The cheapest tablet with Windows 8.1 full

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a product from Lenovo is a tablet with Windows 8.1 full (as a laptop) which cost only 1000 lei, a very low price for holdings tablet.
Such tablets have emerged recently on the market and are subsidized by Microsoft suspect that otherwise do not explain the extremely low price for 1000 lei barely manage to make a desktop to move well without monitor this course.
When they launched tablets Windows 8, the first who saw the light of day were versions RT, they were equipped with ARM processors, processors much simpler than processors x86 that we used on laptop or desktop that are much-more complex .
ARM processors are very good opereare simple systems such as Android or iOS, Windows is not found on ARM, not the usual applications were running and even autonomy was not great. It was a compromise that Microsoft had to make it at that time that he could come into play.
You might wonder: Why did not start out from tablets x86 processors (Intel or AMD)?
The answer is pretty obvious, was not the time. Technology x86 / x64 was not optimized for ultra portable devices, processors consume too much and overheat. Furthermore, no integrated graphics was not very good at that time. With the shrinking of the manufacturing process could do more, more transistors on a silicon chip, more power with less energy and intelligence, all at the same price.
Now Intel has strained muscles throwing fight family Bay Trail that can lupri certain plans SOC popular sites such as Snapdragon 800 or Exynos 5 octa, these are high-performance processor with a very low consumption and a graphics excellent. A tutorial see how smart is in the Atom z3740 in double-simultaneous streams running 4k one local on other youtube. Procesoarul laugh if these two files, which you know very well, it runs on any PC, tablet or mobile about no longer talk.
But not only is stellar processor, and graphics is contributing, with Quick Sync can push this little tablet screen pixels 16 30 million times per second, not impressive?
Wireless media tablet to me about this little thrown back, while phone and laptop achieve optimum Mbps 65, 150 Mbps tablet jab with a good signal everywhere, almost forget that you are connected wirelessly.
GPS is actually GNSS, that supports GPS satellites (door) and the GLONASS (Russian Federation), the location is very fast and accurate.
Today I gave a short preview in the coming days will bag Miix 2 8 Lenovo tablets to work, to see what he can do.
If you are interested in something, please write to me on the comments section and I'll cover next time.
Waiting questions, opinions and suggestions related to your tablet and beyond the comments box.

4k file in the tutorial:
The film Tears Of Steel (Download version 4k)

Tablet tutorial:

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 2 tablet with Intel® AtomTM Z3740 1.33GHz processor, 8 ″, 2GB DDR3, 64GB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Gray

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  1. Michael Petculescu said

    Hello Cristi. They are in a while in search of a tablet. You may also consider a model with a larger diagonal (from 9 inches and up), with specifications similar to Lenovo Miiix 2.
    If you could, you can make a video about how to connect your tablet to a larger screen and how to install Android, Linux (Ubuntu) on it.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. Daniel said

    I have a similar tablet (Toshiba Encore WT8-A-102), which has practically the same specifications. I am very satisfied with the tablet but I am interested in being able to use it as a GPS navigation system. Unfortunately I did not find an application for such a thing. I found an IGO program for Windows, but it does not "see" the gps module of the tablet, it is looking for gps mode on a com port. Please help me somehow in this problem. Thank you in advance!

    • Costide said

      Intreabare same one I myself: what application can be used for sailing to and talk? HERE Maps app and offline You can use only if you download maps before, but it shows you just the route.

  3. Robert Jumbo said

    I was not best Asus notes 8? The advantage of the stylus, better accuracy in desktop interface, better and more related stylus. I would opt for. asus for sketches and finished in Photoshop on the desktop.
    With regard 4k on youtube, my CPU, i3 530 not cope.
    Congratulations for tutorial and have part of it as much.
    PS I suppose the one to take and try to install ubuntu?

  4. Hello, congratulations for the tutorial, I would like to know if I connect a USB OTG cable you can connect any Windows compatible USB (USB sound card, network card usb stick, printer and so on)? Thank you!

  5. Marian said

    Hello, I have a few questions about the tablet:
    How long does the battery in normal use? And how to playback 4k you?
    Internal memory type is seen as EMMC. How fast is it? Approaching the least bit of an SSD?
    I look forward to these videos on this product, because my opinion is a BestBuy.

