All originals to download Windows 7 and 8

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will see how to download free legal official and all versions of Windows and Windows 7 8.
I thought to do this tutorial for laptops, ultrabooks are sold without installation DVD that contains the operating system. However the manufacturers make a hidden partition on the hard drive that put the laptop in an image or a backup of the operating system where you can give restore in case you want a virus or system reinstallation. Many users do not know this and end up losing the recovery partition (restore) by repartitioning the hard disk or by formatting its total.
Even if you have lost partition recovery can download free and legal ISO image containing the operating system that took our laptop to purchase.
With the purchase of a laptop that comes with Windows or Windows 7 comes 8 license existing operating system on your laptop. License is either behind or laptop is integrated in BIOS for those who choose to buy a laptop or ultrabook with Windows 8.
If for some reason the license on the back of the laptop is no longer visible there a method by which we can recover the operating system license provided laptop still contain the operating system is installed on it at purchase.
About how to recover Windows license or Windows 7 8 have a video tutorial here: How recover the license key to activate Windows 8 and 8.1
Assuming that everyone has licensed operating system at hand, denoted something, please visit the following links to download:
Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: 6071B4553FCF0EA53D589A846B5AE76743DD68FC
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: 6C9058389C1E2E5122B7C933275F963EDF1C07B9
Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: D89937DF3A9BC2EC1A1486195FD308CD3DADE928
Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: 0BCFC54019EA175B1EE51F6D2B207A3D14DD2B58
Ultimate Windows 7 x86 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: 65FCE0F445D9BF7E78E43F17E441E08C63722657
Ultimate Windows 7 x64 SP1
SHA1 Hash value: 36AE90DEFBAD9D9539E649B193AE573B77A71C83
Windows 8 or 8.1
If you do not have a license key and want to use Windows operating systems 7 mentioned above, you can download the ISO image you want, and install and test free 30 days after you use the rearm command 3 yet again many times to get 30 days for each rearm command. What is and how it works rearm command have a video tutorial here: How to use Windows Vista 7 and unlicensed legal for nearly half a year
Once downloaded one ISO image you want, you can make a bootable DVD with Windows 7 or you can take a bootable USB stick by following these tutorials:
How to make a DVD or USB stick bootable Windows 7 using Windows Vista, XP or 7
How to make a bootable USB stick to install Windows 8
How to make a bootable CD from an ISO image with nero
Also if you do not have a license key for Windows or Windows 7 8 can download free versions of Enterprise, specifically Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows 8 Enterprise, Windows Enterprise 7 that you can use for 90 days after the rearm command can be used to To activate the still 3 times 90 days (for Windows 7 Enterprise) and one of 90 days rearm command for Windows 8 / 8.1
That will mean 360 days free use Windows Enterprise and 7 180 days free use Windows 8 / 8.1
To download Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 8 / 8.1 Enterprise you need a Microsoft account:
Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise, Windows Enterprise and Windows 8 7 Enterprise

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  1. windows 8 I see that it cannot be downloaded. we can't connect right now. check your internet connection and try again. I thought he was refusing the ip from romania. I also tried it on IPs from Germany, the USA, the Netherlands and so on. I think they have a problem.

  2. Daniel maximum said

    Useful tutorial. The question is: these versions of Windows updates are up to date?

    • If you had a DVD with Windows or 7 8 had daily updates?
      Once installed you can download / install all updates, in Romania connections are very fast. Anyway I see that Windows 7 is sp1, so you have to have the most important fixes ready installed.

      • LadyLilly said

        Enjoy that Romania has high speed and you can install everything! Italian Internet makes Lehamete! I pay 39,90 Euro monthly subscription for 20 Gbts and give me 6 Gb speed even 3 Gbts with 3 pc in house and 3 smartfone I had the speed and 1G! So this is Italy!

        • Hold it as I understood!
          Your speed is 20 20 Mbps or Gbps, I doubt you 20 Gbps.
          I think you have 20 Mbps, and for 40 euro per month is very weak.
          Even here in Romania do not all go as it should, the fact is that we have cattle. I think we are the world number 1 price / speed.
          One question!
          How to load the site on your subscription fast, normal or hard?

