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The Asus routers enriched overnight with a firmware update that offers several new functions extremely useful.
New features related to security and bandwidth management. They are called:
1. AI Protection (Security TrendMicro)
2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management)
If you have not received the update, you can flash-ui Merlin, a custom firmware for routers Asus. Be careful, your device must be compatible, otherwise it will not work.
Cu AI Protection We have protection for all devices connected to the router, including tablets or phones. In addition do not have to install anything, everything is in router. Another function is improved collaboration with TrendMicro parental controll site, which now allows us to block only certain types of services and websites (great for parents with children curious)
Cu adaptive QoS We can decrease bandwidth (speed internet) on some devices and can grow to others. In addition to Adaptive QoS can see which sites or services to access each device.
I can hardly believe it, usually manufacturers do not improve devices after they have already sold. Asus instead give proof of responsibility and involvement.
This trend with firmware improvements was launched by Fujifilm, which has incredibly improved cameras like the X-Pro1 and X100, thus increasing people's confidence in the company and implicitly sales. You know the saying "our client, our master".
Do not forget ! If you want to show you how to block categories of sites or services via DNS (free router and free software), please let me know in the comments box exactly what you want to block (website, service, etc.) .

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  1. Constantin said

    Hi, Cristi if you can do a tutorial with this router in repeater mode I would have much use if you can please you as much. Let me explain why you should use it (me and my brother live at a distance of about 25-35m, I have an Internet connection and good bandwidth here in Spain and he wants my consent to share his from my internet connection via wifi in parts money) Now I think that if we buy two routers as you too: im leaving my router's how cumnatu in repeater mode would use what we need, specifically between his home You do not have the obstacles, with leptop site would be a signal to his house, but wants to have wifi throughout the house. Once again thank you.

  2. Hello Cristi,

    Please do tutorial which can block certain websites by using DNS.

    Thank you!

    • I put on the list, now wait several amateurs with comments.
      These are quite exotic topics that don't really make a "career", so I will ask you for more comments with requests for the proposed topic.

      • Costelina said

        Cristi and I salute subscribe to the next tutorial (if you want to do it)
        we know that the Internet is a double-edged sword
        but why not look at the positive side of things

      • George said

        I agree with the proposed subject, related to blocking sites and I would add plocarea computers accessing the router, ip or mac-lock!
        thank you!

  3. Hello, please recoamanzi my router so I can get the signal ok throughout the house (home to earth, 5 rooms).
    I tried a Tp-link WR841N, but can not quite do the job
    Thank you

    • Try to put it right in the middle of the house, closer to the ceiling, and if you put the antenna on the ceiling to be down.
      It certainly is placed in one end of the house.
      My advice is to try what I've suggested above first to throw money on another router.
      If you still have a "headset", I recommend the AC68U or AC87U from Asus.

  4. Daniel said

    In my opinion, that is silly and antivirus router honest, what I need if I have the PC and mobile antivirus, I have no router and even password-Mobile goes well netul and leptop, I do not know why uni want to be complicit in them instead of simply aicea I mean restriction sites or striming, and set what to give more bandwidth Another silly, frankly I expected with everything else but me from vidotutorial I cheated

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Thanks to fidbecul given aicişiea! And we expected more from you. (sarcasm)

    • Marius L. said

      Your degree of "professionalism" in this area is given by the fact that you think you do not need the password to the Wi-Fi network. “Smart” choice… It seems that you think that if you password the Wi-Fi network, the way the net will work is influenced, since you say: “I didn't even password the router and the net works well on the mobile and on the laptop ”. Another thing that puzzled me is that you don't find the bandwidth management and site restriction utility useful. If you know that you are not even at the amateur level in a field, you better refrain from giving lessons like the one above.

    • SorinC said

      You are a genius! Why did not I think of that? When you get home, remove all the passwords to everything I am and I fuck a speed gigabit.Da security and so we know that people are always good and never do harm

  5. Hello! I'm interested in a tutorial on how to block certain websites by using DNS. Thanks for what you cee

  6. Thomas said

    Dear Cristi, wait a tutorial on DNS blocking the D-Link router

  7. George said

    Hello ! Please sa_mi tell if Windows Defender is an anti-virus program; I bought a laptop with Windows Defender and Windows 8 and want to know if I can count on this program or need the else. Thank you !

    • Lately border between antivirus / antispyware and others, it has faded greatly.
      Windows Defender is as good as others solutions.
      I use and I had problems.
      The real threats now come from other directions and so antivirus is no longer what it once was.
      If careful and not go on exotic sites, software Anti Malware is good.

  8. Ervin Szondi said

    Maybe it would not hurt a tutorial on flash and uirea with Merlin

    • bogdan said

      Simply download here firmware for the type of router you have, go into the settings and give Administration-Upload Firmware Upgrade to firmware that you descarcat.Ca gonna go give a good router that will bring reset settings (as of factory) as the first time you bought ..
      WARNING: Download the firmware suitable Otherwise you can brick-despiseth (mess) router permanently.

