Cleaning unnecessary scrap in android - empty folders and useless files

Cleaning unnecessary debris from android
Cleaning unnecessary debris from android

What is this tutorial (Clearing unnecessary scrap in android)?

In the tutorial cleaning the useless scrap in android we explained how to find / delete, the files that are no longer needed, because they were left behind by the uninstalled applications, and the empty folders that are no longer useful on Android.

Where do the empty folders appear in Android?

The empty folders that are found on Android phones and tablets can appear as a result of uninstalling applications, system updates, or they are just there since the system was installed and have never been used.

Where do the files that are no longer needed on Android appear?

A trace of system updates, application updates, and uninstallation of applications can be left behind by files that were not originally part of the installation. So there are files left behind and no longer needed.

Why use applications for cleaning unnecessary scrap in Android, if I have an application on the phone that does this?

As you know Android is one, but with a lot of interpretations, depending on each manufacturer.

There are manufacturers that provide the phone with cleaning applications, but there are many manufacturers who do not do this, or the cleaning application that provides the phone, simply does not have the function of cleaning empty folders.

I made this tutorial so that both a Samsung owner and one from Huawei or Motorola can do the same.

If your phone has these cleaning features, then that's fine, you don't have to install the apps in the tutorial anymore.

"I've heard that Android cleans itself."

"Legend has it that…." If this is the official version, as Android would not need cleaning applications, then why are so many empty folders and unnecessary files left behind, which we stumble upon when looking for something on the phone?

Every operating system needs a little cleaning and order from time to time; That is, any operating system needs little attention.

Android cleaning apps:

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Video tutorial - Cleaning unnecessary debris from android

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  1. Cristian said

    Hi Cristi, tell me please, in the clip you used the paid application ..? I tried but when I delete it sends me to the purchase, I cannot run the delete.
    Thanks .

    • I have the free version of the SD Maid application. In the menu below you can see what is functional in the free version, and what is valid only in the pro version. What I did, it goes in the free version.

  2. I have samsung s7edge with root. It does not enter the first application at all. Stay on root permission…

  3. Cristian said

    My fault, I installed the pro version exactly, I deleted and I installed the free version, it goes super ok md maid, but the first application finds 178 errors, but deletes 20-25, I scan again and I delete, but do not delete them, they appear every time back, where am I wrong ..?

  4. Cristi said

    Don't delete them

  5. Razvan Florescu said

    In the following video, make a tutorial on how to glue entire sequences from videos much faster without getting complicated.

  6. I installed the two applications, both fully functional, they cleaned the phone (LG G7 ThinQ, stock android).

    Thanks for the tutorial, Cristi!

  7. Dan drugs said

    Very useful application
    Thank you Cristi

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