Replacing the modem provider with a faster router - ONT bridge profile

Replacing the modem provider with a faster router

Replacing the modem provider with a faster router.

Routers from your service provider.

We must recognize that the routers that the internet service provider, TV, telephone, etc. are not of the highest quality. Replacing the modem provider with a faster router.
Wireless is extremely weak and we do not have such services on the routers: VPN, SAMBA, FTP, Media Server, etc.

If we want to connect our router to the provider's router…

In the event that we want to connect our router to the one provided by the provider, we will receive a private IP, not the public IP that we need to access the remote router in order to use the functional services on it.
At the same time, all sorts of network conflicts may occur, much easier if they would occur when using a single router.

The goal is to use our router.

When you try to connect your router to your router, you can choose two ways. Router mode and AP mode.
1. Router mode Is limited because you do not have public IP
2. AP Mode Is extremely limited because it cancels most of the features in our router
The only solution is to "jump" over the router of the service provider.

1. Back up the settings on both devices.
2. You will not grab the job without understanding what I do in the tutorial.
3. If you have not fully understood the tutorial and you have little experience with the router, you will not get the job done.
4. Wrong application of the tutorial can leave you without a connection to the net.

How do I cancel the router from my service provider?

These routers have WAN profiles. Normally the router has the profile fixed "Route".
We will make a new type profile "Bridge", Which will force the service provider's router to forward the link without authenticating in any way.
The authentication will now be done in our router, after which we will receive the public IP address.

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Replacing the Modem Provider with a Faster Router - Video Tutorial

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  1. Cristian said

    I do not go to log in with username: telecomadmin and password: admintelecom.

  2. augustin said

    Hello, on the fixed telekom network go?

  3. Hi Cristi and thanks for the tutorial. You can help me as I enter my "modem" from RDS which is a Huawei EchoLife HG 865 that I did not find. Thank you

  4. Adrian Marin said

    Howdy. Very interesting thing, but for a good period of time I went DDNS and without walking in the router of the provider. At the moment the router is in modem mode and for some time my ddns service is gone. I will try your variant on the UPC router. Come back with the results

  5. Very interesting tutorial. I would like a tutorial, if possible, with the Huawei router settings (for those who have only the Huawei router)

  6. It's a media converter (electric light pulse) and not a modem.

  7. Hello Cristes on an Orange Router How Can I Set Up I Have a Modem And When I Connect It With Another Router I Can not Set That Net on Router 2 I mean the one that connects it to orange I have net on it

  8. Gratian said

    That's exactly what I wanted, I have exactly the two routers, the problem is that I don't have access to all the menus and exactly what I should, I don't have access… Do you have an idea how I could prescribe the ONT on the administrator, to have access to settings? Is it possible for RDS to customize it? I have only one user called "user" and the standard one does not work.

    • cipry79 said

      Rds does not give users full rights of those converters, port no. 4 is not set to give the internet, just to debug as administrator at its settings.

  9. Razvan S. said

    For RDS with ONT fiber can you directly replace a Mikrotik Hap AC with SPF cage directly on the fiber? And with what settings? Thank you

    • I know you can't replace ont with your fiber input router. because ont is paired with OLT rds. how is the adapter paired with that card that is inserted in the TV for decoding extra basic stations. I'm on the old rds network (adik I don't have fiber in the house. I have ftp from their box to the router) but when they want to make the change on ont I will refuse. I better switch to telekom at least I see the area as the bridge option. after the bridge I can handle myself. I don't need their cheap tools with change software from "expert programmers" rds. they had better leave them as they were from the producer. la huawei ma refer. that the rest are too panoramic.

  10. Manastireanu said

    Hello Cristi.
    I've been looking for such a tutorial for a long time, I've enjoyed it, but unfortunately I can not do any of the settings you've made. Tin to say that I live in Germany, I took my Asus router after you introduced it, but I can not connect it to the modem.
    The modem connects to the net through the TV socket, I can not connect to the net via the LAN jack

    I do not know how to configure the Asus Router

    What can I do in this case?

    • Salamalichi Silviu said

      To connect to the internet on a coaxial cable, there is a modem or a router that connects to your LAN provider and you can install the router and make the necessary settings.

  11. Bridge down the speed to the net make the speed test before and after the bridge

  12. hello I have a question… .I received a router from providr and I want to replace it with another one that better captures the signal from the provider ..I saw many routers with built-in sim card slot…
    my question is… if they have another router from the trade that better captures the internet signal from the company my internet works or that sim card from the obligatory providr is paired with the settings and the router given from them?

    What is the difference between the router and the card from one router to another?

  13. Good tutorials, congratulations, what to add to RDS, blue modems with integrated wi-fi you can not make a bridge from the sins, just the ones without wi-fi, the ones without wi-fi are just a modem There are no routers. Bafta still!

  14. Super hard tutorial… I was thinking of changing the Telekom router to fiber but I couldn't find a router with fiber optic input…
    Today I will make the settings to use my router.
    Pixy! You are the best!

  15. Hello,

    For the HG8245H model from RDS it does not work with the telecomadmin user.
    Do you have any idea what the data is in admin mode ?!

    Thank you.

  16. Hello Cristi! I also have a big dilemma. I want to buy a router that is strong enough to cover 2 62 9 camera and have a usb to connect a hdd to it and why not a printer. What do you advise me to choose between the TP-Link Archer C66 resized or the new RT-ACXNUMXU? Or if you have another recommendation to fit into this budget. Thank you in advance!