          • LadyLilly said

            Cristian now I saw my message and your message 🙂 So it's not Gbps :)) I wrote wrong it's about 20 mbps and guess that the speed is 5 maximum 6 mbps and the minimum guaranteed is 3! well, after they talked to me about checking, that it's a technical problem, like blah blah blah…. after almost a year an operator tells me something like this: Madam, as long as there is no optical fiber in your area we can't provide the 20 Mbps so we transmit it through Telecom and as the normal cable does not have the power to transmit more otherwise it falls net.ul! In order to be able to send you the internet, the maximum speed is 6Mbps and the minimum is 3 Mbps. I exploded nervously. 1 Some crooks! 2 Vodafon operators gave me 8Mb - Infostrada 7,8Mbps and FastWeb which is considered the strongest are the coolest! Why do I say that, because, with or without fiber, they have to give the package that they sold me at the beginning with the guarantee that it will give me 18Mbps guaranteed without problems, supporting even 3 sums more pc connected in the same type keeping the value given by its 18Mbps for all! So fraud with proper documents! 2. I have a request to you are specialists in everything, I, now I started to take lessons from you watching tutorials on youtube and I appreciated your work and the quality of sound and explanation! I need your help for my Asus PC. Starup Repair - is the problem - I reformatted it 3 times and this problem persists! in the technical part with the pc I am not a specialist but I try to manage on my own without having to repair it every time! last year in September or October it was repaired and in December on the 16th or 17th it broke - starting windows and closing itself RESTART and so on… now it tells me to solve this problem, I clicked on the problem and it says something like this: Startup Repair - Your computer was unable to start - Startup repair is checking your system for problems… .. Sup this title writes like this: If problemsare found, Startup Repair will fix them automatically.Yuor computer might restart several times during this process. —————- No changes will be made to your personal files or information. This might take several minutes. ————- down the bar that indicates that it is trying to solve my problem and below I have Attempting repairs. the same story repeats itself gives me poi again and To enter CMD.exe I do not know what to do and how to do. the data from the hard disk does not interest me and I do not want to recover anything. I just want to fix it like it was in the beginning. Thanks I am waiting for an answer if it is possible even tonight! Speed ​​in Romania is the 4th place in the world and the 2nd place in Europe! honestly use Opera seems to me the fastest of all search engines!

  3. The linkages in the tutorial text will be or are updated if updates are integrated in iso images or these are the images and you can download them over 2 years or when you need them and what they have today in them and then they do not suffer anymore changes? W7 enterprise does not have sp1 integrated? I ask to be clear, I know to update and integrate the sp, a very useful tutorial. I also saw licensed pcs on them but without a cd with an iso image. Regarding those partitions with windows, they have all kinds of integrated programs, a good idea is to create a new partition with a clean or modified windows according to our needs. I want that tutorial as soon as possible and what useful tutorial related to this aspect.

    • My dear, this is not the torrents. Windows is one, the original.
      The ISO images are not put updates, put them than service packs (which contain a fixed number of sites)
      Updates are put in windows sites than torrents.
      After installation you can download updates through Windows update.
      However most of the updates are related to hardware and software used on each PC.

      • I asked because I know not to express my displeasure and that you've done it AUDs updates on a freshly installed Windows i7 5's Sandy Bridge but an Intel cores 2 45 131 nm updates, 130 were certainly lasted 2 hours both at the i5 conficuratii and also found other after I finished with the connexins of 131 10 MB to MB i5 and half the other, 600 not even half time was the same. The w 8.1 I noticed that lasts less but lasts. in conclusion, for me the updates are the problem because it takes then do a defrag if you have ssd. Do not expect answer now because I did not ask anything

        • That will not slow up the computer, the updates can be done at night.

          • I have a laptop / pc mine on Ubuntu updates takes just as much? I made someone updatetul from a version of Android to another and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly went through wi-fi I've done. On Windows updates after they drop a defragmenter to run as well as meaning something else in addition. If I had a laptop of my own I try Ubuntu immediately to see how it works. See you!

  4. I have a dvd with vista home basic worth it to put Vista Home Basic to improve something about it? I cd with key origins like so we took ECP by 2006 it. Wherefore ask.

    • Do yourself a try, install it and make it all updates then test it and see if you meet.
      It is possible to move very well!
      Windows Vista was stigmatized because of the immature drivers that were available then. Now that the drivers are stable, who knows… ..

      • Alexander C said

        I want to tell you that I am more satisfied with windows VISTA than windows 7 because it seems much better, because if I put windows 7 on my laptop from the first days it starts to lag on the AERO interface, this does not suit me it happens on vista, but my vista died after a few months due to the drivers that killed it, the only windows that satisfied me were: XP SP3, Vista Business, 8.1, server 2008 R2 datacenter, at the moment I'm on a windows server 2008 R2 Datacenter but do you have any idea what I could do to make adobe flash work properly? or I have to activate an option in windows or it's something typical for adobe flash for windows server that it moves like… because on windows 8.1 I had no problems with it… I want to mention that I use the build: 7127.winmain.090507-1820, thank you in advance

  5. and I have a proposal for a tutorial how to make a recovery partition (hidden) on the iso image to always appear when you open or instal PCU windousl times to get into your Windows normally. I know you did turoaile with bakup windousus and how to instalm on your Windows hard but always after installation boot must show the way. I did it give me always sincerely do not know how you can install from the hard to the hidden part.

    • Very simply be solved using Acronis True Image or Comodo Backup.Mai are others or even go to windows-ul.Se do with ATI Acronis Secure Zone partition where you will install rezervă.Îţi copy of a script that will appear in the boot menu for restaurare.O condition to obtain an image of the Acronis utility to be written on a CD would be to have a possession that would fi.Aş licenţă.Cam I have a question how we install Linux on an SSD since it is not recommended partitioning and the risks of wear through too many cycles of rewriting certain folders or partitions.

      • @ Axelluny
        "I would also have a question on how to install linux on an SSD considering… blah, blah, blah"
        Solid State Drive (SSD) 14.04 optimize it for Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian 17
        And I wonder that you've just stuck to search on Goagea!
        My question is: What do you need linux for now when Windows is free 360 ​​+ 360 + 360… days?

