Apply weather push phone alerts with storms, blizzards, floods

Apply weather push phone alerts with storms, blizzards, floods

Apply weather push phone alerts with storms, blizzards, floods

The official application warns us directly on the phone by push notifications, when a storm, torrential rain, weather conditions, floods and more are to come; we will also receive notifications about road closures, natural disasters, urgency, etc.

The DSU application keeps us up to date.

As long as the weather alerts could only be received from radio or TV, and as the modern man had some divorced radio-TV, an internet alert solution had to come.
The application is called DSU and is maintained by the Department of Emergency Situations.

Why do I need weather warnings?

Times change, the climate in our country began to no longer resemble what we knew. Storms, floods and tornadoes occur every year. For tornadoes, for example, we are not prepared at all. Faced with the Americans who are accustomed to such a thing, a tornado as small as it makes a breakdown.
The DSU does not make your home more resilient, but it can provide you with information on which to act, starting from the danger.

The DSU application is not just a weather forecast but warns you when it's the case (when the joke thickens). You will only be notified in the case of bad weather codes or blocked roads or bridges.

Download - DSU for Android and DSU for iOS

Push weather alerts application on the phone with storms, blizzards, floods, closed roads - video tutorial

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  1. good application, only it is blocked 90% of the time ………

  2. It's good, but as my colleague said, it keeps crashing. I received instead from accuweather the paid version faster alerts than from dsu… at least that's how it seemed to me, that from accuweather I receive alerts faster.

  3. I downloaded it from 3 times and I always deleted it, because it is more blocked than functional. I'm tired of the message 'I'm having a problem, try it later'. Later, the storm has already passed, not waiting for the DSU to put the application into operation. In short, the app is cabbage!

  4. An application of kkt like the false news from Romania, storms, tornadoes, etc. in Romania are just the storms from Sf.Ilie here I pray what it was!

  5. It is blocked all the time and I disable the counties that do not interest me, after which all are activated. I uninstalled it.

  6. It would be useful but it blocks almost every time I open it (indierent if I'm connected to the router or internet / mobile data)!

  7. Adrian Rotaru said

    I am from THE ARGES COURT I really get the alerts of the storm of rain but
    yesterday when it opens or appears hard but often appears UPS WE ARE PROBLEME VOM RESOLVES CYCLE. AND YOU ARE LOSSED THE PHONE HAS TO REMEMBER YOU

  8. To block it so often

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