  17. I can't create a new profile in the wan…. I have a Huawei HG8245H. rds sucks now!

  18. Manastireanu said

    Hello Cristi,
    Why can not I change my WAN? There is no option of just some data

    Router »Basic» WAN Settings

    MAC Address: 00:00:00:00:00
    IPv4 Address:
    IPv4 Default Gateway:
    IPv4 Lease Time: D: 0 H: 1 M: 30 S: 0
    IPv4 Lease Expires: Fri Aug 11 20: 19: 29 2017
    IPv4 DNS Servers:

    Only this data appears to me and I can not connect my ASUS Router.
    Can I do something about it ???

  19. Hello!
    I would like to know how I can connect other 3 routers from the router of the provider. Until now, we have connected cable ropes to the 3 router to the LAN ports on the other three routers, we used the wan ports to use what each wired, wireless or wireless connection wants. The problem is that the internet does not go anywhere soon and then drops off. The settings of other routers than the rude router are, dhcp enabled, the 192.168.X.1 addresses of each router are all different and the address of the router is the main router. Do you have any idea where I'm wrong? Thank you in advance

    • Nicu Bordânc said

      You can not connect those 3 routers in Bridge mode to their equipment, just by default, that is, on those routers to choose a dynamic IP connection (at least I was able to connect other routers).
      The Internet goes a little because the connection to the system is automatically interrupted if more than one MAC is connected to the same user (this information I also read on some sites, so I'm not sure, that is, I have not faced this situation yet).

  20. I can use the provider's ONT and you can connect to multiple LAN ports if you have a multi-LAN ONT. You can have services if you mount a server on the ONT.
    Does DDNS go from the Server or just from the Router?

  21. cristi said

    hi crist i have a router model and at the same time it has the role of modem from rds not me. the new creation key appears neither wan nor in lan, as I can. put my router like. to pot. high speed through wireles for approx. the router from. rds is very. dumbass . help me please. from the soul I am desperate….

  22. Nicu Bordânc said

    Hey, who you NTO sites RDS, you must call her to you-you go system in Bridge because you can not make those settings interface ONT's, you see God in those settings have access only those from their technical support.
    Once you pass the ONT in Bridge mode, you can set those data (user / password) in the personal router interface.
    If I tell you they have set their devices in Bridge and your router's connection is not done, call them up, or tell them to send test teams.
    They sent me three teams, and in the end the problem was solved, because one of them called “enlightened minds” came into their equipment, and they solved the problem they should have solved from my first request.

  23. master, you're big, I lost 9 hours without a chance… now that I've seen very clearly what and how I come up with a question…. I bought a router (linksys xac 1900) but I couldn't connect it (dubai-etisalat) modem being also a huawei only as more "rudimentary" but they seem the same settings…. I gave the router back, the seller knew exactly that I will not be able to connect it so it was not the problem. Now that I saw the miracle I think I can I only buy it again at a ridiculous price (50 usd) it was initially 450usd… ..with what question do I come and what requests do I have… can you tell me if the respective router is connected following the steps described by you… .thousands of thanks for the effort to post the video, thank you very much, with respect [email protected]

  24. Ianis Adi said

    Use the tutorial. Thank you.

  25. The tutorial is very useful, but these configurations are not available at EchoLife HG8247H GPON, Hardware Version: 4B4.B. I have such a model (Internet Box 1000) being an Orange customer and I wanted to apply those indicated in the tutorial. Unfortunately, I can not make the mentioned settings. Is this model different from the video tutorial?

    • The same type of EchoLife HG8247 H from Telekom, on optical fiber, without the ability to edit WAN without user and password.
      Is it possible to replace this modem from Telekom with another configurable? I need VPN on the modem.
      Thank you

  26. Hello. Who can help me with the configuration of the router or what settings should be made to connect 2 laptops that have the wifi connection already made, at the same time on the same server, the same game (eg CSGO). Once one of them enters the server .. the other does not want it anymore. Router IP is dynamic. It's a problem that I have little understood ... something like you can not be 2 or in the same place.

  27. Hi, I bother asking if I have a modem (it gets an optical cable and a net cable change) it can permanently replace the modem-router installed by telecom so more explicit, I have a modem and a separate router, can adapt to the network? .

  28. On Rds I pulled the cable from the router received directly into my router and I gave it dynamic IP and I kept my internal network configured as before including another router that is set extender. It looks like it's better than straight. The question is, is there a higher speed than the way I connected it? The router received is Fiberhome

  29. Unfortunately this tutorial cannot be applied to the Internet Box 1000, which is also a Huawei 8247, but in the wan settings it does not display anything. I also documented myself from this article and I got a little clear.
    This is how this router is presented
    Device Type: HG8247H
    Description: EchoLife HG8247H GPON Terminal (CLASS B + / PRODUCT ID: 2150082860EGJ6000301 / CHIP: 00030020121030)
    SN: 48575443DD5E2A9C (HWTCDD5E2A9C)
    Hardware Version: 4B4.B
    Software Version: V3R017C10S135
    Manufacture Info: NOTHING
    ONT Registration Status: O5 (Operation state)
    CPU Usage: 9%
    Memory Usage: 68%
    Custom Info: GOLD
    System Time: 2019-09-27 18:22:05+02:00 DST
    If this is confirmed in the article, does it mean that there is no way to apply the ones presented in the video tutorial?

  30. Popescu Calin said

    You can help us with a tutorial for ZTE F618 - the menu is totally different

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