Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change

Intel Optane 900P review The SSD that brings change About the SSD we talked about over time on On every occasion we tried to recommend SSDs for the operating system, because these devices are very fast and everything will move faster on an SSD. Intel Optane 900P review What's new in the world of SSDs. Over the years, by… [Read more...]

Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance

Msi GTX 1060 Armor 3GB review - peace and performance For a long time I was looking for a high-performance but most importantly quiet video card, which would help me occasionally in games but especially in video editing. Video cards are noisy The moment a video card starts rumbling, it's as if all the magic is wasted. Even when you want to enjoy the game, to hear… [Read more...]

Accessible computer performance and quiet

High-performance and quiet accessible computer There is little left and school is starting, and students need a new computer; Not that the old one wouldn't work, but a new one is better. In addition, the sponsor can endure and increase the budget and a video card. I thought of making a sufficiently efficient, quiet and accessible system, which can be used for school projects, but also… [Read more...]

Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

Troubleshooting games, replacing video drivers. A few months ago I had some problems with the Nvidia GTX860 video card on the Acer V Nitro laptop (VN7). When I was playing any game, the image and the mouse were locked for about 5 minutes, and an annoying hum was heard from the speakers. After taking it by elimination with all possible causes, I came to the conclusion that… [Read more...]

Acer BIOS update, black screen bug

The bios update is normally done when we have problems. If there are no problems on your laptop or motherboard, no bios update is required. In my case, I have problems when the Acer VN7 laptop comes out of standby and has a black screen; And for the image to appear, you have to press the touchpad or keyboard several times. A bios update can… [Read more...]

Installation M.2 SSD and SSD performance difference vs sshd

Probably by now everyone knows that SSDs are super fast and get along very well with the operating system, which makes it emit "smoke". Surely many of you have already bought your SSD and enjoy its speed and response time. Today you will see what an M.2 SSD looks like that mounts directly to the motherboard or laptops with M.2 slot… [Read more...]

PC gaming configuration at good price

PC gaming configuration at a good price Gaming is more current than ever and most of us want a system capable of running new games; Because nothing is more frustrating when the game doesn't want to run or runs jerky. Below we have gathered the best components on the market for a decent budget. At this price even I am surprised that I managed to… [Read more...]

Intel assembly AC 7265 best wi-fi network card

Intel AC 7265 mounting, the best wi-fi network card Who doesn't want a Wi-Fi connection as fast and stable as possible? That was the idea when I started to change the network card in my laptop; That it is unacceptable to have a better connection on the phone than on the laptop. My laptop, Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7) came with an Atheros network card. As it is known,… [Read more...]

Configuration PC performance with new Intel Skylake

Video tutorial - High-performance PC configuration with the new Intel Skylake Finally Intel managed to synchronize with the Tic-Tac cadence and came on the market with the new 6th generation Intel Core processors codenamed Skylake. In principle, the Tic-Tac cadence, on which Intel synchronizes production, is a production rate for processors, which respects to some extent… [Read more...]

Good computer configuration in office and gaming

Hello friends, today we will configure a good computer, at an affordable price, with a very good level of performance, able to cope with any computing task and in addition to move very fast. Lately I've been waiting and hoping that the latest generation of Intel processors, called Intel Broadwall, will hit the market and perform better than… [Read more...]