  6. FaqyaK said

    I have not watched much a tutorial with so much passion, nor have I noticed the last minute so fast the 19
    Probably if this tablet had a display of 1920/1080 pixels the processor loads much harder, but at 1280 x 800 resolution it has no problems even at 8k I say, probably Lenovo chose the lower resolution due to the price and the resolution the so-called "retina" consumes a lot of battery
    On this tablet at a display of 8 inch not really see the point Windows 8 Full (pro) as a tablet 8 inch will not stay like crazy to remove games utorent or what not crap, probably on a tablet 10-12 inch can, but only on a small display of inch 8 not really see the applications that they use desktop applications more useful see the Metro UI. I notice it has a WiFi chip that capture's very good.
    What we tutorials about this tablet? Well we want to see how it behaves applications in Metro UI that we use extensively from browsing to applications in developing Windows Store, side software on the desktop on the tablet not interested in dating that as a siplay of 8 we never sit inch apply to use the classic ones they prefer touch. We also want to see other operating systems on this tablet: for example Ubuntu, which is highly optimized for touch ok.
    I have in my account to buy a tablet with similar hardware 10-12 inch display and a resolution mandatory 1080p.

    • Glad you liked t presentation, I hope you like and review to follow.
      A resolution is not needed so much larger than the tablets.
      We still need to think that Windows is different scales.
      1080 must walk to compulsory dpi if you do not, not in desktop mode no icon Aim with your finger. All shortcuts and their text will be very small.

  7. George said

    Join the BIOS menu tablet?

    • And I'll show it next time. Until then if you have a tablet-like and want to enter the bios:
      1. Stops tablet
      2. Press the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously
      3. Choose from the menu screen or Tablet Setup Bios Setup.

  8. View Product said

    If I had to buy a tablet and have the necessary money, I don't think I would have thought about it, it's just worth buying. I would have almost everything I would want on a tablet… a windows operating system on x86 or x64 architecture. This says a lot about the range of third party applications that I could install later. I hope that in the future more and more such tablets will appear on x64 architecture.
    There are also some commercial things about this tablet, like for example, why would I want to run a 4k movie when the native resolution of the dispaly is 1280 × 800 and it doesn't even seem to have an hdmi or dvi port? But still that says some things about processing power in general. For example, when I watch a 4k clip on youtube, the processor reaches somewhere between 50-60% (i5 4430).
    I sit and think… would it be possible to run an adobe premiere pro cs6 on this device? if so, how would it behave? Finally… a 64-bit operating system would be required and anyway… it would not fit very well with the minimum requirements of this application (only 2 gb of ram are available at a frequency of 1066mhz), plus the dispaly would be too small . But so a curiosity… would it work a bit? 🙂
    Also, it can be sold without the preinstalled operating system office and not the other, but his lower the price :))
    Joking aside, I find something revolutionary tablet, even if the battery would be somewhat affected by this hardware configuration.

  9. Matthew said

    I have a load on i3 of 3%, 1,7 G ram consumption but… hdd 98/100%. I have to go on ssd necessarily. I don't give money on hard anymore

  10. Cristi are you serious ??? I can't believe what that processor can do, I also got my hands on this tablet in a store yes I didn't stop to see what it can do, it amazes me with 2 4k videos one and in flash which is not easy at all and does not exceed 30%, well what else is the same as my i5 4570 processor…

    • Intel Bay Trail is amazing family, you can do wonders with an extremely low. This helps the operating system, which is very well written. Windows is more advanced than other operating systems for ultraportables. If software developers and would give more diligence, we had a super solid platform. But we have no choice, do economic fundamentals rules of the game. It is easier to make applications for Android and iOS and earnings are better so obvious.
      Intel processors require operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS as putting them in value.
      On the same processor android would not impress too, that because of how it runs on android.

  11. Adrian said

    Very bum video. Even captivated me. I want to know if you can use this tablet a preferred wireless keyboard and mouse. Because this can be more easily used this tablet with two accessories. Thank you and, once again, congratulations to the video. I can not wait to see the next article and video.

