Clean Master we clean unnecessary files from the operating system Android

Hello friends, today a tutorial talking about cleaning the Android operating system. Like any Android operating system and needs cleaning every time to remove residual files and folders left behind using applications or uninstall them.
For a person atehnica is difficult to easily recognize these residual files even if you use a file manager. Well because of this application are Clean Master (Cleaner). This app is designed to help us clean up and optimize Android operating system whether we talk about an Android phone or Android tablet.
What exactly does Clean Master?
Clean Master we find in the application interface 4 categories as follows:
Junk Files or Files waste: This section helps us to clean the cache files and applications residual left after uninstalling applications.
Privacy and Confidentiality: This section allows us to delete your personal information used by applications you have installed, we can clean SMS, call logs, saved passwords of browsers and settings for the application.
Boost Memory and memory boost: help us automate processes for different applications stop running in the background thus freeing RAM and sparking device application that will use them.
App Manager or Manager applications: an advanced manager uninstall system applications, applications that come preinstalled on your Android device (if you have root), you can extract applications in. apk, application to backup or move some apps on SD card.
Clean Master has a widget called 1 Boost Tap can be placed on one of the main screens (home screen). At a touch of the widget, Master Clean will clean your RAM by stopping running processes in the background.
Clean Master is an extremely useful app if you want to free up space on your Android device but do not know where to start or do not know which files will occupy a lot of space in the internal memory / SD card.

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  1. What software you use to view phone screen on your PC?

    • Adrian Gudus says:

      We already have tutorial on how do this. Write in the search box top right: Androidscreencast, press Enter and you will find the tutorial!

  2. Hello! Tell me all the time I 88 terog dc-90% memory used, I made the settings I gave leai memory boost but I do not know dc always used memory almost full. Thank you!

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