Using the phone as a computer remote control using the controlfreak software - HD video tutorial

Hello, this video tutorial will show you a way to use your phone as a remote control to remote control a player, this is true for mobile symbian range S60 v1 v2 and this is the only way to have the free Quick access to control a remote computer.

The tutorial will present: how the connection is made, for what we need to do this and how does the whole assembly.

Many of us have the opportunity to use a phone to have control over a computer, this being one of the methods. If you have a phone compatible with the ControlFreak application and a computer that can make bluetooth connections, you can always use this connectivity mode to bring you comfort in various situations. You will need the winamp player to successfully run the ControlFreak application on your phone and a windows 2000 or windows XP operating system. Compatible phone models are: Nokia 3230, 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 6682, 7610, 7650, N-Gage and N-Gage QD, N70, N90, Siemens SX-1, Sendo X and Panasonic X700.

It is possible that the list be higher, but the application is designed for phones that have Symbian S60 v1 and v2, it should be noted from the outset that does not work on newer versions of Symbian S60 v3 (v mean version)

I will make an identical video tutorial but it will be more than that, more precisely I will present how we can have complete control over a computer directly from the phone (regardless of the distance and regardless of the brand or model of the phone, provided it is newer generation).

Lucian basil

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  1. Cristi does not know why, but I get to you through e-mail notifications about new tutorials appeared, specifically about the last two did not come mail.Te Please check the ce.Multumesc.

  2. Hello I want to tell you if you could do a tutorial on pc Cleave securing data such as the min walk to school if I want to, As an example in msconfig not allow me, to change some settings in regedit just have not give you, or you did not give alocha virtual memory you on soon not have to give you change some basic settings. hello ms.

  3. @ionut: It seems normal to me that the PCs at school are well secured so that you little jaxoricians don't put your nose where the pot won't boil, that way you can't "implant" keyloggers or other "hidden" settings that facilitates the storage of passwords in yahoo messenger… we will not teach you something like this… we will not teach you how to damage or penetrate the security of school PCs! We don't teach anyone how to crack, hack, we don't offer software serials or keys, and we won't teach anyone how to "break" to "steal" passwords to make pishing, scams and others… these if you want them you learn it yourself, we don't teach you or others!

  4. @bl:
    I checked and you are currently in our database from those who are confirmed (that are wrong and need to receive mail).
    It is possible to receive mail delayed due to the large number of mails that should be sent in a time-short is also possible that mail to be spam in your mail box.
    Lately traffic was quite large and can come with delay.
    But do not get at all or you get now?

  5. Hello! I also have a curiosity… I would like to know if there is a program for the phone with symbian… like remote control for TVs… adik dak I could use the phone as a TV remote control ..
    ms in advance!

  6. LucianGL said

    yes it exists, it only works if you have infrared support (irda) on the phone - a name would be ir remote

  7. LucianGL said

    -Want to spy on your computer directly from your phone?
    -Want to have a complete control over a computer directly from your phone ?
    -Do you want to use your phone as a remote?
    -Want to know what are boyfriends, girlfriends, children or anyone with a computer or laptop even if you're long distance and all that time instant by phone ?
    You have a phone manufactured after year 2005? (Usually phones manufactured after this year have implemented Java support MIDP2.0)
    -You can connect via Bluetooth or internet (wi-fi)?
    It means that… you are interested in what I will present in the next “incendiary” tutorial only at (for the first time)

    … What I presented by freak control is the heating part for what follows 🙂

  8. cristi
    no longer receive emails when put tutorials on site exactly as bl

  9. ms lucy… but it works on symbian v3?
    I can't wait for your new tutorial… this about how to have absolute control with your phone… success

  10. LucianGL said

    Cristi - what exactly to go on symbian v3?

  11. this program is remote… I just took it and it tells me the installation is not accepted… do you have any idea why it doesn't want to install?