  12. Peter M said

    I have this tablet from January and I am very happy with it. I bought it from the USA for $ 268. Only it has 32GB but I bought a 64GB memory card. There is a model that also has a SIM slot for internet connection. In my case I do not have such a thing and I use a mini USB OTG adapter at an angle of 90 gr. in which I introduce the 3G modem for which I waited almost four months to receive it from RDS. That way I have super internet anywhere. I also bought the case for this tablet which also has a stylus attached. There is also the 10 ″ version that has a cover with the keyboard attached.

  13. Cristi, there are some negative comments on this virtual keyboard to the tablet (insert crazy characters). Can you confirm or deny?
    Thank you very much.

  14. Andrew said

    Indeed a very good tablet as price performance, nothing to comment but you can say that can replace a laptop not a desktop.
    As regarding serious applications like Adobe Premiere, I say to be decent to her for that workstation is not tablet. I imagine I would rather Preheat the rendering and is not made for that.
    As she looks at Lenovo, I was disappointed. I saw two tablets which were broken in the first week. I mention that this model were not but were Android. But both were downloaded and death remained. It was probably a lot of problems but it removes another buyer for the brand such experiences.
    I would personally opt for 10 inch variant. I find it cramped desktop mode on 7-8 inch.
    Now I use an iPad and one ASUS Fonepad and I feel that the iPad is airy although not 16: 9 and video content does not constitute an advantage.
    4k? Why would I want to run 4k on a tablet. Brothers eye sees not believe that so many pixels in a way no magnifying glass screen. We are talking of a very cheap tablet and high resolution at a small screen are a fad. You must be a snob to use the resolution as a criterion.

    • Let's be realistic, 90% of users have no connection with heavy applications like Adobe Premiere.

      • Andrew said

        You are perfectly right. I referred to it only as mentioned above.
        Obviously you can not work any Premiere on 8 inch screen. Most working with two monitors with this program.

  15. Yes it is true. When the keyboard is set for Romanian problems. These occur when using the keyboard with numbers and special characters. E.g; ; sometimes appliances
    \ sometimes it appears â: sometimes it appears and sometimes it appears and there are others. There are also small problems with the use of the stylus. Although I have a special lenovo for this tablet, my opinion is that it does not respond as well as finger typing which I think works perfectly. As for the virtual keyboard, I also installed another virtual keyboard on which I have not noticed any problems so far.

  16. silviu said

    Hello Cristi! Compared with the plethora of existing applications for Android, you choose all the Lenovo detriment of Nexus7 2013? Strictly this I mean that we can compare performance .. thanks!

    • I would choose a Windows tablet. This is no longer about applications. I don't think anyone thinks "How many applications are on the desktop".
      On Windows you can simply do more.
      My wife and my daughter would definitely choose Android or iOS tablets.
      Whichever it is your priority, entertainment, work or both.

  17. Hi, I want to buy a tablet for my son 8ani. Tablet running games and be good and 3G. Please recommendation, thank you.

    • For the child I'd recommend a tablet with Windows. It's too much for them, get bored quickly and throwing a tablet if you can not find joculetele.
      Choose a tablet with Android or iOS. Operating systems are simple, easy to understand.
      I did a few days ago a guide to getting the tablet, I made some recommendations there.

  18. Hello and thanks for Cristi. series of tutorials about acquisitions. I want to know if you can replace a desktop total, that if it goes to connect keyboard, mouse and hdmi cable pt. television. I saw you go really connected but coupled NAS and an external hard drive?
    Test and JDownloader or photoshop please tell us how to handle it.

    • Can replace a desktop without any problems as long as you do not want running some heavy software, software as Adobe Photoshop full, Adobe Premiere Pro, Auto Cad, etc. software that actually does not even run on any desktop. Requirements for those software are quite high. Besides, diagonal ecrenului not very helpful with advanced editing, and if you get on TV, the colors will give you trouble if you colorist and work in Photoshop or Premiere.
      The rest can run any software that we used on Windows XP, Vista or 7, in addition can generate / edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint accurately and quickly, so that we do very hard on iOS or Android .

