Android antivirus protection - you do not need antivirus

Android antivirus protection is an issue that has come from Windows inertia where we were almost forced to use an antivirus.

What about antivirus Android?

Android long time there were no "virus" actually correct would be to say "malware". Since there was no danger, there was no point to use an antivirus. However, antivirus software makers could not ignore the Android ecosystem, which has since become the largest mobile ecosystem in the world.
If at first you do antivirus programs were not on Android, they came with all sorts of functions that take the user's eye, like: emptying RAM, deleting cache, etc.

What is the current situation on Android?

Currently Android began to activate a lot of threats and antivirus manufacturers are happy we all say "I told you ...". However, the current situation on the Android nothing like Windows and antivirus are almost useless on this platform. Android meet more sophisticated threats and viruses are not found.

We can sit without antivirus Android?

Android is not Windows, where most users use the administrator account. On Android, to have admin rights, we must do ROOT. This means that Android applications can not be installed elsewhere, without user intervention.

There 100% protection.

Of course, if a "specialist" in the head puts you do, it does on any platform; But for simple user basic protection offered by Android is good enough.
The user must be careful not whether using antivirus.

What to do to protect against malware?

Some important measures for a more solid protection:
1. Not unlock bootloader elsewhere
2. Do not root elsewhere
3. Do not install ROMs dubious
4. Do not ignore the operating system messages
5. APK sites do not enable installation from "Unknown sources"
6. Do not install pirated apps

The most annoying and dangerous stuff.

The path by which we can most easily infect the browser, which can be used to introduce malware into the phone. Are sites with pop-up, super annoying, They can easily infect. It's like a dance through advertisements, which frankly we're all tired.
Last malware I met a script is taken from the browser that sends SMS to a premium number. Luckily I had ROOT and SMS could not be sent without my permission. But you know how it is, many people want to get rid of these banners and hit everything that appears on the screen.
What antivirus protection on Android?
1. The applications are scanned and permanently PlayStore phone
2. When malware is detected, it is removed automatically from the phone
3. Warnings about downloading executables dangerous
4. The phone does not offer elevated user rights (ROOT)
5. Default, the phone does not allow unknown sites to install apk

Android antivirus protection

- Video Tutorial

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  1. And you can make a tutorial for blocking pop ups like Adblock would be welcome

    • Ad Block does not work properly without root.
      I have an application, Block This! is called, which goes smoothly. Better than half of the advertisements hide them. Uses a Vpn connection.

  2. Sandu al-III said

    In principle can not have malware on Android.Ok.Dar if for example, available on the internet via Google Chrome browser, which comes preinstalled on all Android phones, a picture that I like and that I want to use as wallpaper.Dar that picture is infected with malware.Automat when a downloaded into the phone so I can put as wallpaper, I never infected phone? virus do not enter the system with all android's with it? then I do not need an antivirus? I use B ...... Mobile.

    • In principle, neither the windows do not need an antivirus if you are a user cautious and know where you're going ... ..Totusi reality demonstrates that cybercriminals ingenuity is limitless and you can infect even where you least expect it. An example might be hundreds of applications infected with so-called malware Dresscode that, guess what ... could be downloaded from Google Play. A piece of cake ... the malware allows wiretaps.

    • I have not heard that a picture to be infected. I never used any android antivirus nor I met with something in 5 years ...

  3. Adrian Marin said

    If you do not have root, you can give a return to factory settings and everything is ok. Codecs generally will slow your phone long enough

  4. While a tutorial ptr chokes advertisements of applications? I AdAway and even does its job very well!

  5. adblock for android (watch where you download), and you got rid of all unwanted pop-ups, respect

  6. Cristi in the next tutorial to show us the best launcher!

  7. DNS66 best adblock (everything advertisement in any application) ... and as I think Nova luncher's most complete luncher

  8. You need antivirus. As is prevention, and sometimes the virus escape from google them. Plus if you need more surf

  9. I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) mode SM-J320F and fail to find developer options. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Developer options should not find her but to activate it. Settings> About Phone (or device information)> touch 7 or section version number.
      Dai back / back and now his top About Phone (or device information) you have options developer

  10. Cristi or adrian. Do not do a tutorial in how we disable signature verification aplictiilor 10 win, sometimes you have stopped eg bootloaderu unlock unlock application on Xiaomi with mui. Eon if you can not. And other applications. And then cum.dam on. In 10 win is just what I know pb

  11. Well scans Google Play apps for potential threats, but there were many malware and not only through applications downloaded from Google Play, so do not trust too much in google paly security has been compromised by many ori.Cea latest threat by the end of January 2017 propagated through Google play apps was HummingWhale.

  12. Help! I uploaded an Android upload to a Samsung J3 2017 and after a few Minesweeper minutes the phone restarts. What can I do? Before updating the operating system, the game - downloaded from the Play Store - worked perfectly. I've just uninstalled and reinstalled the Minesweeper, but for nothing. Otherwise, the phone works the same as before updating Android.

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