How to clean the phone's USB port of impurities

How to clean the phone's USB port of impurities What is this video tutorial about "How to clean the phone's USB port"? Today I will show you how to clean the phone's USB port of impurities, without damaging the port contacts in any way. CAUTION, the port must not be cleaned with metal objects Materials used for removal… [Read more...]

Samsung update that spoils applications and headphones on USB-C

What is the Samsung Update tutorial about ruining apps and headphones? Sometimes, after an update, Samsung makes changes that damage applications and headphones on USB-C. This happens on Samsung phones but maybe on other brands as well. What happened on my Samsung S10 Lite phone after I received the update to Android 11 with the OneUI 3 interface. [Read more...]

Samsung S10 Lite Business of the moment - Snapdragon 855 IS NOT LITE!

Samsung S10 Lite Business of the Moment What is the Samsung S10 Lite Business of the Moment article about? Obviously this is the Samsung S10 Lite which is the business of the moment from my point of view. Even if Samsung chose the name Lite, this phone is not a mediocre phone at all. Top specifications for 2019 with design from… [Read more...]

Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Lesser-known settings in Android 8 Oreo Android User Manual We have spoken on another occasion about the lack of user manual for modern operating systems. And even if the phones, tablets or PCs came with an operating system user manual, it would confuse us more after a few updates. Latest Android User Manual… [Read more...]

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of the company

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and the philosophy of the company Oneplus is a new company, from China, which stood out by the fact that they came on the market with a new philosophy and a very interesting business plan. Oneplus first steps! Related to Oppo, the Oneplus company was launched 4 years ago, when they also launched the Oneplus 1 phone, an excellent phone and [Read more...]

Android battery saving disabling system

Android battery economy disabling system services Battery is consumed (as you can see!) Smartphones are currently an extension of ours, which begins to cause frustration when it is no more. I mean, we go crazy when the battery runs out. Why not make bigger batteries? There are several answers - I will try to list a few below: 1. A battery… [Read more...]

The best protective cover for your phone, Spigen Neo Hybrid

The best phone case In my opinion, the Spigen Neo Hybrid is the best phone case because it offers a good balance between appearance and protection. What should we look for in a phone case? It depends on the user, depending on the priorities of each. For some, appearance is more important, and for others, more important is… [Read more...]

Pokemon GO falsification location joystick without root

Pokemon GO fake location with joystick without root In order to play Pokemon GO, we have to keep moving, looking for pokemon. Unfortunately not everyone can move, or not everyone lives in the city, where there are pokemoni gorge. For categories that can't go pokemon hunting, we've found a location falsification method that doesn't require… [Read more...]

OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

OnePlus 3 Review, too fast and too cheap From the very beginning I am aware that all the fans of Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc., will be angry with me and will reproach me for being paid by the Chinese from Oneplus, to make a favorable review. Let's turn everything around, I must confess that Oneplus never contacted me, and even if it did, this review was… [Read more...]

OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

Oneplus 3, presentation, the beast with 6 GB of RAM Design! Oneplus 3 is the fourth phone from the Chinese manufacturer Oneplus. Unlike Oneplus 1, 2 and X, Oneplus 3 comes with the case made entirely of metal (space aluminum :), with buttons + metal SIM holder, ceramic fingerprint sensor, in Romanian "you can not find plastic even if you Thanks… [Read more...]