PC based on Intel Haswell with a very good price performance

Hi friends, today we set up an inexpensive system based on the new Haswell processors available on the market that have been made recently. This is the second wave of Intel Haswell, were first launched the most expensive and most are now made available, that after the market was saturated with expensive processors. I would add that they are the most balanced performance processors in terms of price.
Chosen processor is i3 4130 can be selected and a Pentium, it is legally still a i3 hardware without Hyper-Threading, Quick Sync and AES hardware support. Pentium is much cheaper and really worth it if you need video transcoding, archiving, extracting the frequency and type of user are not you open many applications simultaneously (multitasking).
Motherboard is I went from Asrock, has everything he needs, I chose that board is equipped with an Intel chip network, which is very important, especially for those who download the bit torrent network and not want to overload the processor.
SSD is a Samsung model 840 EVO is brand new and includes a lot of updates, this performance besides that Samsung has accustomed us lately (we'll talk about that some other time).
Optional components!
For hardcore gamers have chosen a motherboard from Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 760 a very balanced video card.
I must say that the video card is an optional component for better performance in gaming and applications that know how to use the power of parallel processing cores CUDA applications such as Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Autocad, etc..
For those who use a PC office environment is not necessary this board, processor integrated graphics processor, Intel HD 4400 enough for desktop applications, web, office, facebook, youtube and even without a requirement too high
Intel ® CoreTM i3-4130, 3.4GHz, Haswell, 3MB Socket 1150, Box
PRO87 H4 ASRock Socket 1150
Dual Channel Kit Kingston 16GB (2 x 8192MB) DDR3, 1600MHz
Solid State Drive (SSD) Samsung 840 EVO Basic, 2.5 ″, 120GB, SATA III
Source Seasonic S12II-430 Bronze, ATX12V, 430W
Floston Case ATX Midi Tower, no source, Black Interra
Optional… ..repeat, optional only for gamers and editors graphics, video, 3D
Gigabyte GeForce video card GTX760, 2048MB, GDDR5, 256bit, DVI, HDMI, PCI-E


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  1. When I do a guide on purchasing laptop?

  2. Cristi, a 10+ grade tutorial, yes that's right ASrock cards have a very fast boot, I had a card on socket 478 that I couldn't see the boot I had to press "Pause Break" to see :)) since then they were with bravery in the boot and now they have expanded it better. Indeed, this is the case with the EMAG store, you give a penny but you know that you don't receive them like others or, for example, PC Garage, my HDD broke and I walked with it for 1 month, poor support from them, I also do a review "jokes" sometimes. Another PC Zone store changed an equally defective hdd in 2 days, it broke, it gave me "Recretified", and PC Garage walks me like "sir, we don't have a service to talk to, if you want by e-mail, well and if I have an e-mail, we talk face to face. ”I don't even buy anything from them, it's a shame for them. I take it from Emag that they are widespread everywhere and that's it.

  3. very good tutorial. Christ who is your occupation? What are you?

  4. Dan: When I do a guide on purchasing laptop?


  5. andVery good tutorial. Christ who is your occupation? What are you?

    Occupations over time I had many, while practicing the trades I had a passion of soul in which I put all the money, this to the despair of my parents initially and my wife later. Everyone was saying to me, "Fuck those computers because you drove us crazy!" "
    Crafts in chronological order:
    Cook (qualified)
    Croupier Casino (Roulette qualified French)
    Supervisor (inspector casino table)
    Network Administrator
    Administrator IT company providing services
    Make life more important is you never forget what you like. I am happy that I stuck to IT occupation is that I always wanted.
    I forgot to say, the first contact with computer science I had was at the "palace of the pioneers" in 1988, there I made the first computer, copy HC85. My teacher was Mr. Batraneanu Mihai, the founder of ROL.ro
    Back then load the games on tape, there is so friendly operating system. Internet was not in our dreams.
    I did not realize how lucky we are in today, you have all the information at your fingertips. I had to beg everyone in the palace if I wanted to learn something.
    I hope I've answered.

  6. Hello Cristi! I want to make my PC from parts mainly for Gaming. I have a budget of approx 2700 lei. I want to ask on the socket would be better to make it on 1155 or 1150. On 1150 I made this PC: https://www.emag.ro/wishlist/7653151646 And the 1155 this: https://www.emag.ro/wishlist/8733151656.
    Thanks for the help!