  12. LucianGL said

    Cristi - it works perfectly on S60 v3, but you have to get the good version, then signed and so on. It's a whole hassle with these S60 v3s because of the security system that has to be faked most of the time, in this case in which we do not want to buy the necessary application. I do not have a v3 to give you more accurate clues but I know it works on this platform being tested by several friends. I want this year to get an N95 8GB to have access to everything what a symbian can offer at present
    Practical with N70 95GB N8 and cover all the range of applications for Symbian and over 1000 can test applications more or less useful noua.Pana then I will present applications that are compatible with N70 and beyond

  13. Why are you keeping us in suspense Lucian …… according to what you said the next tutorial should be incendiary… .. so I can't wait!….

  14. aham… ok… ms for directions… I'm waiting for your new tutorial ..

  15. LucianGL said

    Today I only did half of it, but I need to do so to have an order for anyone to understand.
    As I noted in this tutorial I received questions-sign that was well explained (with very little mistakes, admit).
    It's not that easy.
    I'm still thinking about how to "avoid" a rather sensitive part, which I'm not legally allowed to present.

  16. jocheru13 said

    I have a nokia 6630 and when I want to install security software installation sis gives me error.Unable to install.DC? like it did with controlfreak

  17. LucianGL said

    jocheru13 - the problem is from the application manager, from any application that turned your software upside down in the phone, from insufficient space, from a mistake on your part in general. To locate your problem I need exact data about the phone, then I can narrow the area until I find a reliable solution. the problem is not from the application, rather from the phone

  18. LucianGL said

    After a long series of adventures, we have achieved tutorial on how we can control the computer from the phone (any phone)

  19. Lucian you know about a call forwarding service? I mean I would like to forward calls from a number of orange in a number of COSMOTE. It can and if so how?

  20. @Andrew: call orange for customer relations and ask an operator about this service… anyway you know k this service costs you it's not free !!!

  21. you do a tutorial on how to do counter-strike counter-strike server online

  22. Gentlemen, I suggest you make a tutorial about mobiledit or about another software that allows the transfer of data from the phone's address book to the PC, regardless of the phone's brand. That is an application that allows the connection with any kind of cable (not only with those sold by the phone manufacturer - example: Nokia)
    I have a PC with Windows Vista x64 and do not know how to connect some older phones (Nokia 3120, Nokia Siemens 6610 or M55) without having to buy and cables (on Nokia it would be CA-42)

  23. LucianGL said

    Dani, I just use both Nokia PC Suite and Sony Ericsson. I have the latest version of MOBILedit but have not used it until now =

  24. razvan said

    hello… .f interesting, I liked how you detailed that video ,,,, I did step by step everything you said and it looks there but there was a problem I have a nokia n95 but it doesn't let me install that application: ¨ ¨controlFreak.sis¨¨ tells me ´´insta. not supported´´´´

    org you can help me,,, thanks in advance,,,

  25. LucianGL said

    Razvan - have you downloaded the N95 installation kit? As far as I know, it runs smoothly on the N95

  26. razvan said

    does it matter… I'm in Spain ,, the goal is on the vodafone network here ,,, a greeting

  27. LucianGL said

    razvan - you are the first to which after a few posts ago but also from the tutorial I intentionally said something wrong to see if you were attentive to comments or tutorial. I'm sorry but I can't help you as long as you are NOT WATCHING THE VIDEO TUTORIAL and you are not paying attention to what is being discussed in the comments

  28. razvan said

    there must be someone first;)) don't be upset nene but it has nothing to do with what you say ,,, so it doesn't work on nokia N95,, the phone doesn't support it ,,, I told you I'm in spain the phone is on vodafone here… .health

  29. razvan said

    One more thing gentlemen… .I recently downloaded a game in the format —-mdf — and –mds – I haven't used anything like this ,,,, do you know how to use it? Thank you…

  30. Adrian said

    @razvan: Le Mont nicely with Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120.Daca not know how to use Daemon Tools Daemon Tools write up the search and you enter to find the tutorial!

