Transfer files between PCs at high speed

File transfer is a very important, especially today, when files are becoming increasingly larger. On this subject I did more tutorials, But today I will present the simplest and fastest method to transfer files from one PC to another, in the same location.
For this tutorial you do not need anything, not even an Internet connection, because the transfer is done locally by the router, switch or Cable crossover.
If you want to transfer files via the Internet at high speeds, watch tutorial SSFTA small application that enables direct transfer of files from one computer to another, the maximum speeds supported by Internet providers; If you have Gigabit, Transfer speed will be very good.

Transfer files between PCs at high speed

Why do we need?
1. Two PCs with Ethernet ports Gigabit
2. Router or switch Gigabit auto crossover.
3. Cables CAT5e or CAT6.
4. If you have no router or switch you can use a crossover cable
5. Windows on both PCs
As you can see above I emphasized the word GigabitBecause it is crucial for Gigabit connection speeds.
If you do the same thing in wireless, you get much lower speeds, maximum 50-60 MB / s.
How does it work?
Transfer to these speeds possible due to the built-in Windows file sharing, very good system especially convenient; Once set, forget it.
After taking the tutorial ritual password / homegroup / etc, you must add a folder to sharing, then the other PC will be able to download without problems.
If you want to be able to download and upload to the same folder, you need to go a little to the right, namely: right click on the folder / properties / sharing / sharing tab, and here next to the home group, changes from "Read" to "Read / writing ”or variants in English.

Video tutorial - Transfer files between PCs at very high speed

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  20. Thanks for the tutorial! Can you how proceed when a computer is Windows and other Windows 7 10? It's the same ? How do we proceed ? Thank you !

  21. Hello Cristi
    A tutorial on how we can go from Windows 10 Pro x32 to Windows 10 Pro x64, can you do? It kind of bothers me when I look at System Properties and see - 32 bit Operating System, x64 -based processor. The only thing that bothers me is that out of 4GB of RAM, I can only use 2.7GB. Ms, I'm waiting for an answer.

    • RZV If you know how to install a Windows 10 on 32bit, you get 64 bit version will follow the same steps (mod) installation and so you enjoy all memory when it appeared RAM.De Win 7 64 use only versions biti.Bafta.

  22. Chatting with laptop wireless and wired router. I do not find your homegroup settings even if I did. What is the problem ?

  23. Very good tutorial .. failed to fix for me. Unfortunately. whatever I do, I fail to associate the two laptops. The reason is that I do not see the option Association. Any ideas?

    • see if the abes pcs have "home group" on the internet if they don't change them manually, then follow the steps in the tutorial again, it worked for me

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    Very helpful and clearly explained.

  25. I have windows 10 Pro the last option. Microsoft has removed the Homegroup option. What can be done in this case?

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