        • I didn't get bogged down but it doesn't satisfy me. Opinions are so divided that it's hard for them to make the right decision. The experience of an old user was welcome. I have a win7 license, but that doesn't mean I have to be satisfied and not test the alternatives to windows systems. The surprises are great so it's worth the effort.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            If you are the proud owner of a Samsung or Intel SSD then you have to stop worrying. 14.04 Ubuntu version comes with TRIM support enabled by default for those who have an Intel or Samsung SSD

      • you do not understand. I do not know what I'm looking for. / Cristi or adrian knows what you know if you understand me. It's like having a laptop saui pc in which is made a hidden part that appears as a system and you can install infinite windousu from there without any program. That with programs I know and there are a lot of tutorials. I do not know how I do not know what I crawled. And I asked for a tutorial that if I accidentally delete the partition I can restore it.

  6. Hello,
    How can I fix this error and do my internet go on 2 computers?
    "Error 691: The remote connection was denied because the username and password combination you provided is not recognized, or the selected authentication protocol is not perimtted on the remote access server."
    Can not connect to the internet with 2 computers at the same time you have to give up one of them, I tried to 2 router, the first computer that I connect to the net, write username and password and have Internet connection, and the 2 century computer after I wrote a username and password gives me error 691.
    You may make a videotutorial and explain how it can connect to the Internet through cable connected to a router with the 2 century computer without password (ie the computer 2 first century to be a slave computer) .As want to explain how to make the first computer settings , so I can connect to the internet via cable to the router with the 2 century computer user name and password without writing.
    Waiting for your advice and opinions, thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Looks like you're a little confused and do not understand the role of a router. If you have a router, make the connection with your username and password in it. You will not have to do RDS connection and PCs connected to it! He will know how to manage and share the Internet automatically by computers connected to it.
      Find our tutorial on "How to make RDS connection and wireless internet settings in a router" using the search box on the top right.

    • I honestly tell you, you've definitely confused!
      If you want to use a single connection on two or more computers / phones / tablets, you have to use a single router.
      My colleague Adrian left you a link to a tutorial that might help you. Apart from that tutorial, there are others related to networking.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. I have a question. I want to buy a UPS ( ) and I would like to know if I will pay more in cash. The power of this ups is 300 w from what I see… does this mean that theoretically it consumes 300 w at the time of operation?

    Thanks and sorry to bother

    • be careful with this ups that it has a power of 300 watts. adik can give you 300 watts not consuming it…
      I have ups oldest law 420 what watts and watts 600 source. My PC does not consume more than 200 w but when a mad grab the power ups and shoot the 600 w (I think, anyway more than he can 420 w) I put him in protection. and so keep the unit directly into the wall socket and hold ups monitor, router, mobile chargers .. like that who do not eat much.
      So: if you use for your PC to be able to not turn the same.

      • Then what's the point voltage stabilizer if you do not drive you into it? As I recall it uses unexpected power shutdowns on computers with sensitive data (values), being able to supply its own resources 2 hours.

        • axelluny remember well. that's the point UPS which has an output of watts you can keep quiet pc 670 source 600 watts.
          you do not think a UPS is able to 300 watts you 500 watts consumption only because that's his role. if it was so all were 300 watts and all were cheap.
          anyway .. I do not know exactly all of that would be a good videotutorial ups about the current offer. consumption / power / difference between V / A and W. I see that many 700 V / A I think you ala UPS Watt consumption 700.

          • I guess you hurried a little with the conclusions. Read on a little what I wrote. What's the point of UPS if you feed phones or monitors? My first job was an electrician and unlike you know how to distinguish Active Power VA) and not (V / A) by real-power (W). It is normal that the stabilizer does not handle the computer. Why does the tutorial need?

  9. You can download it and from Softpedia.

  10. Liviu Galati said

    I can not find win 7 enterprise found only x64.

    • The x86 version is no longer available, I have searched for myself and if I do not misuse the enterprise version does not have sp1 integrated, but it can integrate into the iso image and you do not have the job, find the tutorial site with R7Lite. You can use x64 with confidence, but I recommend Win 8.1 x64 enterprise. If you do not need to use Windows 7 Home Premium x86 using rearm or another version.

    • I still have it in iso format since longer officially could find.
      Are you vil give you?

  11. Hi, you said in one of the tutorials that you will make a tutorial that will show you how to get the license key from a bios of the new generation laptops…. It would be useful for you to activate the license key obtained by you from that tutorial through which you show how to get it. I tried something bad in that tutorial but it doesn't recognize my key…, I didn't format or delete recovery. I have a laptop that came with windows 8.1 64 bits without the key with acctipild.multumesc

  12. In some cases, UEFI laptops, manufacturers put embed the license in "BIOS". If your case might still have chances to recover. It's hard to say because every manufacturer works differently.
    I will present in another tutorial a softulet that "look" and UEFI BIOS after license if it exists, will display but such cases are very rare and most commonly seen only for those who have purchased a Windows laptop or Windows 8 8.1

  13. ANONYMOUSE said

    Hello, being totally beside the topics discussed above, I propose a challenge…, namely: While a video tutorial about the controversial OS ANONYMOUS !!! Not for nothing but I think it would be extremely useful for those who out of turmoil, or ignorance would download + use OS ANONYMOUS !!! Respect and honor for your extremely useful and useful work.