  19. Cristi hello! a tutorial last say as to show us how to make some of android applications to freeze, not to start elsewhere and keep us occupied RAM vain. thanks

  20. I want a tutorial on a cheap tablet and be ok with android operating system (like price 500 700 roni) be overridden price

    • Type in the search box at the top right "Hardware guide, tablet purchase, spring 2014" and you will find a tutorial made by Cristi a few weeks ago that could help you. Besides the tablet recommendations made in that tutorial, I would recommend Asus / Google Nexus 7 2012 that fits your budget. And it's a pretty good tablet, especially since you receive system updates from google + very quickly, because you also have a lot of support on xda.

  21. Hello. Back with another question. On this tablet can install the software and you have a desktop or a laptop? For example. 7 Photoshop, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Acrobat and, why not, a QuarkXpress 7?

  22. If you watched the tutorial, you noticed that in the first 30 seconds Cristi said "any application you know from the desktop can be run on this tablet". Excuse my arrogance, but I couldn't help myself
    As photoshop and other cumbersome sof sites I do not think they run in optimal conditions because hardly hardware configuration allows. But otherwise you can install any application you can think of. You can install and photoshop not get me wrong but I do not know how well you run

  23. Able toy. Alex likes it :))
    Cristi that everything you said you want to test applications. How about some capture software such as Camtasia Studio or CamStudio. I know go but nice test.
    PS: Clock comments is one hour behind.

    • Thanks for telling me to watch, I resolved.
      When this is the tablet in tests and in a few days I'll make a tutorial that will tell you everything there is to say.
      I need time to get used to it and find his weaknesses. At first glance, everything looks ok in the early days but problems begin to appear later revealed. Luckily I have not found too many problems.
      Tomorrow we have another subject, a small wireless router, inexpensive and capable that can play the role of access point, repeater, WDS, etc..

  24. Andrew said

    I'd like to do, if you can and have time, a tutorial on how to make a homegroup between a Windows PC and the tablet 7 8.1 win. Also I'm curious how you copy something on tablet pc via data cable. I tried with mine and I do not appear at all in My Computer. Instead I charge the battery by connecting to your PC. Thanks

  25. ciobanu said

    Hello, I have a Asked Question, you can put Windows on a tablet eboda r 8.1 70 android system?. if yes then please do a tutorial. Thank you very much!

    • You can not put windows 8.1 on the tablet. That tablet does not have any pebtru support android but bribes for Windows, and it's the hardware and the Windows license.

  26. dacian said

    how much storage space is available tablet?

  27. George said

    Hello! I saw a tablet Toshiba FAME Encore, the same price as the Lenovo and quite similar specifications. Which of these do you think is better? Toshiba or Lenovo? Which one do you recommend?

    • As performance is about the same. Depends on your preferences, can you leaning toward a brand or another.
      I can tell you now that I know, I choose Lenovo tegnologia facial recognition to login. It is extremely comfortable and safer than other similar technologies.

  28. Hello and thank you very useful videotutorialele may be future video tutorial about Smart TV LG 575S. Installation applications, optimization, viewing serialeonline, installation flesh player

  29. Darius said
  30. Aikidoady said

    You can purchase the tablet pen?

  31. I would like very much to have such Microsoft Office works on this tablet.
    Any store that sells tablets with Windows Office installed is not enabled on any tablet software.
    That makes me think that the operation's Office on Windows tablets are not a strong point.

    • The Office works just like a desktop just like you use your mouse instead of your finger, depending on how big your fingers it will be easier or harder to use. Sure will be a demonstration in the next tutorial Cristi on this tablet.

  32. Hi Cristi, I was happy to watch the tutorial about the tablet… Congratulations!
    I have three suggestions if I may:
    1. Apply and / or run games on this tablet PC
    2. A tutorial on the new Samsung tablet appeared on eMag (the quad-core octa)
    3. (If 2 is possible) -> how to connect from an Android tablet to a PC like a Lenovo tablet with windows 8.
    Thank you very much!