  7. Thanks for the information people. I watched almost all the tutorials and I was curious to know more about you. You could also be a teacher because you have very good expression, knowledge and a voice as warm and friendly. Making a tutorial and about nexus 4. And I got my one soon.

  8. Hi Cristi, as dari if you can do one-stop gaming in 2000 ron with an AMD A8 5600k I want to buy a PC and not know what to buy in addition to the processor

  9. Daniel (Jr.) said

    Only a man who has gone through so many jobs can be so persevering in a job he likes the most. If until now you were an enigma to me and I appreciate what you were doing now you are even more "great" and respected. Romania has need not such people. It is not the pile of diplomas that makes you great but what you can do useful for society and peers. Many people have to learn from you. To all those who over time have thrown invectives at you or colleagues who helped you, I now ask them to apologize. They did not know what they have in front of them. Maybe I was a little pathetic, but now I am convinced that many will put ashes on their heads for the prejudices they have iterated. on this site.Los hat and all the respect!

  10. It's a problem all your videos. Will follow for years and still the same problem was on all the systems we had and all net providers. If you put a break clip (for a minute to say) and then play play after a 30s-60 seconds clip is repeated on a portion of an approx. 5 seconds and then continue normally. I think it has to do with the buffer, which probably stops when I press pause and then resume when the clip and get to the point where it stopped happening repetition phase

  11. Hello !
    Teo and I'm always watching all the tutorials that you post. You're doing a very good job, so we learn something about IT world. What I wanted to ask, I work much video editing, I have a Intel ® CoreTM i5 Pro-4670K, 3.40GHz, Haswell and a motherboard, ASRock Z87 PRO3 Socket and 1150 8 Gb Ram, video card advise you to take HD rendering to go well? Those going on the Nvidia CUDA because they?
    What do you think?

  12. Cristi, when you open the page you said you gave eMag.ro command a Google Nexus 4. We can make a broader review of it? This smartphone is worth (what you think) compared to the other top smartphones?

  13. Ovidiu: It is a problem all your videos. Will follow for years and still the same problem was on all the systems we had and all net providers. If you put a break clip (for a minute to say) and then play play after a 30s-60 seconds clip is repeated on a portion of an approx. 5 seconds and then continue normally. I think it has to do with the buffer, which probably stops when I press pause and then resume when the clip and get to the point where it stopped happening repetition phase

    For streaming we use the most advanced technology available. Fast loading, scrolling is fast and the server load is predictable (important for our peace).
    As a container with h4 mp264 use video and AAC for audio.
    The way the containers are packaged makes them easy to handle. The portions from which the streaming server can "bite" are larger than usual, in order for us to conserve the plaster resources as much as possible.
    Delays usually rare, generally when processing power is not enough. Flash player should know where to stop without repeating the resumption of Stream, but as you know the theory hits the practice field where conditions are not ideal, we have processors that do not drop frames or do that but not processing timely and flash takes safety measures, put up a tolerance to be sure.
    Technical details …… .it is important that you press PLAY, the rest happens by itself.

  14. Hello Cristi.
    Can you please clarify me about memory frequency, they have a significant impact on the performance of a PC.
    I one now oscillate between some memories 1333 1600 MHz MHz 1600 not know if those have any significant contributions mhz on PC compared to those of 1333.
    Thank you in advance.

  15. Mr Cristian Cismaru will greatly appreciate the work that you submit to this wonderful site and sees IT as you love what you're doing. I learned a lot from you in 2010 when I found this site. I still remember I did not know at all how a PC, which has parts in it or how to install a Windows etc. I knew just turn your PC to stop it, to open net browser, click the back and forward arrows, the home and that's all. So the desire to know more about IT I found your site and I learned many things that frankly I did not have to someone else to learn even from the time of computer science and ICT at the school where I learn . Now I know to build my own PC and I did not like to be fooled by anyone if I want to buy me a PC from a supermarket or a store PCs in the past I kind of got fooled by a PC . Almost everything I know about IT before I learned from you, especially from Mr. Cristian Cismaru making some exceptional tutorials 100% where we all have to learn if you want. I'm still at the beginning and I still have much to learn in this area for which I dedicate a lot of time because I really like. I really appreciate what you do for us and our Mr. Cristian Cismaru are a model for me by what you do. I would like to have professor of computer science in high school, I think I would not get enough to listen and learn from you.