  31. Bomberman said

    It is appreciated that you do tutorials like this for the whole "social class" fool or less… But one thing does not seem appropriate with what you do, I think to show you something on the internet and "give you great" knowledge you have to acquire in this life a special vocabulary, a clean and without too many mistakes, and a much warmer and prettier voice than what is heard now on the background of this tutorial, put a friend with a more beautiful voice or a girl with a voice ok and IMPORTANT to know how to speak 😀 These “smart” people like you if in their daily life they didn't have the chance to get someone / something or to do what they set out to do, try a new “chance” on the internet, by the way … Becali also has a website (in the sense of site as Romanians write) because many still write site, but it is not something concrete and elucidated of this word (here you understand the idea) It is ok to offer the possibility to strangers in "phones" "IT" or simply "Symbian or I" app programsI still know ”but in order to be able to offer them fully and to be able to fully enjoy you, first try to get a good image through what I wrote a little above… You will certainly not post this message on the site because there is no one to lift you up in glory and na`… the Romanian selects only this good because this is how it is written for us, to be the strongest “Spor in what you do!

  32. haosss said

    tare …… .maica…. how many possibilities are there?
    LucianGl you don't learn all this….
    you also collect them from other sites….
    or simply in the sites of the companies producing mobile d mob and see what can be done with that phone .. and then if possible try what write .. there ..
    so many ideas …… .where…?!?!?!

  33. haosss said

    @ Admin_cristi:
    give the phase with the mail as it is paid cv….

  34. Adrian said

    @haosss: It is not paid, you subscribe adik you will receive an email with the new tutorials, when a new tutorial will be posted you will receive an email and you will be notified and please do not comment on the love of art !!! so far you have posted 6 comments like "very loud, wow I didn't know…" refrain and comment on something useful, we all know that what we do here is "cool".

  35. razvan said

    Thank you gentlemen… I learned a lot from you ,,, I wish you peace and a lot of patience !!!!

  36. LucianGL said

    I have a well-deserved break, everyone has changes. My experience in the field of telephony is vast, I have learned what I know over time and the fact that I am surprised daily by "dume" makes me think it's at least a good thing to do a few tutorials _banale_ I say related to the subject too little understood, namely the phones we keep we want we do not want much time near us
    there are many things that amaze me and me that over 50% testing at one discovers that something 0, reaching different conclusions
    I like to say that if I have the opportunity I choose what is best and useful that I can use to the fullest, and if someone has something to say against without any strong argument… it's just his opinion and it will stay that way

    there are many possibilities to use the phone as a remote control on a PC, TV, other phone or other wonders, you can even call for free from a phone… not to mention that you can make a video conference directly from your phone for free… on a another phone or a PC

    There are many things that we book a simple and trivial phone you can purchase in a reasonable amount of between-2 7 million, or £ 200 700-

    are also various ways to maintain and manipulate a cell without resorting to service stations, not to mention the various methods that are used for breaking security systems new versions of smart phones

    There are many things I say extremely useful and necessary that can be made using a simple smart phone which I will discuss in future in what will occur after the videotutorial

  37. razvan said

    good day (evening), tell me what can this prog Acronix Image,,, thank you

  38. Adrian said

    @razvan: Write up on Search on the right: Acronis True Image, hit enter and you will find the tutorial is a software with which you back up!

  39. controlfrak goes on n95?? zicetimi to me please and if not why?

  40. LucianGL said

    arva - control freak does not work on N95 because it is not compatible with this operating system

  41. hello! I 26 of computer viruses and fail to install a knot 32 4 version. give to install and at the end says:

  42. Bogdan-designes said

    I will try and hope to go nokia 6234

  43. To me it did not work I do not know why I try harder nokia N70
    if you can spunetimi software was used to capture phone

  44. Lawrence 94 said

    I would like to know how is called software that you control the phone from your PC in this videotutorial. Thank you, waiting for your answer!

  45. AdrianN mihalascu said

    Connect and go through wi fi?

  46. Cristi Hello!
    I have a question, the Nokia 2330 you can use the remote control for a laptop hp NX 7400

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