  14. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful to others. Enjoying this privilege, I will never say "I don't know", but "I don't know yet" Adrian in today's society based on selfishness and egocentrism people like you are desirable, congratulations.

  15. Tiby Schmalberger said

    Good, I have needed help,

    I bought a laptop for someone with Windows 8.1. pro, but it says it is oem, his I installed Windwos 7, and cheita Windows 8.1 gave me a thousand, my question is: is possible to install Windows 8.1 another laptop even if oem, we did get many imagtini Windows 8.1 but I accept them, what to do? can I install on another laptop, windows 8.1 fresh, and activate with a small key that ??

    thank you!

    • No, not that of win8.1 poate.Serialul laptop.Identificarea that belongs strictly serial that is based on hardware features laptopului.Serialul "usually" only works for OEM versions of Windows

    • The answer is not that a tutorial has been presented and explained that if you install a windous or 7 win8 8.1 and activate windousu on a laptop pc it only remains on that lapopop valid for activating bios. You can call microsft support and say what and how but not the credit can do something either. Plus write clearly in activation instructions that come with cd-dvd as activating on bios and can be used on a pc or lapaop except the keys that are taken on the volume. Search on Google what the OEM license means and you will see

  16. when presenting new windows 9?

    • Alexander C said

      as if you are stupid WINDOWS 9 DOES NOT EXIST, Microsoft has a limit in YEARS between versions, only between windows server 2008 and 2008 R2 1-2 years have passed between the launch, do you think that microsoft makes windows on the conveyor belt? .. dev. the only windows that is there is windows 8.1 + does not appear anywhere on the whole site that there are test versions from that "windows 9" that you can imagine from images edited in Photoshop and other software, there APPLICATIONS that at the start menu makes it type to 7 but also directed to the metro what about the install.wim from the system iso that can be edited if you feel like it and time to wait until it mounts on the hard drive…

      • Alexander, you better know that there are images with premonition at windous 9 and will soon release a beta version. Just the moment that the beta version is not yet released is that it says at the end of the year or in the spring will launch a beta version. And let's take out the newer version of the microsoft version. So better tags from your mouth if you do not know and official are those pictures with windous 9 if you've seen. And surely will make either cristi or adrian a winning 9 presentation when it will be officially or even beta because for all windy and linux systems known ones did tutorials when new versions appeared

        • Alexander C said

          then give me direct links to MICROSOFT.COM if you say that there is something that is not launched ON THE TREAD.
          let me see you where you find something like that in all microsoft oft and what ?! beta? do you want me to die laughing here? there has never been a windows in beta, only codenames, previews, releases, I would ask you to better document yourself next time you comment.

          • Adrian Gudus said

            You are misinformed. There were beta versions. Although we have a tutorial in this Windows 7 Beta! I find the search box in the top right

          • Alexander C said

            Windows 9 by no means. it is not so difficult to mount install.wim from windows 8 / 8.1 and after you start editing it (here you already need knowledge) after disassembling it you run it virtually and as a result the "preview versions" from windows appear 9 ”that are found on the net, none of them are the same, for startmenu there are softwares to do so, so… I'm still waiting for the“ official ”links from catalin…

        • Alexander C said

          @catalin I forgot something, if you say he did it for everything, then where is xp, longhorn (if you still say he does it all), vista, 8 Consummer Preview, Relase Preview, 8.1, 8 / 8.1 TO GO with important information and tips, CentOS 6,7, LinuxMint 16,17, Mac OS (as even this is based on an old version of linux)? to know that not only ubuntu is the only linux that exists, there are tons of versions…

          Tip: 1. Introduce linux because some even look interesting…
          2. Also show how to set up a web server based on the features of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, I have an iso if you need it (my iso has passed the "test" time and warns that it is not licensed nor can it be activated, because I would really like to know how to properly configure "Web Server (IIS)" to run smoothly because I do not want to install everything myself to complicate things more…
          3. Show how to install the 0 apache, proftpd, mysql, php on a linux server only terminal (preferably CentOS because Ubuntu Server has almost no security at the top)
          4. Complete the promised tutorials…

          • @alexandru you're stuck in your head look here "" and here when the beta version will be released "http: / / ”and you haven't heard of information leaks inside a company? how did you know what iphone 6 looks like before launch and others. and how do movies appear before release? you'd better shut up and find out about leaks. you will see that if it launches on the 30th as they say it will do either cristi or adrian tutorial with it and you will see that it will look like in the images on the net.