  16. What store in Bucharest has Nexus 7 2013 16 GB version? Urgent!

  17. Ionut Barna said

    Cristi, I congratulate you for the tutorial but I have a question:
    What are your main sources of information on the internet? When you want to know something more or you have questions about something…

  18. My respect for Cristian Cismaru

  19. Many thanks Cristi you did this tutorial. Just yesterday, if I'm not mistaken, I asked you to do it (the ruble comments). Thanks again beautiful and still appreciate what you do for us to teach us.
    You all respect from me.

  20. I like the tutorial and how you explained. As usual a well documented tutorial or guide.
    Cristi You promised to do in the future a tutorial on how to record streaming video sopcast anywhere ustreamtv or genre or flash streams or streams on VLC. But you have not done this tutorial.

  21. Cristi welcome
    what do you recommend between the processor chosen by you in this tutorial and this processor http://www.emag.ro/procesor-amd-a10-x4-5800k-3800mhz-socket-fm2-box-black-edition-ad580kwohjbox/pd/EYKPKBBBM/ ? The processors are the same price. What would be the strengths of one compared to the other etc.
    wait for response

  22. I bought my cam about a GTX 2 760 weeks ago, and am very pleased with an overclocked GTX beats and approaches GTX 670 770.

  23. I love your tutorials I are old fashioned. Trbuse to support my one and fix my computer. Rentier being 73 years of age. Other income I have, hopefully in Bitcoin, with whom I discussed my advise caution. Anyway expect from Visa Classic BCR token I received, and I have not decided what to order from ebay miner hardware. Until 16, September have time. $ 300 are rather few. Installment we courage.

  24. Congratulations Cristi!
    As I said a while ago, at the moment you are the best developer tutorials in the country, in my opinion. Your Tutoralele are extremely interesting and I hope to keep going.
    In the kitchen are as good?

  25. Hello and congratulations for all her work, videotutorial.ro is a site where you learn a lot, is very good and makes us dreaming of systems and technologies
    I've watched a lot of tutorials, I liked, just waiting to tell us that Lenovo laptop that you purchased as you do in gamming? We promised you and test ..
    Another question would be on Haswell HD 4400 it to be quite so competitive games? At medium details and resolutions reasonable most of the current games? And if the answer is YES, then I wonder how strong Hasewll i7 video chipset, called the Iris Graphics 5200?
    And would have many questions .. I will stop here but I do not monopolize the discussion.

  26. medicalscientist said

    My name dr.Christian Peter, and I want to ask you something, but private. It can?

  27. Cristi I have a big question to you, when you edit video and transcode what you prefer to do it with leptop computer or assuming they both have the same parts, same performance and same specs and zimi want your opinion and why.

  28. He and another thing, if and leptop and computer have the same specs and the same performance, with the best quality out of the result, I mean the editing and transcoding video?

  29. Currently you Administrator IT company providing services?

  30. Very nice tutorial, but expect a tutorial on how record video streams and online TV on VLC Flash (on sopcast know no record button above) etc.. and sites like Ustream and many more.

  31. We saw there that the motherboard supports 4 pad RAM. That would mean that supports quad channel. We help you? Increase performance in some way? Or is it just for overclocking?

  32. canteen: I saw there motherboard supports 4 pad RAM. That would mean that supports quad channel. We help you? Increase performance in some way? Or is it just for overclocking?

    If the motherboard has slots 4 not mean it is quad chanel. Supports dual channel. For quad chanel need to change the motherboard and processor. Chanel quad socket of the Ivy Bridge E 2011.

  33. Sal Cristi. I made two orders pcgarage and used your voucher code, that as a reward for what you do for us every day

  34. Great tutorial!
    Intel went on.
    However, AMD has come out all the books? He died?
    I'm very curious about parallels between past exploits Intel-AMD
    integrated video processors, discrete graphics, and prices
    same performance, or (and) the same money that performance provides
    Many beautiful!

