Unlock bootloader Android phone

Unlock bootloader Android phone

What is bootloader Android?

Android bootloader code is a (sort of software), which has the mission to perform certain tasks, such as loading the kernel (core operating system), debugging, etc.
Android bootloader is locked on the base to protect the phone against the installation of malicious code.

How to install updates with locked bootloader?

OTA updates come directly from producers and therefore are digitally signed. With a valid signature, they can pass verification and can even install the bootloader locked.

Why is unlocked bootloader?

Naturally not everyone has to unlock the bootloader phone, but only those who want to make Root, install other recovery or another rom.
If you do not need root, another rom or other recovery does not need to unlock the bootloader.

How to unlock the bootloader?

The process itself, unlocking the bootloader is simple. Greater the preparatory work, where we need to ensure that we have the USB drivers installed and your phone is recognized, then we must install the Android ADB. Below are links to the universal USB driver for Minimal ADB.

Tools for unlocking bootloader.

1. Universal Windows ADB Driver
2. Minimal ADB and Fastboot
After installing the tools we move on phone and Developer options Unlock tick OEM (from android 5.0 here). After that restart the phone to fastboot, where we give the command fastboot oem unlock. Will appear on the screen two buttons YES and NO, we will choose YES to unlock the bootloader (sailing with the volume keys and confirm with power).
Before unlocking the bootloader, you must back up because the phone will reset to factory settings.

Tutorials recommended for backup:

1. Backup games and applications - Move to a different phone games and applications without loss of data Helium
2. Backup calls and SMS - Espionage or call log and sms backup for android phones
3. Automatic backup of pictures and movies - SyncMate Wireless, cloud backup and personal in my PC

What about recovery and the root?

Please write to my comments box if you want to continue with installation tutorials and root recovery.

Unlock bootloader Android phone

- Video tutorial

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  1. Cristi cun can install a custom rom on Hawea y6 with android 6.0

  2. pt.oneplus 3.eu simply hold a pro 3 Xiaomi redmi notes and to unlock the bootloader must wait for permission from xiaomi.si can take 2 saptamani.nu know why some manufacturers put his own sticks in roate.eu if I buy a phone, automatically become the owner of that phone, and I want to do what I want with it, but in my case I have to wait at xiaomi.cunosc acceptance of all the risks to which I expose myself unlocking the bootloader, but I want to be free to I do what I want with my phone because I paid

    • Some manufacturers and service providers (Vodafone, Orange, etc.) will only use rum to their website, they have installed some tools for data collection.
      Therefore, I recommend phones OnePlus.
      OnePlus is probably the only manufacturer that lets you do Root, to install other ROMs, kernels, etc., during which you are covered by the warranty.

      • Madalin Paul YT said

        Hello i have a samsung galaxy Cristi grand 2 and i have placed a custom recovery and custom rom without bootloader unlock. I used an app rootare and used another ablicatie calling rot permissions to install CyanogenMod recovery and now we 13 but I bootloader unlocked, okay?

      • Teacher Lorena Ioana said

        No, it's wrong what you say Alcatel lets me unlock the bootloader to root and install another recovery. So? Stop talking if you don't know at OnePlus Yes, they leave you, hey, but they also leave you at Alcatel. At least the Alcatel 1s leaves you. So???

    • Teacher Lorena Ioana said

      Well said.

  3. CRIS few tutorials since the sound recording is very low should greatly increased volume from speakers or headphones you can hear better. Find some settings best or try to record something else

  4. Cristi, you can make a toturial that show us how we can put two operating systems on a phone? I recently purchased a OnePlus 3 and I want to see how. Thank you!

  5. YES we want more …… root, recovery, rom.
    a nice evening.

  6. Nelu Gherghisan said

    Strange coincidence. All day I tried to unlock the bootloader, root-ez to install TWRP on Lg and G4 they own and we did. Thanks for the tutorial. Wait and rest. information that would help to install CyanogenMod on my phone.

