Connecting to a WiFi router without password

In this tutorial is exemplified the simplest method of connecting to a secure wifi router without login password. It's so simple ...

Lost Password WiFi network!
This is a classic example: you installed the router for several years and simply forgot password wireless connection. 1. You can reset the router, but you're not so good at networking, to put him on his feet after reset.
2. Call a craftsman who will charge you (because you forgot your password).
3. Connect to your router without a password. How?

How do we connect the router without your password?
It is very simple; Every router has the WPS function, which allows us to mate router phone, tablet, laptop, etc., in a very simple way. Simply press the button on the router and click option in your phone.

Phone settings to connect without password!

Settings / wifi / menu (three points right corner, or phone's menu button) / Advanced / WPS button

iPhone / iPad:
Sorry, IOS does not have this option

Windows 10:
Choose from the list of network router network, connecting press pause dialogue will ask the password - now press the WPS button on the router and the connection is created automatically.

WPS's and mother-and plague!
WPS technology can be used but normal and abnormal; I mean that on some routers you can connect remotely via a vulnerability. Perhaps now most manufacturers have stopped this problem. However if you want to try your luck on networks cronies:

How to crack WPA wireless password, or WEP with BackTrack WPA2

At the opposite:
Maximum security with Wi-Fi aka Radius server. WPA Enterprise

WiFi security best:
Best for maximum security settings Wireless network

Video Tutorial - Connecting to a WiFi router without password

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  1. well then. anyone can connect to our routers so. eg a friend's mother sister to me and make the connection WPS. not? and if so how can we avoid to connect those who have access to the router? and this connection is as secure as the password? I mean traffic etc. I know this function gives nam tested or entered so

    • Viorel Dobrin said

      Wow !!!

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Already done tutorial about it, you quickly forget you also have commented on tutorial on how to disable WPS router.
      You log into the router interface and disable the WPS function. He talked about WPS and tutorials with breaking a WiFi network. Calan quickly look (with French accent)

    • axelluny said

      That's the problem that can not connect anyone for whom you but you're going to push that button pairing devices on the router.

  2. nick5roo said

    You were hard at play: "iPhone / iPad:
    Sorry, IOS does not have this option "

  3. Gheorghe Popescu said

    You can reset the router in physical button, and water will become active ...

  4. marian said

    in tutorial sucks :)))

  5. neludana2000 said

    Marian .... all with ,, m "so small that you see as past: So, what you do not like it, do not characterize, especially tu.Mie how do I catch a good thing, for now vre- a two happened to me, yes, and I have paid ,, beading "......... If you know other tricks better than crap ,," posting them, I applaud you.

  6. capitanoiu said

    I have a wawei router without buttons ...

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