Intel Nvidia Gaming for Little Money - Performance for Any Pocket

What is the Intel Nvidia Gaming Tutorial for Low Money? Intel Nvidia Gaming for little money is actually a guide to purchasing components for the system. If I still have such a purchase guide for a gaming system on AMD, I thought it would be a good idea, for Intel and Nvidia fans to have such a gaming system accessible with… [Read more...]

High performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD - max FPS on LEU

High-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD What is the "High-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD" tutorial about? In this video tutorial I will configure a gaming system based on AMD, with which the latest titles can be played at high settings. Starting with the Ryzen 5 3600 processor, I will make a high-performance PC Gaming configuration on AMD. Ryzen 5 3600 is a processor [Read more...]

Cheap gaming system for 2020

Why set up a gaming system? Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... Cheap gaming system for 2020 ... First of all, there are many who use a gaming system, and the gaming PC can be used successfully for any other activities; While an office system doesn't really go gaming. The gaming PC has very componente components [Read more...]

2019 Affordable Gaming Calculator

Accessible gaming computer 2019 Today we will configure a gaming system. This PC will work very well with all existing games, even with a large framerate, suitable for monitors with fast panels (120hz, 144hz, etc). Processor Intel i3 8100 processor. The choice is a strange one for many, who did not find out that from Coffee Lake the i3 has 4 cores, number… [Read more...]

LAPTOP WITH STRICT SCREEN (black) - problem solving

LAPTOP WITH BROKEN SCREEN (black) - problem solving What do we do when the laptop screen breaks and we can no longer use it. You probably think it's simple, you connect your laptop to an external monitor, right? The problem is that it doesn't work, or at best we can only use the shutdown system, without being able to reinstall or enter the bios. The description … [Read more...]

PC configuration with new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake

PC configuration with the new Intel i3 with 4 NUCLEE Coffe Lake Some time ago, Intel Coffe Lake processors, which represent the 8th generation of Intel Core processors, also appeared in our stores. Major changes with Coffe Lake. There are two important changes, the first to the socket and the second to the number of cores per processor. In addition to these, there is also the increase of the cache,… [Read more...]

Affordable and silent gaming calculator - Small Budget Gaming

Accessible and quiet gaming computer Over time we have configured several systems, some cheaper, some more powerful, some quiet, some minimalist. Today we will do something different! Accessible and silent gaming computer! Making a gaming computer is not difficult at all, if you know a little about the compatibility between components and you… [Read more...]

Accessible computer performance and quiet

High-performance and quiet accessible computer There is little left and school is starting, and students need a new computer; Not that the old one wouldn't work, but a new one is better. In addition, the sponsor can endure and increase the budget and a video card. I thought of making a sufficiently efficient, quiet and accessible system, which can be used for school projects, but also… [Read more...]

Video Editing System Configuration

System configuration for video editing Video editing is one of the hardest tasks for a PC, especially in the era of 4K, 6K and almost 8K, where the files are enormously large, and often super compressed. When I say video editing is a heavy task, I'm not kidding. About 2 years ago, I destroyed a laptop while editing a tutorial. Our system of… [Read more...]

PC configuration accessible, gaming and general use

When it comes to PCs, gaming ones are not much different from those used for editing or office; only the dedicated graphics card differs, which in the office is not necessarily necessary; that's why we set up an elastic system, which can be tailored to everyone's needs. Accessible PC configuration, gaming and general use I chose the processor to be good, because [Read more...]