How can quickly transfer files over the wireless network between your phone and PC - video tutorial

How can quickly transfer files over the wireless network between your phone and PC - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a software with which you can transfer files from phone to PC (photos, documents, applications, etc.) without cables at a speed greater than the speed of connection via Bluetooth, we achieve this using only wireless network.
Wifi File Transfer for android is a free application that you can find in Google Play Store is available for all android devices regardless of resolution.
Wifi file transfer program is quite simple, once you have launched a "Start" button to start the server at the same time on the screen will display a message with the address you need to enter in the browser, the browser is simple ...
If you use a network application hot-spot, it is recommended to use a password that you can choose accessing application settings.
To better understand how it works, you need the wifi file transfer is a server that will help you to access your phone via http, here plays the client computer.
Why keep the phone connected to PC, we can transfer files holding the phone in your pocket ..
Super simple, wireless, high speed, what you want more?

Download WiFi File Transfer (For Android)

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Cristi, interesting application, even I will use myself as the Samsung AllShare not transmitted Calum has a bug I obs. I make the footage S2 FullHD 1080p tel. .mp4 stores it in the right? (Yes) is after the bag Samsung AllShare software and want to download that clip on tel. is .mp4 when you download pc .3gp has a different format, you do not tie this happened? So if your file is .mp4 put AllShare software to download it to your PC makes it .3gp

  2. Thank you! I appreciate the work

  3. KodeJust said

    I was familiar with AirDroid, do the same thing ....

  4. Bad Dog said

    I know this program before appearing tutorial
    however this application has a drawback, namely that you can not send files larger than the full version that is on the money

  5. Thanks so much for totorial! But I want and if it is connected to that router PC that is to be able to download it from another PC. Phone to make a server and can access the Internet from anywhere on the phone that said prorpiu server to download not necessarily in that PC. Thank you!

  6. andr00ib said

    Yep, use of any 2 months + I have the full version, I took her Blackmart application called Alpha (hope you do not break the rules of the site, that I publish an app that can download free apps to money) .... One can Google can easily find and download it.

  7. I use remote desktop web (crackuit the black market: D) ​​that has many options (you can see what people in the house accessing the phone's camera, wifi and more of the keyboard: P)

  8. Michele said

    Interesting. But I can use the application and to transfer data from PC to phone? From the tutorial I understood only backwards. If not possible, there are other applications for this?
    Thank you.

  9. Petry:
    I use remote desktop web (crackuit the blackmarket) because it has very multeoptiuni (world view makes accessing your home phone, you keyboard wifi and more)

    No need to complicate all this crap like he has to have black market.Banuiesc tel. root. There is a much simpler method to "hack" a soft pt. Android

    you go on the net and search softului.apk name you put on the card and after you go to a file manager where you put fisieru, take the ride and after you install them will take you to some seteari occur after the tick first thing then try again to install and give it to your install softu. Security (you do not have root)

  10. madalin said

    iphone no such thing?

  11. Hello! You can do a tutorial on how to change the wireless network name and password?
    Thank you !

  12. You could do a tutorial and about AirDroid, pt. AirDroid as you do not limit upload

  13. AdrianGudus said

    Recommended should be taken as soon as you finish the phone, to come into WiFi File Transfer app and tap the Stop button to give such service will stop and someone will know even if access address and password set, you will not able to access smartphone for shuttle service is stopped.

  14. If we did not have the phone connected to the router and all other pc with internet how do you take pictures and videos from your phone? To be clear, if my phone is connected to the router and I am from a friend (or have another computer with internet at home) and I wish I could download via the Internet at the movies at my friend or another computer not where the router. I would ask if you can make tutorial about that. And thank you for this tutorial done. You guys rock!

  15. Because I tried from another pc with internet and therefore can not ask in vain and want an application to do that, and to connect to another PC that is not allocated to the router.

  16. Aurel:
    Because I tried from another pc with internet and therefore can not ask in vain and want an application to do that, and to connect to another PC that is not allocated to the router.
    Try AirDroid works just like WiFi File Transfer are not only limited and it seems that you do not need a router ...

  17. I tried in vain to AirDroid but does not work, all I have to conectrez from PC to the router and not from any PC connected to the internet.

  18. AdrianGudus said

    I tried in vain to AirDroid but does not work, all I have to conectrez from PC to the router and not from any PC connected to the internet.

    Use cloud storage services. Dropbox, Google Drive, Wuala, SugarSync. About all we have tutorial (write name of the service in the SEARCH box in the upper right sidebar and press enter) and all offer free storage space and where you put all their Android or iOS smartphone applications.
    Just make an account, install the phone, upload the files from the phone storage space offered free service and then you can access the files up there with mobile, from any computer, wherever you are in the world (provided have an internet connection)

  19. Florin said

    Nokia there something similar? (Symbian belle)

  20. Thanks a lot!

  21. ii super ... bravo boys

    • It is free but has limited .. you can send a file up to several mega.
      Only the PRO version you can send any large file, says that those who visit your tutorials.
      All the best.

  22. Is there a moderator I need advice on htc diamond

  23. a program for simbian not have?

  24. manacata77 said

    Sal Cristi I have a request to you, if there was any program can transfer data via WiFi directly between android phone and laptop via wireless (not through router or browser) something like bluetooth, but I personally do not like using airdrop for that are related to the net and do the browser and there is a small tutorial, thanks in advance.

  25. Good. I have a question, queries, if I use your phone as a laptop hospost ptr that person could copy everything I had in tel?, And what can copy? It can get into my phone without have enabled hospost? I need raspums. Thanks

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you copied and copied, I can only say that someone who tried to do that. Depending on how skilled is, you can steal just about anything. Hotspot is the only way that someone can steal your information.

      • But you can see the number of phone, address, name, stuff ...??? May wanted to know if he can come anytime even if it is not activated hostpost, or is very large distance?

  26. Hi, can set not to see my wifi network wifi networks in the list? I want that when you go to wifi networks available not see my network.

  27. Unfortunately go hard though. Wired solved quicker. That's for emergencies when you do not have cable

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