What's new in Windows 10 Creators Update - a kind of Windows 11

What's new in Windows 10 Creators Update? Windows 10 Creators Update is a great package that comes with a lot of improvements, especially for content "creators" and gamers, but office users have not been forgotten.

Why not come Windows 11?

As you know, the Microsoft said Windows 10 will be the last Windows. That does not mean everyone after Windows 10 go home and no longer occupy one of Windows. Teams working on Windows, Windows 10 will improve constantly and it will help to reach a stable operating system and popular (again). We can say that Windows 10 creators as Windows Update is a 11.

What's new in Windows 10 Creators Update - a kind of Windows 11

Many things have changed, but I will bring tangible changes below:
Paint 3D - (3D printer support)

Paint 3D

Paint 3D

Beam - for a better gaming experience
capture Gaming - improved
streaming Gaming - even from Windows 10
Games- improved application
10 Windows games

10 Windows games

Edge - design changes and speed improvements
Night light auto or manual - Yellower screen for night comfort
Print Screen selective - only for a portion of the screen
Security Center Windows Defender - the security suite that replaces the Defender
Windows Security Center Defender

Windows Security Center Defender

… ..And many other improvements that are not seen at first glance but that turn the experience into good, for those who use Windows 10.

How to install Windows Update 10 Creators?

We have two methods:
1. The installation program Insider
2. Wait until the official launch on April 11

How did I install?

1. I worked Insider program
2. I waited almost a day.
3. I got the update that you have installed.
4. After 30 minutes of installation and a small wizard… Done
I lost data, applications or any setting. I reinstalled video editing application, because not start, but that's about all.

What's new in Windows 10 Creators Update - a kind of Windows 11 - Video Tutorial

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  1. I'm as old as they are insider. and frankly I do not need no crack or activators. and is a great way for those who want to have a clean legal win. and I chose to give me reelected only when it is re-elected. Now I know I can set data collection to a minimum. but now we do not have to be paranoid that we are not NASA to keep top secret. without insider're all spies. and honestly I am so happy I'm in this program. and know when it's already elected not coming with bugs. just check reelected

  2. Cristi tell us what configuration you have?

  3. Interesting congratulations tutorial, I have to wait until 11aprilie still

  4. There is another way and you do not have to enroll in any program. Voila> https://www.microsoft.com/ro-ro/software-download/windows10

    • Csabaxb said

      Merge how Julian in April 7 2017 1703 version I and I (15063.13). It took about 22 / 23 minutes.
      I see that it should not be expected until April 11. Thanks for info, Iulian and Videotutorial. More tutorials.

  5. Cristian said

    The update will be available for the Windows version 10 enterprise?

  6. Cristian, you had a lenovo miix 2 by 8 inch tablet a few years ago… where you were super excited about it
    Now after 3 years m.am decided to get hold of one.
    I have windows 8.1 on it and I would like to upgrade to windows 10…
    And I saw the site Lenovo tablet has those drivers to 8.1 10 but does not.
    I could install Windows 10 on clean and to put drivers from Windows 8.1 (and here I refer to as the touch drivers) .Imi is not in vain and we shall not go touch.ul?
    By the way, what did you do with the tablet?

    • The tablet I have now, but I did not update to Windows 10 because default browser address bar with the windows down 8 is OK ergonomics. It is super stable even with Windows 8.
      Perhaps you can install another operating system, but before I advise you to make a general backup. Regarding the drivers, I think Windows 10 has all the drivers you need included.

      • How do you suggest I do the update? Iso image and run setup.exe or put it over as an upgrade?

      • 8 has ergonomic windows explorer, but Edge gets rid of publicitate.Chromeul tablet consumes more power than the browser preinstalled.

  7. Corneliu said

    Hi! I updated to win10 home (licensed) with win 10 creators a few days ago on a laptop dell. Everything goes just fine that today I noticed in partition C that I have two folders with windows, respectively Windows and Windows.old, the first one has 13,2 gb and the second 12,3. I tried to delete windows.old but I do not allow it, nor do simple windows. In principle, it does not bother me just that I take up space on the ssd for nothing any 12 gb. The question is: can any deletion be made and how? Thank you.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on how to delete Windows.old You can find it using the search box on the top right. Search for "delete Windows.old" or "how to delete Windows.old"

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