  9. shonny said

    Cristi you have all my respect for the work they do. And the idea from Asus is excellent.

  10. Ciprian said

    Was there something like OpenWRT or DD-WRT on? I want to install a custom firmware on my TP-LINK

  11. Good evening .I am interested in using DNS blocking

  12. augustin said

    Hi Cristi, I am referring to the tutorial "How to make a site or a blog based on joomla with the administration interface through browser-video tutorial", please tell me how to put the site on your home computer on a paid monthly server ( site hosting). Thank you

    • If you have domain and DNS is set correctly, ie if you put throw in the browser responds hosting site, you just need to move files and the database locally on hosting.
      Back up to the phpMyAdmin database (database export) and restore the paid hosting.
      Then copy the files in root there, directories (httpdocs) or (www).
      There doing a database user and password identical to those used on local and then import into phpMyAdmin on hosting (import database)
      To transfer files site sfauuiesc you to use ftp, because it faster.
      A good ftp client is WinSCP, which I use myself.
      It's pretty simple. It takes a few minutes.

  13. I greet you Cristi!…, You and all the visitors, regardless of the level of knowledge in the field, except for the stupidity and grandiosity of some, who are not even able to write correctly in Romanian…
    I also own an ASUS AC66U, and after watching the video tutorial, I "ran" on the official site where I did not find a recent firmware, then I "knocked" on Merlin and installed the latest version that appeared on April 27.04.2015, XNUMX.
    Unfortunately, they have not (yet) introduced "Ai Protection" and the other parental control options in the firmware for AC66U. I would like to ask you if you have any additional information about this model.
    Best regards!

  14. Vasile said

    If you have antivirus computer (BitDefender) do not beat their heads at the router?

    • It has no job! This antivirus router does its job without disturbing PC in any way. He examines the addresses you access and let you access them or not. At the same time if you've infected another that, from a USB stick for example, and you get in a PC keylogger (spyware), the router does not allow the keylogger to send stolen data to the Internet, to other addresses . It's basically a monitored connection from all sides.

  15. IOnUtz said

    I did not receive the update on the N65U…

  16. As discharging programu

  17. George stamatin said

    I watched Cristi good tutorial about antivirus asus but I'm interested in how the DNS blocking thank you

  18. Congratulations and thanks to this videotutorial, as well as many others before.
    I'm interested in using DNS blocking.
    Good day to all.

  19. Laurentiu Marica said

    Hello Cristi
    Thank you for your efforts in every zii, I would like from you when you can do a virtual tutorial for those who do not have cable for stereo mix function in the operating system.
    Thank you for your time!

  20. Very good tutorial… We are still waiting for tutorials about routers and settings

  21. ViorelR said

    Thanks and I'm waiting for the tutorial "about DNS blocking"

  22. Hi Cristi, please tell me a good addon for Firefox to block ads from various sites… I'm tired of always closing them.
    Thank you.

  23. costel said

    Cristi Hi, thanks for the tutorial and please you have time to do a tutorial with your settings AC56 Asus router to connect through VPN (from a smartphone via VPN) and possibly a RADIUS server tutorial with all the ASUS router. Thankyou in advance.

  24. Howdy!
    Cristi, you can tell me something about Asus RT-AC87U AC2400, worth € 220 give him? (Amazon)
    I saw the official ad on youtube - , it looks very good, but… it's worth spending this money on this wireless router considering that the apartment I live in has 90 sqm, and that devices: 5 mobile phones, 2 laptops, a smart tv and a printer wifi.
    Thank you.

  25. decebal12345 said

    I saw that "Disable guest login for Network Place Share" appears with "Yes".
    If I enter USB Application / Media Services and Servers and in “Network Place (Samba) Share / Cloud Disk” I uncheck “Allow guest login”, “Yes” also appears when scanning.
    Unfortunately in this way the network can not see the movies on the stick of the router. Am I doing something wrong?

  26. Hi Cristi, get the hang of the tutorial for blocking sites with DNS !!! It's very useful both at home and at work 🙂 (you don't see all your colleagues "pile" on the net, everywhere in the big world, only where you don't have their job nu). Thank you in advance, maximum health and good work, you guys are doing very well in the "video tutorial" !!!

  27. Florin said

    Cristi Hello, I have a TP-LINK wireless model TL-WR740N I changed the password and can not log me on the phone (Lumia 520). I reset the wireless vain. With the phone I tried and I connect to other networks without any problems. Any idea what I can I do?

  28. Please do tutorial which can block certain websites by using DNS.

  29. Hi Cristi, can a tutorial on how routers can block ads directly from Asus? Thank you

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