Total control of a PC phone with AirDroid

Hi friends, tutorial today will talk about AirDroid, an application very interesting that allows us to manage your smartphone or Android tablet remotely without data cables, no drivers directly from your PC, laptop or even a another tablet.
For this to happen will be the Android smartphone or tablet to be connected to the same network that are connected to the internet and your computer or laptop that we want to control your Android device.
AirDroid app can be used freely and without limits as long as the two The device, computer and Android device is in the same internet network. If you make an account and log into the application benefit from 100 MB traffic to control your Android device even if not in the same network internet with the computer on which control your Android device plus the ability to locate the device, blocking and triggering camera automatically if the device is stolen and the offender wrong unlock code, deleting your personal data or triggering an alarm, however remote.
If you choose to pay a monthly fee and become a member AirDroid Premium you get: up to 1 GB per month for use of the application even when the Android device and the PC is not in the same network the Internet, transfer files between your Android device and PC up to 100 MB. You can choose to pay dollars per month 2, 20 dollars per year or 39 2 dollars a year.
What we do with AirDroid?
- we can manage the phonebook, we can delete, edit or add phone numbers.
- we have at our disposal a file manager that allows us to access the files from the Android device and manage them.
- we can send SMS and initiate calls directly from the desktop
- you can install, uninstall applications from your Android device directly from the desktop.
- you can extract / download .apk applications from your Android device to your computer. If you have root on your Android device, you will be able to extract even system applications on your computer.
- you can open a web page in the browser of your Android device using the computer.
- you can view and manage photos and videos from your Android device
- you can enter text from the desktop in the clipboard of your Android device
- you can listen to or manage your existing music on your Android device directly from your computer
- you can transfer files of any type between your Android device and computer
- you can take a screenshot of your Android device and view it on your computer desktop
- you can control the front or back camera of the Android device, you can see in real time on the computer what the video camera captures from the Android device. A useful feature that can be used to turn an Android phone into a surveillance camera.
- you can locate your Android device directly from your PC
In the end, AirDroid is probably the best application that allows remote control of an Android device.


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  1. Gabryela's Blog said

    Do not go tutorial.

    • how sad that the video tutorial didn't work, that it's not very difficult to install the application on the phone like any other application and to put in the pc a web address that appears in the application on the phone, to scan a code and play with the icons that appear on the pc monitor!

      as for the application… it's ok, too bad that at the moment (I hope only at the moment) it doesn't allow copy-paste from pc to phone

  2. Hi Adrian,
    I do not know if the problem is not just me but the video runs, the center wheel spins and so I tried multiple browsers and Abdobe I installed Flash Player and Java.


  4. hi can someone help me with an answer? Why did system properties in windows closes after 8 0 second two (I have not activated it)

  5. Warning!

    The tutorial does not go everywhere.
    Those who redirects traffic providers external to our server and then I have problems for a few days over here because of the various components of communication trouble.
    As you've probably noticed so far, we've introduced an extra layer of security to clean up traffic. Every few minutes a checkout page will appear, all you have to do is wait 2-3 seconds. That protection checks if you are a malicious user or bot.

    Thanks for understanding.

  6. Sorin Chiran said

    To me is going very well!

  7. can not access this site from windows8 Explorer, I appears this issue:
    Before accessing Checking your browser.
    This process is automatic. Will Your browser redirect to your Shorty Requested content.
    Please allow up to 5 seconds ...
    DDoS protection by CloudFlare / and stay like that forever .. not a big problem for that go from chrome and go, but I was curious what is the error that /

    • I said above, the additional protection that we instituted because of invalid traffic on certain external connections.
      When the check page appears, you don't have to do anything special, wait 2-3 seconds and you will be allowed to pass. Do not try to give back or refresh because you will be blocked for an indefinite period.
      This additional firewall differentiate between normal visitors and bots.
      Please understand we are steps that sometimes you have to take them for our protection and yours.