          • Alexander C said

            I would tell you to "shut up" and no longer compare something that is free and official as a test vs. something that is not clearly proven. when it was leaking data from microsoft with that license only to install windows 8 was found, iOS THERE ARE FREE OFFICIAL VERSIONS WITH TEST as you think many had iOS 7 BETA 1 + no longer compare a device vs. a system, a device is easy to imagine, considering that a new design from apple is easy to imagine considering the change from generation 4 (metal) to 5 (plastic) with a new design and the old generations looked extremely hard between them, only the screen and the thickness differed [and of course, the processing power…] and if it really was a leak you give nice iso'u and license, let's see what and how it is, it's not hard for me to make a virtual car and see what lies the random sites on the net are talking about

          • not yet appeared iso image just as you look. and conclude that we are already off-topic. information often appear before it on the official site for some it must be to give the house that is done before being officially announced and put together an operating system. and what I said above was an example. I ended it. you stay with me your ideas with mine.

  17. Hi Adrian, I also have a problem, I took the Microsoft site that VBScript showed me the key of my windows 8.1 embedded system, I downloaded (8.1) OSGS14-WindowsSetupBox-32bitand64bit-English-4141408 and it tells me after I entered that key this message: This product key cannot be used to install a retail version of Windows 8.1… I only understand nothing if I have Windows OEM and I have the key to say that I cannot install retail version… !!!! Is that because OSGS14-WindowsSetupBox-32bitand64bit-English-4141408, is for retail versions ?! WindowsSetupBox-32bitand64bit 8.1 for OEM exists to match the key ?! I would like to ask you if you can do that tutorial to show us how to recover the key from a UEFI bios, I have the embed license in the bios. Thank you very much!

  18. As time passes, illiteracy and feel increasingly agramatismul all forums and sites! I collect back when the 4-5 not understand nimic.Pana posts Cristi and Adrian are confuzi.Nu the subject, but the explanatory! When posting here, even dpddv correct your grammar, to perceive a world.

    • I do not think that because you do not understand grammar. There are many tutorials on the site. if you see any sure you understand and you write in the comments.

    • PalAlexander said

      Some know how to speak correctly and nothing beautiful but otherwise did nothing in their lives ie they say they respect you above but do not deal with technical (I think) When you do something in life that Adrian and Cristi see us who will do better

      • I am hoarse (digital), I said a thousand times that we did not intend to talk 100% grammatically correct. We take care of the IT with passion and decency. We do not take anyone, do not attack anyone not correct anyone.
        Yet we must keep the realism, it's impossible not wrong.
        Not wrong than he who does nothing, it is just look at the work of others while sitting with hand in pocket.
        I do not find any trick to doing the mistakes of others, but if you're a frustrated and lacking real confrontations or clashes always lose. Of course that frustration without victories in battles in real life, they look for new fields of battle net, where chances familiar topics may be higher.
        In the minds of frustration, he win a fight if there is a mistake somewhere and you show everyone how smart he is. That's exactly how I'm looking at the Taj Mahal (keeping proportions), normally you find some mistakes, but I would be totally rude to criticize the work.
        Many times you, friends of the site, have noticed certain mistakes and warned us with common sense, you have never made us uneducated, illiterate or I don't know what else. That means common sense, diplomacy and class. Unlike the winches who pour buckets with malice and show their unfinished corners, believing that they will win something…
        If you see an ugly or disabled man on the street, don't shout "ugly!" or "look at the handicapped!" under the pretext that you are telling the truth, you simply turn your head and move on. That was not taught in school.

    • Simona other time you want to correct someone simply press the RESPOND
      and then you say that (the Alexander C) limits you to say;
      otherwise look out

  19. I bought a netbook with Windows Starter 7 in Romanian. It badly needed a format and reinstall, but just do not know what to do. Can I get some advice?

    • Do not know what to do or how to do a format and reinstall?
      It's simple.
      You write in the search box, above the black band, everything you want. If you look carefully the tutorials you will learn how to do the formatting, partitioning and installing any operating system. These tutorials are the cleanest in Romanian and are very well explained.
      If you can not find or can not handle, post here and available time will help.

  20. Adrian, I do not see where you posted Windows 8.1 9600 Premium RTM? You said all versions to download and 7 8. Where is the link to Windows 8.1 Premium or Windows 8 9600

    • As far as I know there are only two versions of windows 8 / 8.1-Pro or Enterprise. As the links for the Enterprise versions of windows 7, 8 and 8.1 are at the end of the text the link for the pro version of windows 8 / 8.1 is below the link for Windows 7 Ultimate x64. Once accessed the link you reach the upgrade page of microsoft where you can choose between windows 8 or 8.1. Click on "Install Windows 8 or 8.1" (depending on which version you want). An executable you are running will be downloaded. When you open the program, you will be asked for the license key that you must enter. Exactly as shown in the tutorial. Maybe I didn't understand the question well.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No Windows 8.1 Premium! You 3 high and wide versions. 8.1 Windows Pro, Windows RT and Windows 8.1 8.1 Enterprise.
      About the differences between Windows 8.1 Pro and RT talked in an article on You can find using the search box on our blog

  21. It looks like we have a semi-docta among us. Probably in Simone's view, we need to write all with diacritics and use only elevated and technical words, considering that videotutorial is a tutorial site that explains step by step how to do with a particular software etc. Simona here is not a university or we do not have scientific lessons. That's what I said. The internet is internet, everybody writes what they want, it's the lie of expression.

