Tutorial Power Director, Android video editor

Tutorial Power Director

Power Director is a surprisingly simple and easy to use video editor for Android; I would also add the fact that Power Director is also extremely intuitive, which is essential for mobile devices, where we have no room for "help" boxes.
Power Manager for Android is not the only video editing application, but certainly is the most intuitive.
We therefore timeline and Power Director resembling a genuine NLE (non linear editor); Compared to linear editors, Power Manager allows us to upload timeline and then to arrange content.

Tutorial Power Director, Android video editor

Tutorial Power Director, Android video editor

Version is used in the free tutorial that comes with certain limitations. There is a commercial version that works the same but allows us to export project in Full HD and has no watermark with the program name. I suggest that first time to use Power Manager in the free version; See if you like and when you familiar with it and believe it to expectations, buy the commercial version, which is not so expensive.
Download Power Director
Given that running a video editor on Android, we need processing power.
Minimum requirements:
Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 or above
Samsung Exynos 5xxx or above
Nvidia Tegra 3 or more
Mediatek MT8125 or above
… And of course as much ram
Supported formats:
Video: H.263 (.3GP, .MP4, .mkv) H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .mkv), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), VP8 (.mkv)
Images: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WebP
Audio: WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC
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Tutorial Power Director

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  1. Hello! After so many years that I've watched tutorials, and finally you see)))) Good luck in the future!

  2. Michael Cretu said

    Hi Cristi, today reached the threshold of $ 10 dollars in youtube. When I entered the adsense account, see the fine balance 427 Euro! I did this really so?
    So no amount estimated, but the final balance, I chose the method of payment, now wait to pin blame me by mail. Waiting for response, Thanks

    • If it says there it is. Congratulations, you are richer with 427 euros.

    • If you say that you have reached the threshold of only $ 10, 427 there shows you how Euro? And eventually it's euros or dollars?

      • Michael Cretu said

        As we noted in youtube amounts are estimates, they reach the threshold estimated $ 10 YouTube, AdSense can choose your payment method and address.
        AdSense appears in euro. And to me it seems a little odd.
        up to $ 10 atung threshold YouTube, AdSense had 0 euros.
        Today we have reached the threshold of $ 10 in youtube when I went in to see if I adsens entered sum and there, it was actually observe 427 euros. the final balance, the amount is estimated 0 because I never had to pay before. this being the first month.

        • I just AdSense check amounts and estimates where exactly you check them on YouTube?

          • Michael Cretu said

            Normal as in adsense verify. But I now I started, we just reached the threshold of $ 10 in youtube, that was yesterday, that's almost $ 12.
            AdSense in order for the estimated amount is 0 is the beginning and I had to pay before.
            The final balance is the sum of EUR 427.41.
            I day about 2000 hits .. sometimes more,

  3. Adrian Gudus said

    I do not know what awaits our user pin, his coming in the mail

  4. Michael Cretu said

    Cristi Thanks for the reply!
    Congratulations for the work to Videotutorial, go dearly track work

  5. Greetings! .Fac Also often presentations, but we thought it edits slideshows (the Romanian presentations) .Găsesc it would have been more appropriate title gem "How do a presentation of video and photos on Android".

    • Video and photo ???? !!!! Where Scotland brother, terms they? The title is still very much suitable. So does the program: video editing. Usually, a slideshow of still images is made (although it can contain video). Here, however, in no case is it SLIDESHOW / presentations. If you do not differentiate between a slideshow and a video edited, you better refrain from such objections. If you want to understand better what involves a slideshow you can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slide_show

      • I think Axelluny drew you into his trap.
        He purposely put erroneous terms, Google and wiki world where he and his associates have shares.
        More misled, more money for him.
        Evil… and extremely intelligent.

  6. Hello . I think it's a bug in Android 5.1.1. I don't know why applications start on their own. eg use a remote control program for the TV. I close it .. of course it stays hanging in running applications. I close it from there and for some time it starts on its own. this was an example but I have about 5 applications that still start on their own: call record, file manager, nvsip, tv - remote control… .. these that I installed. for those with which the phone came ready, I have no pretensions to stay closed.

    • Make a general backup (call logs, SMS, photos / videos, documents) and resets the device.
      Sometimes after an OTA remain small problems; Especially when producers out of updates pressure.
      I assume you have the stock operating system…

  7. Cristi bravo, good application.
    a few days ago I needed a software that can "see" a file and where I can go where I want to check only certain parts. I mean I only listen to certain minutes that have noise in an audio file of about 10 hours

  8. Cristi… if you are kind… and you have time and money… can you buy a POWER-LINE to plug it into the house, for example, and in the living room, let's say we don't have wifi or a laptop cable…?
    A tutorial would be more than OK.
    PS: My apologies OF OFF-TOPIC.


    I hope to create show videos - thank you

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