  33. Hello.
    Office returns with the tablet.
    It is important as doing the tablet if you open, for example, a. Xlsx bulky and do complex filtering. How long to display the result, if it locks, etc..
    Another interesting topic is the battery. How many hours can you work without recharging.
    Another question: You can connect a USB microscope this tablet?
    Thanks a lot.

  34. Bogdan said

    Hi, I have a question, you can install and android on this tablet?

  35. Sal Cristi! REQUEST: where you say you found it on 1000 lei as the cheapest is at Altex with 1100?
    In other news, should be able to use any internet stick (even if it is outside, ie Italy), even if it's prepaid, no? It should be installed on any Windows, I think.
    Thank you in advance.

  36. If I bought an android tablet 4.2 and now I see that it appeared 4.4 can update? or may possibly clean install android 4.4?

    • If you have received a notification that the tablet must update your system does not see why not do it as long as the update is OTA (Over The Air) ie Wi-Fi. Where have you seen exactly as appeared update.

  37. marius512 said

    You made some time ago some tutorials about MK-908 mini PC which has now reached $ 50. There I saw that you could control the device with a airmouse. Here you see that the tablet can use a mini HDMI to HDMI for. what you see on the tablet can be seen on TV.
    Q: It is possible to control the tablet connected to the TV cable using a airmouse? .

  38. marius512 said

    A, and have a request, please do one of the top free apps on Android Market that you used and did not disappoint.

  39. mihai ionescu said

    I bought myself such a tablet (Lenovo miix 2.8) and I set it f, f, hard (I only used XP so far).
    I do not know how to use Skype current account (make me do another account) Can anyone help me ..
    It would be useful such tutorial's default settings of Windows 8.
    Thanks for understanding.

    • There are a lot of tutorials about windows 8 on the site. If you type "windows 8" in the search box at the top right and access the first result, you will find a list of all the tutorials that have been done on this topic. As for your problem with skype, give more details. What error appears to you exactly, under what conditions, etc.

      • mihai ionescu said

        Thanks for the promptness of your answer. I've already started to "study" (as you said, the video tutorials with win 8)
        Now details about skype: an older account um we corresponded and I email very well and in XP. By buying this tablet year wanted to connect to skype on my account and can not tell me to make a new account (which is what I did and it works). I would like to be able to folosec old account on this tablet having many friends you have to call them every single one.
        I hope to be explicit this time… Thank you, anyway, for the solidarity shown

  40. maxxxymus said

    Hello, I want to know if buleste OS reinstall win8 how can this tablet? Ms!

  41. I bought myself lenovo Miix 2 8, and do not open any application from Microsoft called it facut.Ce store.Contul can do?

    • try to reboot the tablet by holding down the power button for 6 seconds or more and try again to install programs

  42. Hello,
    I purchased this tablet to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse on Amazon. I pair them with tablets and they were all well and good until you restart the tablet when I found the following: mouse automatically connects the keyboard does not have to make them pair every time you turn the tablet. Can you help me somehow? Does not allow simultaneous tablet two bluetooth connections, one for mouse and one for keyboard? Is it faulty keyboard? Thanks

  43. Hello Cristi,
    I'd like to ask if you can install Googole Earth desktop version on this tablet. And if so, how do tablet running this program.
    Thank you!

  44. Constantin said

    Meanwhile, the price has increased (not only where not only find the 1200 resealed by Lei
    It would be interesting as it moves with video capture software (Camtasia) and VMWare or VirtualBox
    If I put a keyboard going to use Microsoft Office, do not know if you can (ask) to simultaneously use a mouse and a keyboard to the tablet with a USB splitter or otherwise. (Text editing would be easier)
    4k video content on an HD screen the size of 8 inch (1280 x 800 in this case) do not think it sees differently than HD content on the same screen

    29/09/2014 ; 00:42

  45. processor desktop with these specifications there? would like to buy a system apart and I was surprised by the Intel Atom.

  46. Hello!!! I have an Allview H8 + tablet and I want to switch to windows 8.1 .. Please give me some advice… Thank you !!!

  47. marius parvu said

    Hello Cristi,
    Very interesting tablet, only it is no longer on emag or the one, unfortunately… can you recommend something similar to me at the moment? Thank you very much, have a good day!


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