Superb speed of copying files via wireless, PC - Android

Superb speed of copying files via wireless, PC - Android

File transfer is a task that we have to do all the time, especially from your smartphone to your PC when the phone is loaded with pictures and filming.
So far I have made several tutorials related to transfer files from your phone to phone or phone to PC. Some methods are better, others more complicated. Below are some quick ways to copy files:
Syncthing, automatic synchronization of data private and secure
Unlimited File Transfer, quickly and securely between browsers
WiFi Direct, quickly transfer files between Android phones
Transfer files between PCs at high speed
AirDroid 3 desktop quickly transfer between the phone and PC
BUMP, exchange files between phones in the air
Any Send, fast transfer of files between phone and PC via WiFi
BitTorrent Sync, the best way to transfer files
Polkast, personal cloud for access to the computer files on Android and iOS
How can quickly transfer files over the wireless network between your phone and PC (wifi file transfer)
Today the method is extremely simple and in addition, we offer a very high transfer speed. We will use the application Superb, I presented a while ago, for wireless transfer of files between two Android devices via Wi-Fi Direct.
In the version for desktop, application superb does not work without unblocking purchasing an application transfer between PC and Android. Between Android and Android, the app go without pay, unfortunately for transfer from your phone to PC and vice versa, via WiFi, it takes that acquisition.
Why do we need?

Superb PC
For Android
Superb PRO Unlocker

Video Tutorial - SuperBeam, wireless file copy speed, PC - Android

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  1. marian said

    This tutorial does not interest me, I expect something more interesting

  2. The easiest and fastest is the USB cable.

  3. Laurentiu said

    Useless Cristian this tutorial, especially for how many transfer methods you presented in the description. When everyone is waiting for a complete tutorial with the “beast” you present us super “shit”. Sin.

  4. SHAREE free, not be scanned nothing, and should not be connected to a router, you can send folders very useful.

  5. Appreciate the work of this man and do not come with all sorts of trivial comments !!

  6. I liked it… Really useful for phones that do not have a SIM like the Oneplus 3 ..:) usi However, I am also waiting for the tutorial with Oneplus 3… I have a vague impression why it doesn't come given that the new ROM has small bugs which I hope will be solved soon by those from OnePlus….

  7. short and to the point.note 10… .for Marian two words: small beak!

  8. May not comment unless you are interested in a tutorial. I for one watch what interests me. Cristi adrian do that here and tutorials to fit as many so tied setair phone and PC etc, as well as programs and others. while doing Cristi prewiu completely for OnePlus 3?

  9. marian said

    if I don't like it, why should I be attacked more people? what's the problem with saying how i feel

    • Well, if you don't like yourself for yourself…. As Calin said… you follow what you like
      However tutorial archive remains VIDIOTUTORIAL when you need is there. It would be rather nice to make constructive remarks that so little likely understand the effort needed to make a film.
      Try to count the total number of hours Fimat + data processing. Summed believe they are at least 1 AN life and gave it all for free.
      Stand by those who struggled to keep the site alive.

      • If I keep it to myself, no one will know that some tutorials are really… :) However, why do negative opinions bother me?

        • Boy do you put the problem wrong… You really care about everyone's taste and some tutorials can be more or less useful… Don't dispute that no one in particular uses you .. But MAYBE there are only 5 others who like it… Anyway I think Cristi launched the invitation earlier, that if there are people willing, they can contribute with tutorials… Do you have better ideas? Do you think you are in a better position? You are our guest to do it… If you do not please refrain. I am convinced that you will be MUCH more appreciated if you make CONSTRUCTIVE comments. Thank you in advance and I'm done here.

          PS I use USB to transfer yet NOT beat me with a brick in the chest that

  10. Laurentiu said

    God forbid you have a different opinion than the herd… :). NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE. This site was made by Cristi and he is alive thanks to the VISITORS of this site, regardless of whether they are for or against the video tours made. If Cristi reads a counter-comment, he nods and knows what to do. Some of you here for more or less time, do not ask a question that for some time the tutorials have up to 50 comments? Cristi definitely puts it on. There were times with hundreds of comments and pros and cons…. Ehee what a time! I only wish you well at 23:48 after 12 hours of work 🙂

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