviu said

    Howdy. I have a Serioux S 900 Tablet tablet. I took from midpc.net an android distribution for S901 or M901. I installed it with micro Sd. It goes ok with one exception. The touchscreen does NOT work. Recovery mode and POWER + volume up. Not working. A red triangle appears with an exclamation mark. I installed Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 by Danyrolux for S101tab. With microSD inserted, the tablet doesn't even turn on. I read somewhere on the forums that he doesn't kiss. 101 with 900. What can I do for them? I don't have a data cable. What format is that USB plug? I'm waiting for an answer before I throw the target at the wall with her. Thanks in advance. Either here or by mail. Sar'na!

  81. hello. I installed android version d epe site. Razor go but I have a problem. tutorial on the developers website says that we can see the partitions in the laptop (even when we have dual boot my case and win 8.1 and android). I have to do to see the D partition when run android? with thanks.

  82. Salamalichi Silviu-Valentin said

    I saw this tutorial but when I tried to install it on hard with a husband (Linux Mint 16 petra) I found that I do not know how, I asked a some flag (flag) assume that it is the boot order and I inpotmolit anyway I did not want to give up linux mint in favor of Android and would like to make a tutorial on something I do not mind the screen returns to playing live on the stick but I would like to know how to return image manually if possible, however the possibilities are huge android as I did I realized I assume that in the future desktops will run android compulsory.

  83. Salamalichi for others interested. I went on the website http://www.android-x86.org/ and I downloaded last

    android version 2014-02-14: The Android-x86 4.4-RC1 released (kitkat-x86) there. I burned the CD as an image

    simple with the win 8.1 application. Initially on a laptop that is not who knows what, it is a 32-bit Fujitu Siemens

    with 2 2 GHz processor GB RAM, but it goes well, I had two parts C and D 8.1 win various storage that all

    the man. I put the CD in laptop with Android I am booted off the DC and he appeared window

    Android installation. I do not know what steps I followed exactly but I kind of followed the steps that are recommended on the site that

    I wrote above, I clicked and I intuitively different boxes and ready to install. My contribution was when

    asks me what size I want to be where I shared memory space that moves android (something like that

    calls where we frolic about 2 GB where the operating system and the rest is memory data storage

    you understand) of 524 write like how I put up there as possible about 2000. And ready. Now we have two systems

    Android and win 8.1. When I turn the laptop system asks me if I want to use and do nothing

    Android starts if you give me the down arrow select Windows. And run the vreau.Cu win when I got the job

    Android most serious and study it. However the site says that the partition is formatted NTFS D even if it appears that

    visible in our android but eunu know how to make it visible. On the day I manage to tell a

    FINALLY goodbye Windows.

    We tried another maneuver Android laptop I formatted two partitions I am installing android

    That and I just Android. But as I said I can not see the partition D and it's a shame that I did nothing. On that 2 GB's

    kinda off to work.

    If you can not handle write me here and give me installing android again to write down my steps that he

    follow and tell you exactly how I did. You can write private and mess for example, but it would be nice to put

    sight you run the laptop to use others for our exeprientele if I needed.
    You tell me how it works, please.

    PS: if my message is quite technical for some computer genius to make me pleased to abstain

    to talk more.

  84. Salamalichi you know I answered but not shown. If he does not give me an address to mail something to answer in particular.

  85. why when I click on "view" my download does not start but it appears to me http://i61.tinypic.com/wldpqu.png and I put 10 different codes and another code appears and another and another…. why ?

  86. The answer to your question we do not know. Generally these pages are made to check if you bot or person. And the same happened to me. But why not try to download android 4.4 I noticed it works. And there's a newer version of android so theoretically you have no reason not to download it

  87. I evolved. for Salamalichi Silviu-Valentin and others. i reinstalled android 4.4 so much fun. and I came across those "flags". with the arrows on the keyboard delete the partition if you want, create a partition and when you're done with them press "quit" enter and exit. kind of like bios. and then you choose from the arrows on which partition you want to install the android, generally the one you have motodito with the arrows and format it. I formatted it like this: once ntfs and I only see those 2 gigs created by me but it also sees windows 8.1. the second time I formatted ext 2 and it sees my entire 108 gigabyte partition but windows 8.1 doesn't see it it asks me to format. I also formatted 32 and it still looks 108 gigabytes but it doesn't see windows 8.1, except in manage.

