Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server
Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server

What does VPN mean?
VPN comes from "Virtual Private Network", meaning a virtual private network - a connection that can securely connect two give more computers securely.
More specifically, the VPN makes a secure tunnel between two or more computers connected to the Internet.

What does VPN use?
With VPN connections, two company subsidiaries or more schools can connect remotely.
With VPN, you can secure your connection when you are on a public or insecure WI-FI.

How does VPN work?

As in many other protocols, we have a SERVER - CLIENT type system.
The server does the hard work, because it has to keep track of users, manage connections - instead the client only has to connect when it needs to.
The client just needs to know the log-in data and follow the protocol, the rest of the server deals with it.

Where do I get a VPN server router?

I recommend Asus routers - I have had a router for several years ASUS RT-AC56U Which I am very pleased with. Now that's not the case, but there are many models you have what you choose.

What do the Asus routers have?

Currently the manufacturer is with The best routers on the market. Asus routers are also blasted with functions that are more useful.

ASUS Routers with SERVER VPN.

Asus RT-AC51U

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Why is VPN important to us?

Because we are increasingly relying on digitized data, it is good to consider data security as well.
Our data flies through the air in the form of radio waves, and if they are not well encrypted we can have problems.

Tutorials about data interception

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As you can see passwords, pictures and pages to others - affected online stores

Information is not a joke.

It is extremely important to make sure that at all times our connections are as safe as possible and that we are not a safe victim of hackers who generally attack vulnerable connections.

Video Tutorial - Android VPN Settings with Asus Router VPN Server

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  1. Ecards for the tutorial. I use a router asus rt ac66u i am pleased with it but i noticed soon when i put a stikck usb heats up pretty hard the stick i quit with two and so i warm i want to ask is ok or i'm wrong with something i?

  2. Hello Cristi,

    The same router model I have and is connected to a Digi (Epon) modem (dynamic IP) modem.
    How can I make DDNS work, especially that offered by Asus? If I make a severe on this router I can not always connect because the IP is changing. In the past when we had the net from AKTA it worked smoothly, but ASUS handled the PPPoE connection and did not go through another modem like in the present case.

    Thank you!

  3. Bogdan said

    Who wants to work with VNC? S program to add to SKYPE: Maryan Bogdan (I have a picture of a black and black car from Drobeta-Turnu-Severin) .VPN To spy PC from a distance.

    Thank you very much.

  4. That's for static ips, for dynamic ips the job is changing.

  5. Hello Cristi! Please answer my question. I use ipvanish vpn on my phone and I use internet banking to pay bills, money transfer, etc. It is possible that ipvanish developers intercept their data from banking and do what they want With them - that is, to say no more money in your account?

  6. Adi rotaru said

    On tp link can not?

  7. Hello Cristi
    I live in Denmark if I use the VPN server on the Asus RT Ac 5300 router in Romania to watch movies in DK can traffic be monitored by the Danish developer? Is there a data volume restriction on the VPN server? Thank you

  8. Why IOS does not work?

  9. Hello
    In the ss-iptv application that I use on smart TV (to see digital channels) can I just set the proxy (ip + port) how can I configure it on a modem?

  10. Are you using the new youtube interface?

  11. augustin said

    Does not telekom go? On modem HG655b.

  12. Hello Cristi.
    If I have Internet from UPC and I did not connect the router directly to the Internet, am behind a modem that assigned me an internal ip, how do I access the VPN server outside of my network?
    Thank you.

    • Today I will be doing a tutorial on connecting a router to the modem. The modem will only remain as a relay, because authentication will be done in the router.

      • Hello, I have a question, can you turn an Android phone into a game server VPN or Proxy using mobile data as the source for internet server assigned IP on your mobile and get connected to your computer or other mobile the game in to allocate the IP identity of the server phone. Thank you.

  13. Ungureanu said

    Hello, I have this router
    And this printer
    How can i connect it to the router and use it for wifi, for example, to let them take the printer from my phone via wifi or laptop, do not have to keep it connected to my laptop

  14. How do I get into settings. Thank you.

  15. Baloozzy said

    Merci fain!
    I have this router on your recommendation at that time. We really needed this VPN feature for financial stuff, but also for an IP camera and an alarm system.

  16. Cristi, I configured it after the tutorial presented, I plugged into the house on the phone and went great.
    Today, being in the city, I tried to connect from the same phone to my home router and did not go. Connection error.
    What is the reason? Thank you.

    • You have to do port forwarding if you are after a modem.
      If your home goes and another network does not work, even after you have made port forwarding, it means you have ports locked by your service provider.

  17. Are not you around here?

  18. Would you please tell me how I could make a VPN connection with Open VPN on iOS? Or a VPN tutorial for iOS! Thank you!

  19. One question, I have a gigabit connection from RDS with an Asus router. I made the VPN server, the problem was with port forwarding, I had to make the setting from the Open VPN Server did not go from PPTP VPN. Everything works just fine as the connection to the router becomes 100Mbs. When I Defect VPN Server Goes To 1000Mbs.E Normal?

    Thank you!

  20. mosu67 said

    Hello bought a router asus ac 68u gigabyt are f satisfied with it 2,4 and 5 ghz go super but I have a problem with the vpn network. I made a sp vpn network exactly as in the tutorial, i can connect to the vpn network and with pc and home phone BUT CAN NOT BE IN OTHER POSSIBILITIES !!! I tried via wifi network at home from many friends and can not connect to my home at the router which would be the explanation thank you beautifully (I would be happy with a more normal explanation not in technical terms thank you nicely)

  21. Hello! I set up an openVPN server at home that I connect to from the service. Can I use uterus without being intercepted by those at work? How safe is it? Thanks.

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