  8. It doesn't work to watch the tutorial… whatever I try gives me this error>
    Server not found: rtmpt :/ / 80 / simplevideostreaming / mp4 :/ stated that until a week ago I was working perfectly

  9. Gabryela's Blog said

    And for those who do not go, what do you recommend?

    • Freedom Ok use the application that we made a tutorial, choose the server in Romania.
      Again, it is not our fault, external links are very busy with traffic invalid.
      I normally would be no problem but watch your ISP is redirecting the external connections, so all abnormal, even stupid because external traffic is very expensive and very crowded.

      • Well, yes, now we would gladly follow the freedom tutorial that would be useful to us. but how sir, how ??? Well, if the video tutorials don't work …… .ahhhhhh..I feel like I'm going crazy. how much does the robe cost hmmm how much does the robe cost

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Instead of you and others who have done like you, I would not miss any video tutorial even if at first sight the title seems uninteresting to me and I would think that I am cunning and I know them all. You never know when you'll have to. As proof, the day has come for you to need something you once saw on the site but what did you say? “What do I need, OkayFreedom? I don't have a job, I'm the base, I know how to do everything "
          Look, now you have and it kind of sucks for some.
          Even if you do not have the time, it's good to know! You never know when you hit!

          • Thank you for the advice Adrian I understood the idea, what do you want the man until it hits do not learn. I do not know where you saw so much trick, but please what can I say I'm proud and sure I'm not among those with "tricks". aaaaaa by the way it was a joke with a robe. That's it. if you feel good, give me stones because I'm weaker in IT. me anyway and if you get upset or someone else I'm still a fan.

      • Cristi, you did nothing tutorial, if you go! :))

  10. But anyway, those who know how to use OkayFreedom will succeed! Thanks for the advice, now works perfectly!

  11. We implemented these protections for better speed, to have a more enjoyable experience on our site.
    Unfortunately not all are in our power.
    If we had the internet buttons at hand, we would certainly have done more, unfortunately.

  12. You are too dependent on the giant companies that have taken over the market and the use of the internet and an important part of the tutorials focuses on these companies and their products. There are also non-delayed users (without iPhone) who will never be part of the bad crowd with a herd effect. I learned a lot from you, but the direction you are following now with these tutorials for delays with iPhone, tablets, etc. I will not accept it as a user of this site. More on the subject, Apple Inc., Google, etc. they are not ok for us, don't give them water at the mill. "Smartphones, dumb people."

  13. Alex, when there are tutorials on Premiere Pro?

  14. Duallpannel said

    I am the king of the world! Both sites work for me without any problems! RCS DNS-Google [ -]

  15. Do not go busily loading tutorial

  16. Daniel (Jr.) said

    I tried a tablet that only has front camera and not read that COD. why?

  17. Adrian Gudus said

    A workaround for those who can not watch video tuutorialele you here:

    • A nice gesture on your part to Adrian with this update pertaining to your multumesc.In same time I wish to thank the person who posted the solution to the traffic gb 5 suplimentar.Totusi I wish I could access like I did videotutorialele one and so far, no other applications suplimentare.Dar if you can not, well, that's what we have to thank once avem.Inca thanks for all you do and all the best.

  18. The intention was good, but unfortunately it seems that you will lose many visitors to these additional protections. I am sitting in this situation.
    It is elegant as a visitor be dependent for. To view the contents of an application presented in another tutorial. Normal would be to be able to view the content in any browser other applications.
    I hope to be constructive criticism!

    • Well what do you mean, if it's on your internet provider's! has no guilt! If you have a provider smarter you could watch tutorials without problems! Therefore you need to redirect traffic Freedom Okay back to Romania!