    • Cristian Alexandru said

      Hello, and I own a G4 whom I would cast another rom, m`am tired of MM. I expect an answer if it succeeds something, please.
      Thank you

  7. Of course I want a tutorial on about recovery etc. I have a A5 Smiley Allview. Do you think it's possible to get rid of Telecom's traces of it?

  8. YES …… we want more …… root, recovery, rom… .and I have another question: I can still lock the bootloader if I want this. Thanks for the tutorial. Note 10.

  9. Hello Cristi, very intuitive and straightforward tutorials, very happy if you continue with others, one question I have a s5 neo I rooted, I just want to know if there is any way to change the value to guarantee the download mode the waranty void will not reoccur 0x1, thanks in advance

  10. Cristi, for owners of oneplus1-3 there is a utility made available by those from oneplus.Pachetul contains everything you need to unlock rootare, including TWRP and is available on the website oficial.Se ToolKit called him OnePlus.Eu oneplus1 we used both for work and for oneplus3 and ireprosabil.Este reversible and very intuitive and I think it would be good to share and link romana.Asta's presentation of the XDA Developers;http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-3/development/toolkit-oneplus-3-toolkit-unlock-t3398799.

  11. Certainly, there are some who have misused their phone, or who, out of the desire to experiment, will suffer this. I shook it badly, but in the end, after days of documentation, experiments and tests, I put my phone back on its feet. If I had to make a suggestion, the next step would be a tutorial on nandroid backup and another on "unbrick-forgetting" android.

  12. Cristi you want to do next tutorials that you said. and I question why a minimal adb fastb sees Windows Defender trojan? the only guy I have in the antivirus pc

  13. Laurentiu said

    Hello Cristi. Congratulations tutorial. It would be better to continue with recovery installation and root. Only good and as many tutorials. It might be interesting and a tutorial on a handsfree headset to hear the noise ok. Some worked with both hands and fail to keep and ear phone. Pixy.

  14. Hello . We continue

  15. C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Minimal ADB and Fastboot> fastboot oem unlock
    (Bootloader) [ERR] Command error !!!
    OKAY [0.004s]
    finished. Total time: 0.006s

    C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Minimal ADB and Fastboot>

  16. Expect continued.
    I support mir68's proposal: "OnePlus ToolKit… would be good to present in Romanian as well."

  17. Ciprian Blaga said

    Cristi Hello! I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime me and when I have all struggled to make them root, I tried a thousand ways with a bunch of programs. Now I tried to unlock bootloader and does not want to enter into fastboot I tried a lot of ways on multiple sites. Do not go, do not know what is .. I had a bunch of phones and did root and all, but how this happens with've never happened. Can you help me? Thank you very much!

    • Robert secrieru said

      Unlock the bootloader, install twrp and this from here "https://download.chainfire.eu/897/SuperSU/BETA-SuperSU-v2.67-20160121175247.zip" then enter twrp and go to flash then enter the folder where tiai instalato select it and give it a flash then restart your phone and you're done… .. you routed it.

  18. Valentino said

    Good. I unlocked botloager site. And now?

  19. Hi I happened with Samsung J5 to rootare pulled cord before completing the installation. I fried the motherboard 355 lei to service Samsung .Cristi another plate when I install Windows skip key after installation says it is activated, how?

  20. Cristi salute you, even I would be interested in a tutorial on how the flash a rom op3 a course if you think it's worth doing this thing, thank a good day

  21. But on Huawei phones it works this way.?… I know you have to go to the huawei website to put some phone data there and they will send you the bootloader unlock code.

  22. How do I install android lollipop or 6.0 Sony xperia e2105 (xperia e4) ??

  23. Valeriu Voicu said

    Hi, I have an orange zilo and locked the logo with orange, can you help me please

  24. Marius Filimon said

    Howdy! I have had a Xiaomi Redmi 3s for about 3 months and I just gave it an update for a new version (Miui 8…). All good until it restarts and…, surprise: I'm asked for a password for Android, which I don't know where to get. I don't have an account on the Mi.com website (as I was told by the company that sold it to me). Can you help me with some information, where do I get that password? Thank you for help! Marius

    • Robert secrieru said

      Try searching a solution MIUI forum on the website. You go to deviceuri, select your model and then a few options and you have to try to find an answer there.