    • Leave her as she is "Blonde" When she takes a selfie she is up to date with her grammar 😀

    • @francisc well said I don't know what simona is looking for in her new "nonsense" and "illiterates" if she knows everything that doesn't just sit with her head in books (digital) to take pictures of her slippers for social networking sites: )) there was another smart man who took it from cristi or adrian that he gets confused when doing tutorials. to see people like who just criticize how they do tutorials to understand people. cristi and adrian have helped me a lot during the time I have been doing tutorials to understand a lot of things about hardware programs etc. every day I look for new tutorials and look at them even if I don't need them at the moment because at least I'm learning information. Once again, as I have said many times, congratulations to Adrian and Christ for the work and time you sacrifice in search of information and then to make tutorials that you must first learn the lesson and then tell the summary in the tutorial.

      • name is written with letters maritime May and say that the

        respect and Romanian language!

        And if you repeat obsessively to someone means you have a complex


        • professor said to write in large letters. and Mr. C psphiolog Costelinii the sea. These children came from vacation.

          • Hello calin
            I love when we argue, when it comes each with a point of view that the only way
            learn; because if we take everything so a strict prefabricated irrefutable humanity would
            and nothing can be invented and now we were in the woods with some bows and arrows
            I pray you get the idea
            I do not like insults's all free

  22. A youtube video as a user report do not?

  23. Put all please address from microsoft.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Who are you addressing? Microsoft address to what exactly? You have all the links mentioned in the tutorial in the text above this tutorial written in red. You can get them by right-clicking on the link and choosing from the context menu the function "copy link location"

  24. Hello, I downloaded 8.1 Enterprise 90 days. Thanks for the link.
    At several tutorials.

  25. I also have a question. I know it has little to do with the video… .. When you install any windows at a certain stage it asks you to create, delete or allocate how many gb to have that partition. How do I know how many gb to allocate the partition with windows and the others ???? Please help me

    • The number of partitions and the capacity of each remain at your choice. It also depends on the total capacity of the HDD… The operating system partition may also have a capacity adapted to the size of the programs you will install. If you have a 1 TB HDD, 100 GB should be enough for the operating system partition. Divide the rest as you want, depending on how many partitions you want (eg a partition for games, one for movies and music, etc.). Everyone partitions their HDD according to their needs.

  26. Alin Lucian said

    Dear Adrian,
    I have Windows 8 I upgraded it to 8.1, it's original windows, but I want to delete all the HDD and hidden partitions with my Recovery… I found out the License Code, but I think in vain, when I enter it to download win 8, I says it's not valid. Why, what did I do wrong ???

    Thanks for the reply!

    • you can not delete the entire hard drive since you do this in Windows that is installed on the hard drive
      it's like telling him to destroy himself sir because you want a clean hdd === it doesn't work like that
      You can delete all the totally including hidden and recovery partitions only when you put your pc
      boot from the stick or DVD in the WVista the installation steps here and you get to what
      What interests you mean the partition; and there do what you want
      if you say you pc open and put the stick or DVD to install Windows and get it in windows (ie just like you install the software for example) so you'll be able to install windows
      (Ie over how it is said) but the installation wizard will skip part because it partitions
      There is nothing to do (when installing Windows directly from windows, it puts some files on hdd that it refuses to delete, so it will not let you partition) I hope I did not forget you
      but that's life with these PCs
      best install after you get PC to boot after stick or DVD
      see that it's a tutorial "some brief explanations about the BIOS"

      • tell you how I do it for you
        I guess now that the PC when you install Windows Vista or W7 or w8 (w xp = excluded)
        I get stick 4gb, I look tutorial how to make a bootable stick with windows or w 7 8
        (The procedure is the same)
        after you've done I reboot and I get the menu settings most likely F2
        I look for the setting that says IDE or AHCI
        I would put set to AHCI for windows w 7 8 and know how to use this function (it will move very quickly) then F10 to save settings and restart
        then I get faster boot menu (f12 or may be another key, that you must to know)
        and I choose the stick first boot device
        then know what to do

        • Alin Lucian said

          Hello Costelini,
          I understood you perfectly, but my problem is that I can't download Windows 8. I need the license key! I saw the previous tutorial "how to find the code" I found it, but when I enter it to download the Windows 8 image it tells me that it is not a used license! My Windows is licensed, and when I do Recovery, it comes pre-installed with a bunch of programs that I don't need.
          What I want to do something like:
          1.Vreau to find your Windows Key.
          2. I want to delete a hidden where the Recovery.
          3.Vreau to partition the HDD as I want (have your 500GB only C) I want to do 3 partitions.
          Why I can not do this is because I have the Windows license key to activate it after you delete everything and partitioned.
          Now I have a vb with ACER, I can't help myself at all, they told me to call Microsoft, I called them too, and they told me that the KEY is in Bios and I can't help it not at all because I have to contact the Company from which I bought the Laptop sun I called back and they hung up telling me that they had nothing to do and that they couldn't help me at all.
          Is there any possibility to do what I wrote above ???

