Developer Options menu in Android secret

Developer Options and Option Developer is a secret menu on Android can awaken to life by pressing consecutive of 5 times "build number" that there is a menu "About Phone" or "About phone" option in your phone your Android.
Developer or Developer Options Options in English, are options that developers use while developing applications or modify certain things by Android. But not only developers may find these features useful. Even regular users can benefit from various features and enhancements, using some settings.
In this tutorial we explained most settings in the Options Developer. However you must know that every phone is different, and sometimes we find more or fewer Developer settings in the Options menu. It depends on each manufacturer or developer of ROM, if Developer Options menu is brief or bushy.
By far the most useful settings Developer Options menu animations are related. As I have explained on several occasions, modification time and amplitude transition animations phone offers a much better speed, and that does not affect energy consumption, on the contrary.
If your phone are new options that are not in my phone, please can the Comments Box.
Developer Options menu How do we stop?
On some phones it is enough to get in and close the Developer Options menu button and the menu will disappear.
On most phones do not work and have to go one step further.
How hide Developer Options menu?
1. Enter Developer Options, disable the top right menu.
2. Enter the phone settings to "Applications" and there take the tab "All"
3. In the application "Settings" or "Settings", clear the cache and Developer Options will disappear.
Developer Options When stopped automatically will reset all the settings you made in the menu.

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  1. Flavius said

    Pff all this NEBU started when I gave updates for lollipop. Then I said to return to KitKat. I do not know which version should, I searched and found that necessarily needs to be romania. All good just installed an old (or different: and4) but was csc'ul in Romanian. Then I chose to install the version of Anc1 but was Italy; of course I realized that I have not installed the correct firmware for the rest of Odin phone is lit in Italian (or Romanian language was not installed in it). Then inquiring me better than I learned the correct firmware Romans (anj3 with ani1 romania). Believing that lastly I managed to give him head, surprise! : My phone is with Hungarian (scs HUX site; even have Romanian language installed). But still rubs me the whole time that song when I "circuit" that to give me the phone upside down, and you say this, for I had a problem with be updated. I think the mistake I did and mouth when I set this goal and recommended firmware right for you, but I checked the CCS AP not to instaleze..oare what I did, good or bad :))?
    The phone now goes ok; everything is original in him as factory / official. But I do not know why CSC is not in romania as it was when I purchased even in the country at the average galaxy and do not know why that messed everything I did was right ... Maybe I'm in firmware wrong when I put on the language then all the italiana..dar of Hungary !!! I do not understand where and how: / ...
    What did I do wrong and how to change csc on rum?

    • I do not really understand what bothers you a csc different from the one you had when you first started your phone it works properly and does not face any problem. Also do not understand why you have selected CSC in Odin and not as long as in both AP tutorials on returning to the stock ROM on Samsung device on this website when illustrating the selected AP (or PDA for older versions)

      • Flavius said

        As annoying me at one point and I thought it change anything .. The question is why did it take to change CSC's? .. I am very curious and I like to know that everything is in order at least to the phone :) ) and if they get the service and the people there will see csc'ul ROM HEX and clearly not refuse me ...

        • I honestly do not know exactly what could lead to a change csc's, but as I said above as long as you use CCS option in Odin and not to flash AP-ui rom this could be the cause . CCS option is used if you got a package of CSC's on-uiesti to flash it like this: (WARNING! Those packages are S4 Galaxy GT-I9505. I put your link just to see what I mean. Do not try to GT-I9515) To flash a ROM-ui stock option is selected in Odin AP. I suggest you arm yourself with patience and May flash ROM uiesti once this:
          Only this time it strictly observes the steps. More specifically selects AP
          A question. Have you tried a return to factory settings? If not, what would you try.

          • Flavius said

            I was wrong csc Da..stiu selecting Odin ..oricum before doing this was changed CSC ..m got angry and tried :)) I gave reset and installed the firmware that 3 times. Now I use it. So I thought it would be special to install that file by Odin to csc option ... I just can not find any for i9515..m have informed and I saw that csc extracted from the file even md5.tar Firmware ... just do not find the program that this operation ..

  2. How to install on the smartphone Romanian language if this option is not listed on the menu?

    • Languages ​​and keyboard menu or choose language Romanian Language and keyboard. Then go to the keyboard and choose Romanian. If you have not Romanian at the keyboard, you can install the Google Play Store Keyboard. Google Keyboard and AutoCorrect gives Romanian language.

  3. Dani Andrei said

    I am setting options in your secret code goes developer

  4. Very good tutorial. Thank you!

  5. marian said

    and android

  6. Coco Moll said

    Hi Cristi, I can not praise your videotutorialul. So congratulations!
    I noticed in videotutorialul presented to you as a network signal is zero when full time. Is that the reason? Keep the tutorial or the location where you shot that you have all changed in various paramatrii Developer Options?

  7. Cristi greeting installer CM method you prezentato in an older tutorial and I can put Asus Padfone Infinity CyanogenMod on a fare 2 ... bricuesc him.?

  8. Hello, I have a question / rugaminte: I installed application Infinit- (transfer files between the phone and PC) USB Debugging ve done, then I uninstalled the application that I liked not, I closed usb debugging.Cind later I reconnected to the PC, it no longer recognizes, no longer displays (MOTO G2-2014) deloc.Am saw your tutorial and tried to give him REVOKE FROM ALL COMPUTERS USB DEBBUGING ...... .etc. but nothing happens. What can I do ??? Thankyou in advance !!!

  9. Bogdan said

    Hi Cristi, and I'd like a tutorial on installing another rom on smartphones. I have a Galaxy Trend Plus and moves pretty hard lately, I have only about 7-8 applications in addition, some of the plant off and we stopped.
    Even if I give the factory restore all hard going, especially at times.
    I fc and settings with more than 4 processes .... And ironically, horses go better if I give in during transition to 1.5x
    I'm thinking I'd like a grimace rum and tutorial

  10. Hello I have an android Allwiew 4 P4.4.2 Life with KitKat and options tab developer, found only: Troubleshooting USB.In otherwise nothing other options appear to me I do not want them to those that can disable the animations .What can I do? Can you help me? .. Thank you ..

  11. Miron Irinel said

    Hello. Allview Viva i7 and I have the same problem as Marian, found only in developer options tab "USB debugging". What can I do to protect me and the other options?

  12. Hello I am a tablet mitoo o10 selectato mistake I entered the developer to select mode options. Operating blah on how ex apronde but remains on the logo is what can make anyone knows.

  13. Hello ! You may present a tutorial on return to stock android for htc here? One Romanian language if possible to avoid mistakes.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      If you were more specific and tell us exactly what HTC model you own, we could help with a link to XDA Developers steps necessary to return to the stock. If you imagine that we have all Android devices in the world, you're wrong. I have an LG G4, my colleague has a OnePlus 3, a OnePlus One and if I'm not mistaken, a Nexus 4

  14. Hello. as do menu options appear on a s7 edge developer?

  15. cristi Miron said

    I welcome an extra edge s6 wife, about 2 days appears blocked by FRP., model SM-G928F how to fix it? pls.mersi

  16. cristi Miron said

    I looked on the net but the model that does not work is brought from England. amers a year without any problems but now when you go huh ?!

  17. cristi Miron said

    more no !

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