  25. Robert secrieru said

    I MIUI Global Stable, 4 notes on Xiaomi redmi is why I can not find the option to unlock.
    Can you help me please? Thank you.

  26. Sabine sun said

    Hi! I want to change the motherboard of a mini s3 (GT-I8190N) .If she put a plate of mini s3 but GT-I8200 phone will work ?? Nothing happens? ?

  27. Istrate Ionel said

    Good evening, Cristi. I am the owner of a OnePlus one gb installed with cyanogen 64 13.1.2 bone. Can I install a new version of its top ?. If yes, pretty please help me, guiding me and what steps documentez.Multumesc where I have to play for a possible answer. Goodbye.

  28. Petru ioan said

    Hi… Happy Birthday…. I deleted many basic programs in the hope that I can reset the phone..which after I requested a factory reset, went into fastboot mode, and I can no longer open the phone as it still shows fastboot mode and if I removed the battery in vain… the question is can I rewrite the software? .. and if, yes, what programs do I need, where can I find them… the phone is an allwiew viper s4… thanks…

  29. hello cristi, I have a sony z3 but in the developer menu I do not have the option 'Unlock OEM'. I specify that I have android 6.0.1

  30. hi, how to get in fast root the Samsung grand premiums?

  31. ok, now I have another problem, I can't install the driver for "mtp usb device"

  32. ok, I followed the steps but on Samsung G530 Galaxy Grand Prime it doesn't work, after the command "fastboot oem unlock" the message waiting for device appears and it stays that way.

  33. Hello . I also have a Huawei y560 whose booloder I can't unlock. I need an unlock code that I can't get because I can't find out the product ID. Huawei says to type on the phone no: * # * # 1357946 # * # * but nothing happens to me. I also tried with a general product ID application but unfortunately it does not support my model. With "fastboot oem unlock" or "fastboot oem unlock-go" it doesn't work.

  34. Hello, I rooted a zen asus fone max, but how could you say as long as bootloader unlocking is done first and then rootarea, TWRP, etc. Thanks for the reply. You're becoming better.

  35. I have a problem with xperia Z1 c6903. OEM option can not unlock?

  36. Hello
    I have a Xperia z1 c6903 14.6.A.1.236 version and fail to unlock the bootloader. It shows it to verify the configuration locked.
    Can you help me?

  37. What happens if you power off the bootloader. Further open up the phone?

  38. marius said

    I fail in any way to get into fastboot menu. I asus 2 pegasus plus.

  39. STEFAN said

    Do not go on lenovo s660. Do they do ???????

  40. marius said

    Hello Cristi,
    For notes 2 n7105?
    I can't unlock the bootloader
    The phone is not rooted

  41. Marius_p said

    Hello Cristi, I own an Asus MemoPad k01a tablet and I want to change it but I do not succeed to root them, I tried with unlocking commands oem and give me unknown OEM command, can you please help me?

  42. Artos invatacel said

    How do you start it in fastboot?

  43. Artos invatacel said

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet

  44. Dear Cristi,

    I made a phone call but I do not know how to get rid of the TWRP and how do I lock the bootloader back?

    It's a tutorial here, but it's for Nexus, and the video does not appear anymore. I have a MTK processor phone.
    Thank you

  45. Hi, do tablets use the same method to unlock the bootloader?

    I have a HUAWEI M2-A01L tablet, and this method does not seem to work.

    I anticipate for help !!!

  46. I bought a hanai nexus 6p handset second hand and when I arrived home with him I gave reset all over the phone and when to put my e-mail address ask me the old address on the phone that I do not know and the person Who sold it to me. I installed a lot of programs in the leptop to make the phone and I can not go into settings to give it to the development and the other. Please help me for a week torture me with him

  47. Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 (Sm-G920F)! I want to unlock its bootloader but I don't have "OEM Unlock" in developer options! Why does it have the bootloader unlocked?
    And how do I get into fastboot?

  48. I have a problem ! If I give the command: adb devices see my phone (galaxy SM-J530F), but if I write fastboot device, does not see it! How to change from adb to fastboot? By 2 days do not give a head, please help!