  35. I have a question ptr Christ.
    SSD from Intel is not good?

  36. AMD is not dead, yet make very good tool and what it appear, I have a report / quality very good. The bad news is that AMD does not keep Intel when it comes to processing X86. What is AMD is reducing the manufacturing process, the integration of a new series of APU and discrete graphics cards it seems that outstrip the Intel integration RAM required video card directly into the APU.
    What is AMD's focus to other things that are good and they make good money: video cards AMD Radeon, ARM processors, yet they just removed the server, but not to exclude any mobile stuff, make processors for Xbox and PS4. Provides procesorare X86 and graphics solutions, M $ and Sony renouncing Poer G5 processors from IBM / Motorola.
    If you know the famous Adreno GPUs, ţapene the mobile market, today were originally designed by AMD, and then sold to Qualcomm in 2006. AMD still look good at some things, but keep up the processing part X86 with Intel.
    Alison V.: Excellent tutorial! Intel went on. However, AMD has come out all the books? Died? I'm very curious about parallels between past exploits Intel-AMD processors with integrated video, graphics separately, and the prices for the same performance, or (and) the same money that gives each performance. Many beautiful!

    • Well, it's a point of view.
      There's this site vroiam.Linia clară.Statisticile ranks first as use Windows, Intel, Android.
      Who wants this, this is the place for information, and who studied more thoroughly, you will probably get to do
      only differences between manufacturers.
      As for me, as consumers avoid captiv.De why I asked comparaţia.De ten years
      use AMD.N I chose, was to fie.Tutorialele Ass, almost convinced me to build my
      the three-century computer with Intel. Ezit.Acesta the reason pt.care wanted something enlightening here, however, given
      Site profile probably have to deal differently.
      As x86 which insist, I do not care, go x64 decided on.
      On the other hand, are not so advanced user to count somewhere amănuntele.O configuration
      at the bottom of pt.jocuri requirements, which do not use them at all, it would be ok.
      Maximum claims as pt.viteză internet, internet connectivity and maximum between various tools, monitor,
      and average requirements plus pt.grafică.
      Exactly graphics made me gănduri.Am read something superlative about integrated graphics from AMD.
      With that, and with a dedicated plate-attached after 2 3 years, thinking that books remain in your computer for
      ani.Nu suit me several books to maintain producers by buying their products annually.

      I noticed waves of Cylon Linux mouse.
      He attended one more detail?

  37. when it videotutorialul with 4 nexus? I want to buy one myself.

  38. Mutulescu Vlad Ovidiu said

    Hello! I would like a much more detailed explanation regarding the integrated chain! What is the difference between all the others? Why is Intel the best? What has in + and in - without rest!
    A description on all chipsets Haswell and differences between them!
    Thank you in advance!

  39. I would like to buy just the motherboard and processor. My Intrbearea between the graphics processor and video card that I have HIS ATI Radeon HD 5750 May I make to increase the power SLI video?
    Video card: http://www.emag.ro/placa-video-his-ati-radeon-hd-5750-1024mb-gddr5-128bit-full-hd1080p-hdmi-dvi-iceq-pci-e-h575qs1gd/pd/EQDN7BBBM/

  40. Michael Jiros said


    I'm surprised you didn't know that Turbo Boost technology appears starting with I5 processors, not at all with I3 processors. Otherwise, ok tutorial…

  41. I would like to update my video card and I don't know if it's worth 1200 RON on a gtx760 for the following system: proc quad core q6600. 4 gb copper. G31M-S2L motherboard. I would like some info, if the card is worth it, or in this money to take the video card and the motherboard or something else. I bought a 750 w source, I use the PC for games and movies. at the store I also asked for a plate of 5000 RON (I just asked to see what I say), dancers said it's ok :))… I'm not sure it would be ok for my system… .I don't know where to ask anymore … .I would not like to give 1200 RON on a plate and it will not be ok… please help me… Thank you

  42. I do not understand why search intel turbo boost to i3. have only i5 i7 and turbo boost. On-site intel are many mistakes we have seen with hyper threading i5 after their head.

  43. sal am and I need a good advice please, my pc is this http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfr...

    I want to change my motherboard for me because they think I should go as far 3 ssd.am bought ssd s and write speed is only mega 70 ..... and I wanted to know if it socketu enough for the processor to be like, there have to be and cipsetu trepuie??

  44. Hello! I recently purchased a new Intel-3 4130 i3,4 GHz Asrock h81 Pb, ddr corsair, kingston ssd 120gb etc. 7 I installed Windows and Ubuntu in dual boot 13.04 up here all well and good, but I felt some problems in ubuntu: mouse goes a little jerky (not always) my videos appear in green (I must mention that I installed codecs including updates to be in win 7 all goes muult better). rezolvaea I Googled these problems but are quite little troubleshooting this kind of processor. What do you think could be the problem?