      • Normally a site in Romania should be accessible on the internal network where this happens there are no problems with watching tutorials.
        Problems have those external connections are redirected to access our site, the total work abnormally.
        Internal trafficking can to filter on the fly without any problems until 20 30-Gbps external traffic unfortunately we can not control it, which is why I turned to one one furnixor service outside the country for that.
        As streaming video is a very sensitive and we keep the quality, we have chosen to filter some nodes aggressive external traffic coming invalid. So some of you can watch tutorials for that my colleague made a video tutorial update just below it is posted on youtube and everyone can watch him.
        In a few days you will be filtering all traffic will return things to normal.
        Resist made a few days that will not let die, we Okay Freedom works very well.
        We apologize for everything that happened but you must understand that it is not our fault.
        In a perfect world, all internet providers should take care of the health of the traffic that passes through their nodes, unfortunately… ..

      • Me has worked perfectly so far, are from the same provider, nothing has changed as far as I'm concerned, are an example to many others, as we previously speculated, from my point of view other comments are superfluous. Hope you do not mind pt. this post.

    • We have two choices:
      1. The site will not go all the traffic unfiltered.
      2. The current version with powerful filters traffic website moves very well, just as some external connections will not work streaming.
      When this is the best solution in a few days after the final cleaning filter all traffic will return to normal.
      Please be understanding and if you can not watch any tutorial using the method that Adrian will show it in the video above.

  19. Please help me with a nice sugestie.Mi 4 I bought a Nexus and can not set any other ringtone besides the original telefonului.Cum do?. Same with set wallpaper can not set any wallpaper size mare.Va kindly if anybody knows how to fac.Multumesc.

  20. Why be simple when it can be complicated. That's what you did, reducing your traffic considerably! By the way, the issue with the boots is a false issue. All the great "giants" put their snouts, so to speak, for see what's going on on one site or another, starting with Google and ending with Facebook. I don't see anything wrong with this! Something else, for to watch your tutorial you do not need any special application, as you suggest, but just some simple proxy settings that, for personal reasons, I will not reveal here… As proof I will post this tutorial on YT to see the interested that they can be viewed and even downloaded, with all your restrictions, unnecessary !!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Wow, just brilliant and so does OkayFreedom application automates this process you mentioned proxy for each browser is a little different and get in another way proxy settings section, use of such applications makes it faster and easier.
      After your comment I realize that you're a spoiled child who thinks that everything on Earth is due and that if someone does not want or no longer psibilitatea give you, you have to take anyway, no matter anytime even with force by any means.
      I'll grow up and you'll probably grow. Nothing you deserve, than the right to life, the rest are just privileges.
      I tend to think that in a previous life you were Hitler or something… since you think that anyone has to give you when you want even if maybe he can still let go. Did you put the ballot papers?

      • Hey, guide, in 1985 when, it seems you were born, I had finished college for 5 years !!! It turns out you didn't understand any of my comment. You still have time…

        • If you say this thing with bots is nothing false means that you passed through college, like many Romans.
          If you have always watched tutorials in the best conditions, does not mean that we do not often hit problems that we try to keep away from eyes vostrii.

  21. It doesn't work for me, I don't know what you did but it doesn't work and I get the message "server not found: rtmpt: // 80 / simplevideostriming / mp4: /", only youtube works and I don't think romtelecom doesn't work like I have a net and I have a 16mb / s band, youtube works fullhd, but your video doesn't work, I hope you make it work so that there are no more problems, I wish you a good day. bye

  22. Why can not uninstall? I root. if a system app. how do I uninstall?

  23. Hello Cristian to know that this thing appears in Spain shortly

  24. Feedback from me too. On RDS the player runs well but on Romtelecom under no circumstances, the same thing appears as in @Daniel above. It's quite frustrating and the third solution is not a solution for everyone because some simply do not want it, others will not know how and some even if they want can not install something on the computer because they are simply not allowed '. I just hope that out of the desire to filter the ro-bots you don't filter (and remain so 'filtered') and the ro-man loyal and dependent on this site ff good.

