USB stick installation with all versions of Windows or Linux - WinSetupFromUSB

USB installation with all versions of Windows or Linux

USB installation with all versions of Windows or Linux WinSetupFromUSB

Gone are the days when Windows install DVD. In fact I do not even remember when the last time I installed Windows DVD.
Now work systems installed on USB sticks, which are faster and stronger, plus you can reuse it after installation.

How was the installation of Windows before?

I had a thick CD port you must have a Windows sites, drivers, software, games; because the net went wrong and if you did you could not give resettlement under the net community.

You are now installing Windows?

Now you can stick it on, Windows, which usually has a lot of drivers and high speed net sites + Ninite, You put in 20-30 minutes ready Windows drivers and software.

USB installation with all versions of Windows or Linux

1. We need the WinSetupFromUSB
2. We need a large USB stick (recommend Sandisk Extreme)
3. If we need Windows uri-How Download Windows sites?
4. If we need Linux sites (Ubuntu - Time - Clonezilla, GParted, or other distributions…)

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How do USB stick installation with all versions of Windows or Linux

1. Preparing the stick with the first option from above (Auto format it with FBinst) - CAREFUL this is only the first time.

2. Putting stick operating systems (see video tutorial)
3. Testing Qemu USB stick with an emulator included with the WinSetupFromUSB (see video tutorial)

Download application WinSetupFromUSB
Download wallpaper tutorial

Video tutorial - USB installation stick with all versions of Windows or Linux - WinSetupFromUSB

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  1. Liviu Cretu said

    How Download Windows sites?
    No link in your article

  2. Hello Cristi, I understand how to make a stick with several operating systems. I have an iso image with Windows 10 which includes the home version and the pro version when I put it on stick after I did it and boot it to that version Windows 10 (which already has two Windows10 images), and what version to choose?

  3. I do not know if I expressed myself quite well, for example: I have Windows 7 and Windows 10 sticks (multiple editions) when I select from boot windows 10, let me once again select Windows 10 home or windows 10 pro?

  4. Ilies Gheorghe said

    You can do in the future and a tutorial like Yumi, with which you can add the same, not operating systems, utilities etc.

  5. Thanks for this article.

  6. Marius Adrian said

    not related tutorial fatavreau to purchase this product for a compact camera Panasonic HC-V500 an SD card that you recommend me

    SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC 32GB, UH-I, V30, U3, reading 95MB / s, write 90MB / s

    Thank you

  7. Thanks for this tutorilal a nemamutire am. You can put other programs on the stick, like Office, AutoCAD, etc. ? Thankyou.

  8. Florin Oake said

    Cristi Hello! It seems to me USB 2.0 not go in when I go EMULATOR sample but when I try to install it on your PC. sees first hand that is the basic menu that is open and name the folder but when should I prevent my name from Windows to give everything disappears install screen is black with grief, I tried 2 types of stick!

  9. Florin Oake said

    Hello, I managed but stick must be formatted in NTFS format, but all are mushroom clouds occurred a shock given name the folder where you put more Windows sites and I can not remain the name typed as folder name has the name given program increasingly has the second page that should last the OS, that have strange but I can deal with him anyway is super hard and I can put Windows XP on Linux ISO stick the option not from the top for XP.

  10. Hello cristi, how many giga should be the bottle to know sami buy one to put more windows on it and which brand is best, thank you

  11. Ionel Manea said

    Hi, Cristi, yes, effective goodies, help me a little, you said in the clip that I need a more capacious stick, as much as I needed for Win.10Pro / Win.10Home / Win.7Home / Win.7Pro… .. Thank you anticipated.

  12. Ionel Manea said

    Sorry about the spelling, I have a fucking small keyboard, and ,, crenvustii "great.

  13. Florin Oake said

    Hello Cristi, sorry for comment above where it says that Windows XP does not work in OPTN dedicated to him, I listened to tutorial your through, now I see that you have the image mounted, sorry, is ok going, but I still have not managed to give name the folder where Windows sites put at least we tested for Win 7 appears to give names, write the name of the folder but nevertheless remains the name given automatically by the program. Good luck further!

  14. Mihai Enache said

    Thanks for this tutorial, good health and as many tutorials.

  15. Hello Cristi. When I asked them to do the stick 10Gb Windows 32 3.0 appeared to me that is split in two and had to give windowsu ok. As another alternative not shown me. It's good if you do two ?. Thank you.

  16. I always use a program before inquire to see if there are better alternatives:

  17. Super tutorial, thank you, very useful, and I will try to create such a stick.

  18. Exceptional and all respect for your work and again Exceptional.Multumesc.

  19. What version of Windows 10 who has the letter N in version.

  20. Dan_2740 said

    Hi Cristi good program we get rid of using more usb… But in the future you can show us how we could put new windows just like those like the first time when they have a new laptop and install programs themselves on a clean hard drive….

  21. Hello, you said in this tutorial that the 3.0 usb stick extreme san disk (exactly that i have it) so there are no compatibility issues put on usn 2.0 pc ?? I do not know if I got it right, can the 3.0 stick be put to the 2.0 or 3.0 usb port? For compatibility I can put these windows .. I'm waiting for an answer

    • USB 3 sticks, it's a good idea to connect them to a 2GB USB port just when you install the operating system to avoid some boot problems.
      After installing the operating system, you can also use USB3.

  22. And another question: besides windows with iso, can I put programs to use them from that stick? Does not affect windows? For normal use on pc when I do not have to install windows, i wait for a reply, thanks

  23. I do not want to stale win 10 I downloaded from microsoft and I made it buoyant with magic iso and it does not work when I put it winsetup from usb I can make it give me error

  24. Narcis Sandu said

    Can I remove an iso from the usb after a while? For example, I can get Ubuntu 17.10 and put Ubuntu 18.04 in the year.

  25. Vasile Nadasan said

    Good evening
    I have a question
    Can I put an android along with windows?

  26. I put an opensuse iso on a stick but it doesn't start the installation…
    should it not be iso ??

  27. Vasile Aurel said

    Hi Cristi. I have 2 questions for you too:
    1. What if I want to delete a Windows from the ones I do?
    2. I gave a Windows 10 and he tells me:
    “This file is too large to be placed on FAT32.
    It will be split in parts ”
    Is it good to continue to be cut into 2 parts?

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