  45. Hi, I can't help but notice that the beginning of this article starts like this "Hello friends, today we will set up a cheap system based on the new… ..", where I would like to emphasize the word "cheap", or I earn too little per month and a system of 2400 lei does not seem too cheap, or Cristi earns so much that the same amount seems like small money, in which case I want to congratulate him and I want to be like him. On the one hand, that system without that graphics card doesn't really look like gaming only with the processor card, but let's say it's not taken for gaming, but it's bought by a person who uses it for browsing and office and doesn't need the card. that graphics, the assumption that the system seems too expensive for such basic things. So it is placed somewhere between the 2 worlds, it is known that if you have a system based on Ivy bridge, switching to a Haswell configuration is not such a remarkable leap in performance, maybe just the thought of having a state of the art system can bring you a smile on his lips. However, I will not overlook the fact that the components chosen by Cristi are of the best quality, I especially notice that Seasonic source. Please look at this comment as a personal opinion to which I am entitled and not as a criticism. Keep it up with the good work you do and I will follow you with great interest. Good luck!

  46. 1. May we 50 Ron and take a i5 (superior)
    2. State Gb RAM 16 facebook and run movies :)))))) wtf??? if you get giga 8 3 start games at once :))
    3.ssd site is for outstanding performance to gamers. :)))) Started work on the hdd
    4.placa video is hard on the right, but not worth a chicken ala Amaritei besides the i3.

    When you make a configuration 2500 lei Gamer on six core AMD FX 6300, HD7870 videoRadeon board, motherboard Asus Sabertooth, Corsair Vengeance 8 Gb Ram, HDD 1T 7200, 64 3 sata mb, sirtec of 500 W.

  47. agree with Michael would have been more ok

  48. I would like to know if PRO87 Z4 ASRock Socket 1150-is better than that shown in the tutorial [H87 PRO4 ASRock Socket 1150]. Casing can buy a better than - [Housing Floston ATX Midi Tower without power, Black, Interros] if they have to have and cooling fan at a price of £ 200 maxim.Multumesc

  49. Hello.'m Asking Delta Chieftec source is not good or Sirtec? About the only Samsung SSD is the best? Most of the intel ssd is not good please some advice for ssd because the Corsair died suddenly after 2 years and I have no confidence in what I buy. Speaking of Samsung or be good but its there in Korea because here in Romania Aung bad ones.'m wrong with the Samsung tablet that 10.1G Note 2014 4 2 months after any display white point as external hdd Seagate HDD from Samsung which took laudatii of Emag as I put in usb and tested with HDTune 2erori calibration retry count so why be shy to buy for us in Romania do not get quality component A but B or C.

  50. Howdy !!! I would like to ask for your advice, my laptop is on the duke, I have an ASUS K50 AD, from 2010, but now in 2014 I had to take it to the Service, I got the CIP Video card from what I understood, it stuck and it was said that a maximum of 2 times if it can be glued + that I was not given much life on the laptop. The Service recommended me to focus on PCs due to the fact that they are much more stable and you can change the components on the PC more easily than on a Laptop. And now obviously I am looking for a PC, I can say that I would have a budget somewhere between 1.500 - 2.000 RON max. obviously do not include monitor-keyboard etc. So, I want you to give me some advice what would you recommend? I audited that the AMD platform is not as satisfactory as the one from INTEL, is it true ??? I have AMD on my laptop now and I can say that I am disappointed. so considering that we are in 2014, what recommendations can you make to me? I am waiting for your answer regarding my next choice, not to be stung and to be satisfied with the money invested. Respect !!!

    • Viman Viorel said

      Mr. Florin Here here a relatively inexpensive PC relative to performance-price-1) Intel Core i-3, 3,400MHz, 3 MB. = £ 475 2.) Motherboard-ASRok B85 M-HDS = 230 lei . 3.) Kingston SSD V300 2,5 inc. 120GB sata 3 = 280 lei. 4.)-Memory Kingmax DDR 4GB 16ooMHz 3 = 180 lei. 5) Video Card = Gigabyte GeForce GTX650 = 430 lei. 6.) Source Super Flower SF500K XP 12 550 W (modular) = 200 lei. 7) Case Segotep SG-GT 198 lei. Total = £ 1993. I wish you much success.!

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