BitTorrent Sync, the best way to transfer files

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about a very interesting application called BitTorrent Sync. This application allows us to share (share some files) files with friends and sync files with other devices (tablet, laptop, PC, smartphone) in a secure environment.
Why do I stay? Because Sync uses BitTorrent protocol application P2P (peer to peer) synchronization and sending files and access to the folder selected for synchronization and sharing is done only on a single 32 key characters, such synchronization or file sharing site is secured by encryption.
Who BitTorrent Sync app is useful?
Those who want to avoid using data cable to transfer files from one to another or dspozitiv those who want the photos and videos taken with your mobile phone to be automatically sent to one or more computers. Application can also be useful to those who work in a project team and is necessary for all project participants have the same document or file.
Many will say that for this already exists DropBox, Google Drive, or other services that do this, but not quite. BitTorrent Sync is a cloud service and does not store files on their servers! This app only provides access between two devices in a secure environment which can not say enough existing cloud services market.
What can you do with BitTorrent Sync?
- synchronization of files on several devices
- Automatically send photos and videos to your computer or friends
- you can quickly send a file from one smartphone to another smartphone which in turn uses BitTorrent Sync
- the file transfer is encrypted and secured by private keys
- information and traffic is not stored on a third party server
Another interesting feature of the application is that we can filter the files synchronized.
For example: we choose a folder on the computer to be synchronized with another folder on our smartphone or tablet. Everything we put in the folder on the PC chosen for synchronization we will have in the folder on the smartphone or tablet. Now let's imagine that in the folder on the PC chosen for synchronization we have files such as music, movies, photos, text files, documents, pdf files. Maybe we want only the music or just the documents or just the videos in that folder to be synced to the folder on your smartphone or tablet. Well we can do this by editing the ".SyncIgnore" file and so we tell the BitTorrent Sync application to ignore certain files and synchronize only what we want.
If you are interested and would like a tutorial on this topic please let me know in the comments section of this tutorial!
What disadvantages does BitTorrent Sync application?
As I said, the application does not store files on a third party server cloud. Synchronization and sharing of files between the two devices to run is necessary that they be on BitTorrent Sync and run application. If you set up a sync between two computers and one of them is off, file synchronization will not take place until both Calculators will be started and will run BitTorrent Sync.
Another annoying thing for me is that the version of BitTorrent Sync tablet or smartphone, you can not remove a file from a particular folder synchronization application interface directly but must use a third party file manager (I use ES File Explorer for Android)
CAREFUL: It may be that some of you use Android custom ROMs (customized) optimized to reduce energy consumption as is my case. In such a case, because the Android OS is optimized to econimiseasca as much battery when the phone or tablet is in standby mode (screen is off and no one walks the device) speed to synchronize files will be affected, will decrease.
In conclusion, the "bad mouths" also say that through this application you can protect yourself from PRISM (Surveillance program data) while sending unique keys generated by BitTorrent application Sync in an encrypted email through an encrypted GPG / PGP and so no one can find out what kind of file it is, what share look and with whom.


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  1. View Product said

    Good that you mentioned in the description of criptatare GPG / PGP. Probably as good a tutorial about these methods and encryption using public keys and private keys. I've already got a great idea.
    It would be useful for everyone, at least for their general culture ales especially considering the Edward Snowden scandal (there had to be someone to wake us up to reality).

  2. Adrian Gudus said

    Linux lovers can watch our tutorial on in which I explained how to install BitTorrent Sync in Ubuntu Linux:

  3. Andreas and Alex do not do tutorials? Too bad, make some tutorials merchandise.: (

  4. Sorry I'm a bit off-topic, but I see in the tutorial at the bottom right "Windows license valid for 71 days", and I guess you activated it for 90 days, can you tell me by what method?
    I tried in the past methods found on the net and did not work at all.

  5. Adrian gudus said

    Tibi: Sorry I'm a little off-topic, but I see in the tutorial below on the right "Windows Licence valid for 71 days", and I guess you enabled 90 days, can you tell me how? I tried in the past methods found on the net and did not work at all.

    In 7 tutorial using Windows Enterprise that was freely available to download legally for everyone. It has an active period for 90 10 days and day from the time of installation to activate the 90 days. After the 90 days expires you can reactivate the rearm command. All these things already exist tutorials on the site where you can download Windows 7 Enterprise, how to install, how to turn, how using rearm command to reactivate another or the 3 90 days. Use the search located in the top right search on our site.


  7. I don't want to be naughty, but for iOS it is specified - "coming soon" -
    So you can not do anything yet from an iphone, ipad or ipod.

  8. I don't know where I'm wrong but on the phone it says "1 device online" and on the track it doesn't see any device !!!?

  9. think that if they use the smartphone backup tab, delete files from your phone if they remain on pc.asa it?


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