Samsung S10 Lite Business of the moment - Snapdragon 855 IS NOT LITE!

Samsung S10 Lite Business of the Moment What is the Samsung S10 Lite Business of the Moment article about? Obviously this is the Samsung S10 Lite which is the business of the moment from my point of view. Even if Samsung chose the name Lite, this phone is not a mediocre phone at all. Top specifications for 2019 with design from… [Read more...]

Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Less known settings in Android 8 Oreo Android user manual We also talked about the lack of the manual used for modern operating systems. And even if the phones, tablets or PCs came with operating system user manual, it would be more confusing after a few updates. Latest Android User Manual ... [Read more...]

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of the company

Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of Oneplus is a new company, from China, which has been noted for coming to the market with a new philosophy and a very interesting business plan. Get started with Oneplus! Related to Oppo, the company Oneplus launched 4 years ago, when they also launched the phone Oneplus 1, an excellent phone and ... [Read more...]

Android battery saving disabling system

Battery economy Android disabling system services Battery is consuming (as you can see!) Smartphones are now an extension of ours, which begins to cause frustration when it is gone. That is, we get out of our minds when the battery runs out. Why not make bigger batteries? There are several answers - I will try to list a few below: 1. A battery ... [Read more...]

The best protective cover for your phone, Spigen Neo Hybrid

The best phone protection cover In my opinion, the Spigen Neo Hybrid is the best phone cover, because it offers a good balance between appearance and protection. What should we look for in a phone case? It depends on the user, depending on the priorities of each one. For some it is more important, and for others it is more important. [Read more...]

Pokemon GO falsification location joystick without root

Pokemon GO spoofing location with rootless joystick In order to play Pokemon GO, we have to move continuously, looking for Pokemon. Unfortunately, not everyone can move, or not everyone lives in the city, where pokemon are creek. For the categories that cannot go to pokemon hunts, we have found a method of falsifying the location, which does not require… [Read more...]

OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

OnePlus 3 Review, too fast and too cheap From the outset I am aware that all Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc. fans will be upset with me and reproach me for being paid by the Chinese from Oneplus, to make a favorable review. To give everything back, I must confess, Oneplus never contacted me, and even if it happened, this review was ... [Read more...]

OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

Oneplus 3, presentation, the beast with 6 GB of RAM Design! Oneplus 3 is the fourth phone from Chinese manufacturer Oneplus. Unlike Oneplus 1, 2 and X, Oneplus 3 comes with the case made entirely of metal (space aluminum :), with buttons + metal SIM support, ceramic fingerprint sensor, more Romanian "you can't find the plastic even if it is Because of ... [Read more...]

Music via Bluetooth to any speakers, headphones and car

In recent years, listening to music on your phone, PC or tablet, on Bluetooth speakers has become a norm. Even car manufacturers, in new cars, provide us with a Bluetooth connection for listening to music from the phone to the car audio system. Maybe you have some older speakers that still sound great, or maybe you have a home theater sound system… [Read more...]

OnePlus One review, my favorite phone

What does "a good phone" mean? Does this mean cumbersome interface or unnecessary software pre-installed? Does this mean that the phone must be company (HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc)? None of the above. A good phone is one that looks good, moves very well, has good autonomy and is also cheap. I described above a Oneplus One, because this phone is ... [Read more...]