Zedge thousands of ringtones and wallpapers free

Zedge is an application that provides access to the largest database in the world with ringtones, wallpapers, live wallpapers and notification sounds, the most beautiful is that all this is free.
If until yesterday in order to get a ringtone was a real adventure, now it seems that everything is just a click away on the phone.
If you make your own a ringtone MP3 is very simple, of course many of you will put the whole song as ringtone, but you should know that ringtones are loaded in RAM and is economical too.
Another advantage of the Zedge application is that you can find several versions of a ringtone, for example if you do a search with "Angry Birds" you will find several versions, of which you will surely find one to your liking.
Sure the net there are plenty of sites that offer ringtones to download but Zedge offers preview so you can listen to the ringtone before you download it.
For those who do not have phone Zedge provides a web interface that can be accessed from your PC, where you can download ringtones and wallpapers even if you have installed application on Android or iOS.
Download Zedge (Android and iOS)

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  1. Zedge use over 7 years, very good and free

    • liviu ilie said

      How do I delete a signal sms downloaded from Zedge? S list, disable and enable each other, but still they receive sms sounds that signal everything I

  2. Yes very good Zedge. Cristi please do a tutorial on TV and online in Romania Romanian channels etc.

    • FunkyYes very good Zedge. Cristi please do a tutorial on TV and online in Romania Romanian channels etc.

      You can try My Web TV is a great little program.

  3. Yes Zedge is great. I use it for some time. They have a lot for their site.

  4. Amphibian said

    What plugins Cristi using for this site?

  5. go on windows phone??

  6. The ones from Zedge have a wide range of ringtones, they have a lot of guta :))), more precisely about 150, and if I remember correctly I saw that in iTunes I also saw a lot of Guta's songs :))
    We live in a country full of manelists…

  7. yes it's good, I use the 4-5 years

  8. A tutorial about Plex Media Server-Center would be bad!

  9. Cristi welcome, as ever to buy a home around to a million and teas 50 ask you to do a tutorial and what parts to be and be and a monitor and have a system of jen 4 gigs ram, proccesor 3 , hardisck 320.500 18 gigs and monitor cam if you could do today and sal sal chicken tomorrow Cami urgent need

  10. interesting program I use since appeared: d give and you take and ringtones directly editing the tracks play. are a lot ediat applications for telefonu parts directly from Android.

  11. Cristi, the more you sony xperia u?


  1. […] Gets unexpected results. If you do not have enough wallpapers to edit, you can use the application that allows you to download wallpapers and ringtones for Android. Download BlurONE wallpaper app [app]

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