Protect against copying a USB stick, SD card or external disk

What is the USB stick copy protection tutorial about? At your request, which you addressed in the comments section, we searched and found a program to protect against USB stick copying, which helps us to protect when copying USB sticks, SD memory cards or any other device external storage. Thus, they cannot be copied from a USB stick… [Read more...]

Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer

PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair What is the PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair tutorial about? In the PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair video tutorial, you will see how to troubleshoot an unrecognized USB stick by your computer that displays the text PortableBaseLayer in Disk Management. [Read more...]

Persistent USB stick pc pc without loss of data at restart

Persistent USB stick Android pc PC without data loss at restart Android x86 is an Android version for PC, which can be run from a USB stick without the need to install Android on PC. The problem with these live USB sticks is that they don't keep their data after restart. USB stick with Android for PC that does not lose data on restart! I found the best [Read more...]

SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY

Copy SD card, directly to an external HDD, without PC - ON HOLIDAY When we go on vacation, it seems we don't want to take our laptop with us. Why carry extra luggage and risk running out of it (as in some countries it is stolen). However, we need a method of copying the files, which are stored on the phone or on the SD card in the camera. How to copy files [Read more...]

Seagate Backup Plus 8TB review, an external hard drive very quickly

Seagate Backup Plus 8TB review Seagate is one of the largest manufacturers of hard drives, which lately has been making efforts to keep sales at the same level as before the advent of SSDs. Many would say "SSDs have little storage capacity"; I say take a look at the new SSD from Samsung, which has 16TB. Now you realize that life… [Read more...]

Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

Nowadays, with 4k and 50 megapixel photos, SD cards charge pretty fast; We have 4k video bitrates at 100 Mbps and even 1080p at 200 Mbps (Lumix GH4), and the cameras have 36, 42 or 50 megapixels (D810, A7R, 5Ds). Automatic copying of SD card or USB stick to PC Copying movies and pictures from card to PC can be automated using the application… [Read more...]

The fastest USB stick hand assembled 3

We all want storage devices as fast as possible, so we don't waste time transferring files. SSDs are very fast, but cannot be connected quickly for data transfer. USB sticks are very portable and easy to use for transfer between computers. The fastest usb stick 3 In today's project we will enlarge / marry an SSD with USB 3.0 port,… [Read more...]

Write protected USB drive FIX (final solution)

Troubleshooting "USB Drive is Write Protected! Hi friends, some time ago I did a tutorial in which I solved the problem of an undetected USB stick. In the comments section of that article, you posted many of the problems you encounter with certain stick write protected, ie sticks that cannot be written, cannot be formatted and cannot be deleted… [Read more...]

How to make Bitcoin Miner and application cgminer with BitForce

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how I use the BitForce miner from Butterfly Labs to generate bitcoin digital currency, the complete setting from the wallet to the mining software and the pool settings. Last time I presented you the device ordered from Butterfly Labs, today I will show you how to make bitcoin with this device based on two chips… [Read more...]

Repairs memory sticks write-protected or undetected

Hi friends, today I thought of doing a tutorial on repairing USB sticks and memory cards that cannot be formatted and files that cannot be deleted, or that are not recognized by the operating system. I chose to do this tutorial because I had this problem yesterday. I wanted to format the stick and I didn't succeed, I received a message from… [Read more...]