  25. Cristi, you can also do a tutorial on how to buy an original windows from the store, to explain what VUP, Legalization, GUP, etc. mean. how to choose? well explained as you know so "like at school" :))

  26. Why the hell do not have what? Do not upload any videos can not wait to change money!

  27. UPC works perfect site

  28. With this application you can uninstall applications and android but how to clean debris? because I see the tablet or phone folders from legacy applications that were not deleted, but do not know which are valid and which are not, because not all application name. Is the program (application) that detects these folders left? Thanks for the response and tutorials. I appreciate your work.

  29. How can I have my battery percentage as in this tutorial?

  30. I use this app for a while and are satisfied with it.
    But as more offers would interest an application by increasing calls may be using the soundcard of your PC through the computer microphone headset and of course the phone connected to PC.
    Is there such an application?

  31. I tried this, but does not go through the computer sound card, or at least to me it does not work.
    And we do not have anything connected to the sound card settings.

  32. PalAlexander said

    Do you have bluetooth on pc?

  33. If needed I can put, but what helped me?

  34. very cool app. Thanks for the tutorial.

  35. Bravo. Super cool.

  36. It seems that the free version has relatively few options. To have additional features, you must use the same wifi network both your phone and laptop (computer). Well if the phone is in another location as may use the same wifi. And another problem that occurs to other applications of this kind: lookout etc. So we can use those options Trbuse the phone to have net connection. But if my phone was stolen and has no internet connected .. In this regard I have a question: how can enable remote internet without phone access? (From the computer, perhaps?).

  37. and I'll intrebare.daca Connect me with this app on the phone, and try to locate the phone or watch pictures from phone memory, I consume internet phone simulator?

  38. Hi, I have a question if you go do update the Samsung Galaxy Duos GT-S7392 Trend of 4.1.2 to: 4.2 or 4.3, 4.4?

  39. Hi. Can I see only 2G instead of 7G, how much does the card have ?! with this application… .What is the cause?

  40. Hi. Did you also ask something above ?! You can get an answer if you are not upset…. Have a good day.

  41. Darius said

    How do I uninstall the app from your phone? application manager not allow me

  42. Telea Bogdan said

    Hello, you have no idea if there is such a thing and for Windows Mobile? Or, if there is any Android application but does not require Internet connection, only data cable, such as Nokia PC Suite?

  43. Very good tutorialul.Multumesc

  44. Hi
    Can I use airdroid if we display broken and my phone is not instaalt airdroid site?

  45. Hello
    It is possible to connect the card to the internet and not on wi-fi?

    Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The answer lies both in text and video tutorial above tutorial!
      If you're still not cleared after head-tail look tutorial after tutorial you read the entire text, come back with an answer

  46. Hi… Airdoid works fine. I have been using it for some time, but I have a small problem, when I try to connect to the phone (not mine 😉), it doesn't always work, even if it is always connected to the internet via data or wifi. the person in question must enter the airdroid to "wake him up". there is no setting in this sense to connect, only when and when he wants .. otherwise it's ok .. you can see the calls, messages, pictures, you can to access the camera, both the one on the back and even the front (if it has one). the application is super ok. maybe someone sends them to those who deal with the program the problem about this problem.

  47. cristian99999 said

    It works perfectly and without many explanations. Basically I realize you have to do for that content application guides you what to do.

  48. I have a question possible with this application to be spied my phone?

  49. shawl
    I phone in Scotland and I'm in Romania subscription and are net of the digi, I went on my gmail account that is in the phone and I downloaded Air Droid, the Google dashboard shows that Air Droid 3 is installed in the phone. I installed Air Droid 3 on PC and does not work, have made the phone settings, security must be checked to unknown sources, the phone is on WiFi and PC digi net of phone cards is the digi Roming.
    MS and I answered

  50. mention an acquaintance's phone

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The application must be opened and configured! If you have never been opened and configured, normally will not work

  51. Ms beautiful. Now I understand how it works
    a good day. and good luck

  52. Hi! What happened to the video? Click 'play' and it doesn't start.

  53. broken phone and I can't disconnect from my programs on the phone I don't know what to do… and I want to connect to my laptop I don't know what to do I'm so sorry I have some important programs for me


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