    • The ADB is with the phone on and “debugging” enabled.
      Fastboot is off and switched to Fastboot mode.

      If you go to ADB, you can order it "adb reboot bootloader”Which will put the phone in Fastboot mode.

  49. Hi to samsung s7 edge as I get into fastboot

    • Adrian Gudus said

      The tutorial process does not help with S7 Edge. To root and install a custom recovery, search the XDA Developers forum. The procedure is very specific, depending on your device and model you have (Exynos or Snapdragon version)
      In the above mentioned forum you have all the information I have told you, the procedure to be applied and the necessary files.

  50. Hello, maybe in the future you are doing a tutorial for s7 edge too much.

  51. Hello. I have a question. I have a Samsung phone and I have returned to the factory settings, and now it is in fastboot mode and it does not open again. What to do. Thank you.

  52. I'm not going to find the option to developer options for oem, I'm using an asus zenfone2 ze551ml version 4 gb ram, I tried and so I did not find the option and I'm giving up fail!

  53. maybe it's a problem from his software or something happens that I'm trying to do what you said and give Unlock Faild is vorda of a HUAWEI Y3II LUA-L21

  54. hello Cristi I have a brand and model phone zte smart ultra 6 and can not make it unlook boot loader because no mil sees in the fastboot mode and I have all the installed drivers

  55. I've tried it all, good to the fastboot oem unlock side.
    appears after entering the command:
    FAILED (remote: unknown OEM command)

  56. problems with a samsung S4 GT-I9505.
    after updating with kies, no longer recognizes any sim, can not activate wifi, the rest is perfectly functional.
    the former owner had root-at.
    I tried to unlock the bootloader… .I installed what I needed .. when connecting to the recovery menu it can't find my phone.
    at the choice of menu: update from ADB recognizes it as adb device.
    does not accept the fastboot oem unlock command.
    i tried and adb oem unlock ..
    I wish I could upload some photos for clarification….
    please help.
    thank you.

  57. FastAndreiiii said

    I can not download the universal ADB that help please

  58. Robert Eduard said

    i can not install bootloader looks waiting for any device.
    what can i do, i have a samsung s8 plus.

  59. I huawei p9 lite and when I write fastboot oem unlock tells me remote: password wrong

  60. Bartha Janos said

    Hello Cristi, I have a red Xiaomi 4a phone, can unlock the bootloader with this tutorial method?

  61. Muraru Catalina said

    Hi Cristi, I have a sony xperia xa1 and I can not unlock my bootloader. please be nice to help me. Thank you.

  62. Maryan said

    Hello . Unlocking the bootloader loses the warranty?

  63. What does the phone return to the factory settings? I mean, if the phone had Android 7.1.1 in the factory and now has Android 8.1.0 will return to the Nook version?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      No, only the settings return to the factory state, not the version of the operating system. If you reset the factory reset, you will have to go through the initialization steps again when you first started it after you bought it.

  64. Hello. i can not install the new android on the tablet because the software does not pass the digital signature. i guess it does not start to deactivate to activate something. i used mini adb fast but load the package comlet successfully and the installation does not start because it's digital signature. a chance to restore it to install android on it to have the old one to recover it? I tried all the options in the recovery menu without success. thanks in advance

  65. Grigore Cristian said

    Hi videotutorial.com. I would like to hack the online games with the help of the generators on the browser. I tried and did not give me the resources in the game. Do I have to unlock my bootloader to go? Reply anyone who knows. Please..

  66. Hello . can anyone help me unlock two huawei p 20 and p20 pro phones?
    The models are: CLT-L29 and EML-L29
    are locked in BootLoader
    or at least where to go with them to make them a professional… possibly how much would it cost to unlock them…?
    thank you

  67. hello cristian how can i unlock the bootloader on a p8 lite ale-l21 I can't do it I did as you do but it failed me after I give the command fastboot oem lock please help

  68. Hi, how can I ROOT on Rugged Smartphone IIIF150 B2021, I tried many options, I can't understand how I can do it.

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