How can you save your Android phone life

How can you save your Android phone life
How can you save your Android phone life
When we lose sight of the street or we have a serious accident and the rescuers (Ambulance, SMURD) come to the scene, any information is important. That's precisely why Android 7 Nuggets can display some information on the lock screen that can be accessed even if those who find us do not have the password.

Emergency Information

This menu is found on Android phones (Nook +) in Settings / Users.
The menu is called Emergency Information and displays, even with the screen locked, the following fields:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Blood type
4. Allergies
5. Drug treatments
6. Organ donor
7. Medical Notes
These fields are extremely important for those who provide health care at the scene of the accident.

Number that can be called with the locked phone

In addition to name, address, and medical information, we can choose one or more trusted numbers that can be dialed from the lock screen without the phone password being required.

How can the person who found your lost phone contact you?

We often reinforce the security of the phone and forget some of the essential things.
For example: If you lose your phone, where does it find you, if your phone is blocked with your password?
The new "emergency info" menu provides the ability to dial reliable numbers even if the phone is locked; Thus, an honest person can return the lost phone when he finds it.

What if I do not have Android 7 Nook?

In cases of emergency (Crunch)

How You Can Save Your Life Android Video Tutorial

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  1. Peter bisog said

    In the first row, once again, congratulations on your work! All that you do for our benefit is commendable!
    As regards this tutorial (which I am glad to say), as an IPhone user, I want to point out that this "option" exists by default in the IPhone Health Apps!
    Praising and appreciating everything you do, when will (maybe) a series of IPhone tutorials?
    I know that (maybe) there are not so many iPhone users, referring to the number of people using Android, but also we (the ones with the Apple) we need your recommendations!
    Otherwise, congratulations!
    You are the strongest and you are my dear!
    Everything I know today is due to you!
    And just for that, just a word: RESPECT!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We do not just "tangle" the iPhone's popularity in making tutorials about it, but rather that it's a closed, very limited operating system (iOS) compared to an Android.

  2. Israel Muresan said

    It's good that someone deals with people's health as well as some phones can save lives. I salute you with respect and good will!

  3. Cristi Hello!
    I leave you a message of thanks and appreciation for everything you did on this site. From you and from Dragos I learn about 75% of what I know about PC and smartphones.
    A .... I can say that I grew up with you :)))
    All the best and good luck!

  4. Sincu Dacian said

    Hello Cristi. You know I have been following you for a long time and I wanted to ask you if you could make 2 very important tutorials for me and I would be very grateful even if you are abroad IT is watching your tutorials. A VPN tutorial because I'm Smart iptv and I would not want to see the IP address. The second one is very important because I finally made the address with GDrive with 8 EUR per subscription but I wanted to do all my backups on GDrive on IPhone 6s Plus. I am very grateful if you can make this effort. Thanks a lot.

  5. Sall cristi cismaru, I have a call to tn, please nice can you help me how i also a mini ps tronsmart mk908 k I can not find anywhere I entered all the web pages and I did not find thank you laugh!

  6. Especially if you are an organ donor !!!!!! Here's some information that can save your life ??? !!!! Bravos, halal !!

    • @ Vio ...
      Yes ... maybe TIE ... do not save anymore ... nothing ... but maybe you ... through that message ... with DONOR ORGANS! ...
      ... You can save other Lives! ... Otherwise better ... like bad smells and other ironies ... we do not miss the Devil ...

  7. I've been following you for years! Thanks a lot for your help! Good luck!

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