          • Costelina said

            Well if Key is in the bios can not see it or did not it show?
            can help Adrian and Cristi

          • Costelina said

            But wait was not supposed to have the license code Windows laptop cover?
            that you pay only once if it was already installed on the laptop when you bought it

          • Alin Lucian said

            I code Laptop is integrated into Bios and do not know how to find out. They told me that the Acer Bios is encrypted and can not do anything! Adrian can read these messages or crystals, if somehow there is currently a way to find him, maybe you can give me an answer, so sprer :))

  27. I'm trying to make my W 7 ultimate on x64 but in vain it gives me an error, I tried both on CD and on STIK .. in vain…: ((and I want 64: ((you can help me!

    • What error do you see exactly? What programs did you use for writing to CD / USB? Stick guess has at least 4 GB and CD's DVD actually. For you I would suggest stick Rufus. It is a very easy to use which you tutorial here on the site. You can find it by using the search box at the top right.

  28. I have a inntrebare: so let's say I downloaded windows ultimate 7 32biti (x86), then I put the image on a DVD, then restart and give what I give here the menu f12 that?, Or make double click on the image ?? Oh and another thing windows to download sites are activated all ?? Help me!

    • Yes, after you put the image on the DVD you enter that menu (Boot Menu) with the F12 key. Type it in the search box on the right: "Installing and optimizing the Windows Vista operating system" The steps for installing Windows 7 are the same. The versions of windows to which you have a download link in the text above the tutorial are legal and clean. No cracks without viruses. They are not activated. To activate them you need a license. Windows 7 can be used for 30 days without a license. After that, the computer will restart from hour to hour. Enterprise versions can be used for 90 days.

  29. I used “Windows7-USB-DVD-tool” here from “The selected file is not a valid iso file. Please select a valid ISO file and try again ”and when I check with HashCalc it says:“ Access is denied for the specified file! ” I also tried the 32 variant and it worked, but when I check the same error as at 64, the stick is 8G

  30. I have several questions and I hope someone help me:
    1. I saw that there are some "stuff" when you right click on my computer then properties write there: acer, asus, dell, hp, sonny etc what are these, what are they called ??? (nothing appears to me ,why??)
    2.Daca I had first installed Windows license, then the second, third, fourth etc installation when it asks there I enter the product key is still the same as the first installation liceenta ??
    3.Pentru every version of Windows 7 (Ultimate, Enterprise, Home Basic, ETAC), sp (sp2, sp3 etc.) there is a different license ??? Please anyone who can help me

    • Adrian Gudus said

      1. That thing is called OEM brand, the laptop manufacturer puts its "imprint" so that you remember well from who you have the laptop (Dell, Asus, Acer etc) 🙂 It's like you buy a BMW and you have write your name on the rear window
      2. Regardless of the number of licensed installations will remain the same as long as the version of Windows reinstall all had when you purchased the laptop.
      3. If you had Windows laptop and install a 7 7 Ultimate Ultimate SP1 but has integrated in it, the license remains the same but 7 Ultimate Windows license will not be the same for Windows Home, Starter etc. SP1 is just a service pack (a package that contains improvements, optimizations, fixes for security breaches of the system)

  31. Alexandru said

    I got some questions, you can use a license to several installations of Windows ??? And you can use the same license on multiple computers ??

    • The answers would be "Yes" and "No"
      "If you need to re-enable Windows on the same computer, you don't need to buy a new product key."
      It is not possible to use the same Windows product key to activate Windows 7 on more computers than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. Usually, the license terms allow the product key used on a single computer.

      If you are using the installation disc or a USB flash drive to install Windows 7 on a second computer, you will need to purchase an additional copy of the same edition of Windows 7 to obtain a new product key. "

  32. Hello, I'm sorry, sir Adrian can help me with Windows 8.1 Pro that you have your? Thank you!

    • I'm not Adrian, but I can try to help you. What's your problem with Windows 8.1 Pro? As a small addition, Adrian uses a Windows 8.1 Enterprise tutorial if I do not mislead. Once again you can expose your problem here and we will all try to help you.

      • Hello, I looked at this site a tutorial presentation C01U SAMSON microphone and really wanted me to have him and I like microphone, now I have, and I've downloaded Windows 8.1 Enterprise, but do not know for what reason not recorded with this mic, I like to sing a lot, and I used to register with Adobe Audition, but the Windows 8.1 not work and do not understand why the Windows 7 everything goes ok, Adrian, or Cristi if it so Please check if the microphone so on issues, health and hope thanks to help me!

  33. Please make a video tutorial how to activate a Windows license on the back of the laptop. I tried and I failed to activate than an activator. Thank you.

  34. Remus Dite said

    Howdy, while tutorial that promised much, that we've show you how a softulet can "forget" in UEFI BIOS after license? !!!

  35. Vlad Ovidiu Mutulescu said

    If you download the Windows version but I have a license, can I use Windows 30 days?

  36. I installed another window over the pre-installed one…. great nonsense… can I still install the old one?… ..where can I find it? …… thank you….

  37. Brothers… I have great news… forget how you can download the original images even offered for free available for download
    Link: -> (
    It's very simple… download the executable and practically give it "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" and then you have options there: select the ones you need and then you will generate an img iso and you're done.
    Increased download!

