How to remove or add applications in the Start menu from Windows 8 - video tutorial

Hi friends in today's tutorial we will talk about Windows 8, exactly one to see how we can add or remove applications from the Start menu of Windows 8.
As we well know, in the Windows 8 operating system the Start button we know from Windows XP, Vista or 7 has been removed. However, if we place the cursor in the lower left of the Windows 8 desktop (or if we press the Windows + X keys) we will be greeted by a pop-up which if we left click will "throw" us in the Metro UI interface. But if we right-click on the pop-up we will have the most common shortcuts to operating system settings or system applications.
Well, Win + X Menu Editor application allows us to modify the menu that appears when right-clicking on the Start pop-up and add new applications or supersede existing ones.
Win + X Menu Editor allows you to:
- to add new elements
- to remove items from Win + X Menu
- to change the name of each existing item in Win + X Menu
- to change the order of the items in Win + X Menu
In conclusion Win + X Menu Editor is a very useful application for those who want to modify the default features of Windows 8 that normally do not have access. Helps us to maintain clean desktop shortcuts placing applications that we need a very easily accessible menu that you can access more easily than normal that we should look for applications and they run the system.
That being said I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how we can change the menu Win + X by adding or removing applications from it.

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Enjoy !


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  1. I have installed the windows 8 enterprise and noticed that no aero
    Does anyone know if and win8 final version will be without aero?

  2. AdrianGudus said

    I have installed the windows 8 enterprise and noticed that no aero
    Does anyone know if and win8 final version will be without aero?

    Aero has been removed from any version of Windows 8, but there are third-party applications that can "bring back" Aero to the Windows 8 operating system, which we will present in the following tutorials.

  3. nelu Gherghisan said

    I installed Windows 8 enterprise desktop several times, either local or deposit account with Microsoft. Every time weather in metro ui works only after installing Windows then Peter wants to stop. Does anyone have an explanation? Does anyone have a solution? Thank you.

    • Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

      Stick to Windows 7.
      Windows 8, which I installed and I have a lot of bugs.
      When maps of the Metro UI start immediately closes the same with the weather.
      And by the way Windows 8 no gadgets.

      • nelu Gherghisan said

        Thanks for the clarification and encouragement. (in the sense that I don't give up windows 8 but I'm waiting for the bug fixes)

  4. If you want to have a Windows interface 8 7 as in windows, no subway or walking around the corners after I do not know what menus, installing Classic Shell 3.6.1 open source and ready (a menu in Romanian after an initial setting of Romanian and reinstallation). rid of all necazurile.Nu will have no aero.A was removed as speed goes resurse.Se consume frumusete.Si Windows Vista was not nice but take some of ff memorie.Daca want to return to the airport give a search on the net that is rezolva.Daca not find help!

  5. destroyer said

    vresiunea this newer windows 8 is Worse than the other movement forst before him has no aero and any application that fools missing gadgets and more of it

  6. For Windows XP there is an application for Windows similar to the 8? It's interesting that app!

  7. Classic Shell is a better option with the button in XP or Wista win7 2000 / 98 can set anyway, plu add up buttons that are not from Vista onwards

  8. hi adrian in this review is not about this tutorial I want to do a tutorial on how to make a Pacet all overwork in Google Chrome

  9. Nice tutorial Adrian… keep it up.
    I would ask you tell me where to find the background picture you have.

  10. Is there a theme to make it to either Windows 8 95 Windowws?

  11. Is there a theme to make it Windows Windows 8 95 be? Excuse me for misspelling earlier.

  12. Julian, you must install Windows 8 for that theme.

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