How to copy your mobile photos to a Wi-Fi wireless PC

How to copy photos from mobile to PC without Wi-Fi Photo Companion is an application for Android and iOS, with which we can transfer photos to be filmed from phone to PC, without cables, only through Wi-Fi. How does Photo Companion work? 1. On the phone, whether it's Android or iOS, we need to install Photo Companion. 2. On PC (Windows 10) we have to launch ... [Read more...]

Polkast installation on NAS Zyxel nsa320, Your personal cloud - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to install the Polkast server on NAS (network atached storage), after which we will access the photos, music, movies and documents on the nose, we will do this by accessing the Polkast on the NAS with the application Polkast for Android (also for iOS). Most people today have smartphones and tablets capable of making… [Read more...]

How can we take pictures with light-field cameras usual - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a very interesting online service. This service helps us to transform a short film into a picture taken in the light field system. What is light field? Light Field is an unconventional image capture technology that can capture photos that can be later focused as the photographer wants. On … [Read more...]

How wrong orientation modify photos from your Facebook account - video tutorial

Hi Rieteni, in today's tutorial we will see how we can change the wrong orientation of a picture already uploaded to the Facebook account. It often happens that we take many pictures and upload them all at once to the Facebook account. Many of them are probably oriented correctly, but we will definitely encounter wrong oriented photographs. Instead of a person's portrait being ... [Read more...]

Instagram for Android, the most popular photo sharing social network in the world - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the most popular application and social photo sharing service in the world. It's about Instagram, which, with a single iOS-only application, has gathered over 30 million users in its community. As of yesterday 3.04.2012 Instagram is also available for Android operating system. From yesterday to today ... [Read more...]

How to show pictures or screen print sites quickly and easily with friends Uploader - video tutorial

You have probably all been in the situation where you wanted to show a friend or someone more knowledgeable than you in the PC an error or a problem you had. Well it's not that hard but the steps to show someone a small print screen or your big mistake are many. You had to press the "Print Screen" key and then open Paint, in paint you had to ... [Read more...]

Best photo manager and editor ACDSee Photo Manager 2009-video tutorial

In the following tutorial you will learn how to manage large volumes of photos, I refer to folders with many pictures generated by digital cameras. The photo film is on the verge of extinction, now in power is the digital camera and with it came a problem, namely the management of these pictures that become larger and larger. Windows ... [Read more...]

How to put pictures and how to publish on the Internet a photo album, video tutorial

Very Strong Brother ...... I am pleased to present a sensational software and I say once SENZATIONAL, namely "PORTA" For a 600 KB program, Porta (this is the name of the software) it is incredibly smart and fast . The slogan of the company that shepherds this software to create photo albums is: "A no-nonsense, hassle-free photo album generator" ... [Read more...]