  38. Hello! I'm asking your question here even if it's not related to your subject. I want to move the memory I have in partition D into partition C. But how do I do? I have not found any tutorials for this pb.

    • What do you mean you want to move memory.
      What do you want to be in partition D. Documents, desktop, download, pictures, movies or the entire operating system?
      I guess you mean not the RAM storage.
      The question must be exactly as it can give you an answer as.

  39. I think you want to increase your partition because you don't have space anymore… acronis disk directory, tutorial I think it's here on the site

  40. LadyLilly said

    Good morning ! Thanks for all your tutorials! They are almost exemplary! So begin my description of beginner; Asus Leptop with windows 7 I had a problem before and my son installed windows 8 sincerely I'm not good at PCs but to use strictly the Fb game. In the technical part I do not feel like I did not know. Now I honestly do not remember if my pc was 64 or 32 bits. ok! A week ago I blocked the IE page and did not close at all at all I could not use either the mous to close the ESC did not respond so I closed it forcibly. I would reopen it and Surprise Starting Windows would stop responding, shut itself up and re-open and still for infinite hours for hours. So I've been looking for youtube tutorials to install my own windows, knowing how to do it and how to find out if it's 64 or what windows I had I installed the ultimate Windous7 original from the Microsoft site but it gives me a key error the key is not valid By win7 home premium to windows ultimate. what to do ? I have to install everything from the end and make 7 home windows to use the original license or there is a universal key and I think the iso image. I found your tutorial after I did everything boo-ttab and after installing win7 ultimate in pc nowadays update I installs about 182 updates. And one final question (I'm a jerk) in the technical part

  41. Congratulations tutorial!
    I did not give up your tutorialaul now and I needed to download Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium. I downloaded from Softpedia and please tell me if it is good and is not corrupted or other problems. Please answer as soon as you can, thanks!

  42. Alfred Rossenberg said

    For down Windows XP no similar solution? There are license laptop but there is nothing to install! I tried to install from a CD and license noting stuck on laptop, give error!

  43. hello I would like sami cristi link where you download windowsurile bridge that links anteles not really expect response above



      • Costelina said

        If you have a Microsoft account you need to change your password; Especially if you were logged on to Windows
        Login with Microsoft and metro interface (UI modern)

  45. Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 5738ZG (I know it's kind of old) who have 7 Home Premium preinstalled Windows (CD so I did not), then I installed Windows 8 because I got a Trojan virus and there's no way to reinstall W 7. I learned from you that I can download it from Microsoft's web site with product key but told me that the key was not valid. I contacted the people at microsoft and they told me to contact with people from acer and those from acer no longer supports my laptop. What can I do in this case?

  46. I'm not going links!

  47. We welcome Mr. Cristi! I have a petition of thee, pretty please can you help me in touch with a Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 because I saw that Microsoft can not wait to thank descarcam.Iti your answer.

    • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

      We are waiting for a "legal" alternative from where we can download windows 7 untoched. This would be the only solution (legally speaking) although I think because I did not try if you download a windows 7 untoched after torrent .. I think it works to install it without problems with cd the original key from pc / leaptop… but I resign myself and keep it for about 2 more months until I remove windows 10 and give it as an “upgrade offer” to windows 7,8 and 8.1 bought (original).

  48. Howdy, I have a laptop hp-g62 brought from Germany a few days ago downloaded a program for bringing to factory default card from a camera, I think the mistake I selected partition with Windows
    and not go
    I 5 dvd mirror image but does not work, go to recovery cd I put maneger, unfortunately there write in German
    can you help me? ms more

  49. Daniel Radu said

    But the links are no longer valid

  50. rodica traitoiu said

    I have a Samsung Laptop NP300V5A-S01RO 2 weeks and no longer receive Windows updates specifically the last was in 10.06.2015.Mentionez we win 7 original home premium license. Wind Currently not update my Monitored displays.
    I made a reservation for microsoft windows application 10, in this situation, you may receive the update for 10 win?
    Thank you!

  51. I have a Windows license 8.1 PRO. I want to know if I enable Windows 8.1 knowing that it ECAT version! Wait for response!

    • which is licensed, you can give me information about license and TEVO help, and about the operating system.

      • I do not want to publish Windows license. If I want to know just thread that can activate Windows 8.1 spoken tutorial Adrian in Windows 8.1 PRO license

  52. Hello I would also like a link to 7 PRO PT YOUR WINDOWS can not find it MUCH THANKS F

  53. Hi Adrian,
    If I change the processor, have reinstall Windows? I X7 Ultimate Windows 64.

  54. Laurentiu Gabriel said

    Cristi Hello, I am a follower I myself need a little help from you if you can help me I have a Toshiba Satellite C55-A-1RV and I would like to stick windows 7 original I searched the net but found only piracy not helped anything . I would like if you can do me get a Windows 7 original that put him on pc for that my PCU from the latest hal, I tried with Windows 8 but not like any 10 not so brilliant, please nice if you can help me!

  55. Ana Maria said

    Hmm I could try but I'm afraid :))) we can talk on FB little? Anna Otaku are ..

  56. Pinnacle anyone has a complete 12 and 14. The program is compatible with Windows 10 us what to do to go program

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