  88. Hi Adrian, you can make a tutorial about how it should be installed as a desktop and Internet access? Thanks so much, look forward to a response!

  89. cristy said

    Adrian and I asked you something but I do not answer. I thought you have with computers but I think that you still missing something to ask you. Or are you busy with videos and tutorials translation? I figure if you're tired all put a tutorial how to install android enlighten us to the end. As if we do not see anything with android hardware.

  90. jonytoro said

    hello Adrian, first I want to say that there are few people who do what you do are novice, novice at computers, but I try to learn as much from voi.multumesc advance for all your posts.
    I followed all the steps in the tutorial .. how install android 4.3 laptop with a usb stick ..
    I have two questions: 1 / when I downloaded android, download rar zip, otherwise I try to download ISO images, but they all come off as rare zip.de can not download the iso image?
    2 / when finished making stick.am program received message .. linux can run on Windows, memory Minimum insuficienta.memorie, 257mb.am entered the fog of everything.
    specifically that owning a notebook packard bell, 352mbRAM, Windows XP Professional 2002, sp3.o one partition c of 20 GB free space on c is 7 GB.
    Thank you again.

  91. How leeching LinuxLive USB Creator and what to do with him. numic not understand. Please if you can help me?

  92. Many have learned to "Videotutorial.ro" and you mulţumesc.Vă Please do yourself a tutorial to install Android on your laptop, but I see all the partitions on the HD. Thank you!

  93. Ovidiu Chirila said

    Hello I have a question myself: when installed android on a laptop, which ptr.internet settings on the rds-rcs cable?

  94. how can i change the poppy of the network card in android 4.4 🙂 I installed it as you said above and I can't do the rest… I have asus Eee PC 901 🙂

  95. Hi Adrian,
    I watched with interest the tutorial made by you; I wanted to ask you something… I have an android stick that I connect to the TV… it's an android tv stick… the idea is that for a few days now it doesn't work to upload saved videos and play them… I think something has crashed… 2 things… how can I first save an application that I can no longer find on google store… .and 2 how can i reinstall android on it… I mention that it now has 4.2.2 installed
    Thanks in advance for your response…

    • Boy (I'm 50) but have you heard of Google? Put the name of your stick in the search bar and give it a search. For example, I have T428. Take all the forums (I recommend XDA-Developers) and read there. You can do whatever you want with your stick. Android is "open-source".

  96. Hello my name Crist Ionut.As have a question?
    How can install Android Live in a leptop and how to make partition?
    I tried to run in the android goes live Cd.Intra internet but goes bluetooth, and applications from the store Loati play such as: Posts Tv online and games.
    How to solve this problem plizz to tell me as soon as possible. Thanks In Advance!

  97. hello I have a question I tried x86 3.2 86 and a x4.0 EEPC opening on a desktop but I give my home box appears in android detecting and those dots that appear and waited endlessly appear somewhere in 10 minute and nothing is normal? have to wait more? or need to try other versions?

  98. a question for a samsung np-q1 tablet pc with 900 mhz 512 aileron processor and 1 gbram ddr2 with win 7 starter or xp…. it works well on both… ..what android version is the best ”

  99. Hi Adrian, I saw this tutorial but when I tried to install sopcast not working.

  100. nicolae said

    hello! are impressed by what you do! congratulations! opposite what this tutorial I want to ask you if you know how could install android operating system and have a wince 6.0 car dvd with this operating system! I want to install Android to access internet card! Thank you !!

  101. marian said

    hello? Sorry to bother why not go with android games 4.4.4 laptop made by Lili usb creator, thanks

  102. I would like an installation tutorial or Android on a desktop leptop I tried but I could not, in advance preferinta.Multumesc dual boot.

  103. Sal Adrian, ms of the tutorial, I followed your steps in just and it went great, but I have a problem nu ..I don't have a net and I don't know what to do with it.wirless is on the red and I don't have it via USB, I have net from the phone on the laptop, he still doesn't want to. I admit that I gave up. HEEEELLP !!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Unfortunately this project (Android PC) is still under development and operating system does not include sufficient drivers can see any wireless card from any laptop. Connect an internet cable from the router to the laptop through the wireless network card, to me, it went so! And other users have reported that they managed to have wireless internet.

      • k, went the cable net, but now I have another problem, install did not run any game, any idea ?? raspuns.ms expect much help.

  104. Hi, Adrian

    Do you think such a live works and stick android smart TVs? I'm interested to have Flash Player on LG Smart TV. Only the operating system of the TV Web OS can not install flash player. So I wonder if I can run on any version of Android Smart TV via USB stick that Android can think they know how to install flash player.
    Or, alternatively, do you think can be hacked Web OS to support Flash Player? I have not found any information in this regard.

    Thank you in advance,


  105. Hello! I did the first, bubbled alone: ​​D.Am installed android asus laptop x86 pestickul netul meu.Nu me go, do not go to him activez.Sa be from that version or not installed on the hard? It's about MS in advance! Now put 4.3 see what happens.

  106. Hello! Yesss.eram disappointed 4.0 went rotten, heavy on stick.Am put everything on stickver 4.3 20130725 and go and wifi, games go, everything I had set my computer luna.Eu 6,7 months ago BlueStacks platform and eat a lot of resurse.Am put the game heroes are passionate chaos.Dar order and we tried the 4.3 and I say this device does not work on this versiune.MA ADMIN can help? woorld of tanks and everything works, it appears unstable, but the heroes nothing MS in advance! INCERC Android 5

  107. At least 4.0 hard ff went without wifi, 5,1rc..am put the stick, I entered your Android device, then the mouse arrow and playing with it as you want, all on a black background, to you MERGE 5.1 Soap 4.4

  108. 4.3 and 4.4 mine.Dar going to have great games in the Play Store problema.Cum install? I tried to install, installs, but then you get into some games requires me to put wifi connection to download all jocul.E something do? Please send an raspuns.Multumesc!

  109. Hello! You answer my question too, please. My android works, I tested it live, the net works. But when I download some games that take up more space… I click on them ... and it tells me to activate wifi and the wifi option can't be set, is there a method? I repeat, I can surf the net, download. I can't download the big games, the games that when you click on them… I still don't know how many mega. see wifi.APK, I KNOW, but I didn't find it for the game I want.heroes of order and chaos… the first time it has up to 20 mega, I click and it asks me for wifi… another 700 and something mega.help me android is fluent on pc, over blue stacks, I also put android and in vain.

  110. as Android and Windows can install on your laptop and do a tutorial please

  111. I have a problem I tried about toatew variants and goes ie not enter a start I lept packard bell EASYNOTE nec s8 with cpu and ram 1,87Gb 1 512 video you think we have a chance to try again?

  112. bogdan ionel said

    I want to put Android on a PC I tried several versions of android everything goes ok and loads super fast everything but audio from YouTube video or etc ,,, how to solve this problem much luck and maybe you let your a mail ...[email protected]

  113. Ciolan Tanase Raul said

    Hello !
    Note that it also works to copy with cmd by the extension "xcopy j: \ *. * / S / e / fh: \" where j = virtual optical drive, where you will copy files from the virtual optical drive is h = usb / flash drive as the case.

  114. Greetings!!
    Is it possible to install android system in the car ??
    Thank you.

  115. Hello.
    I installed the USB LinuxLive Creator, I downloaded the android-x86 following that day trying to make one sick. When I rebooted the laptop has booted like he stick bootable USB port and I managed to escape than to reinstall Windows with the factory settings.


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