How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI - anti hack solution

How to make an Open VPN server on Raspberry PI What is a VPN server. The VPN server is a computer that is located elsewhere on the Internet, to which, when you connect, an encrypted tunnel is formed. While using the VPN server, your service provider can't figure out what kind of traffic you're doing, what sites you're visiting, and so on. Other than … [Read more...]

How to steal card data, phone even through clothing

Bank cards. Whether we are talking about debit or credit cards, all those that have appeared in recent years have a technology that allows us to pay contactless, ie without inserting the card, physically, in a reader. This is also a false impression of safety - you have the impression that you did not put the card in any device and it has nothing to happen to you. How to make a contactless payment? O… [Read more...]

Card confirmation in PayPal account - more secure payments

Today I will show you how to insert or change a card in your PayPal account, so that you can continue to make online payments. Online payments stopped working! For some time now, my card has expired and I forgot to change it - When it came time for online payments, email notifications, from Google, from, from hosting, from Cloudflare, etc., started to flow. ... [Read more...]

How to hide a folder to view

For those who work on PC in a crowded environment, it is important that private / confidential files stay away from prying eyes. We have password archiving methods, data encryption methods and even file password programs. Unfortunately, not all computer users enjoy adventures or installing other programs on [Read more...]

Antivirus wi-fi router, network security

Asus has enriched the routers overnight with a firmware update that offers some extremely useful new features. New features include security and bandwidth management. They are called: 1. AI Protection (TrendMicro security) 2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management) If you haven't received the update, you can flash Merlin, a custom firmware for… [Read more...]

ANTI-HACK, Redirect vulnerability to SMB

Hello friends, today we will solve the problem with the "Redirect to SMB" vulnerability that was discovered a few days ago and that affects all versions of Windows, including Windows 10. The vulnerability is based on the naivety of Windows applications that want to log in as soon as they feel an SMB server. At that moment the login data is spit out, where the attacker… [Read more...]

Prevention and elimination programs toolbar / adware

Hi friends, some time ago I explained to you how some strange software (viruses) reach us on PC and especially in browsers. Then I showed you how to get rid of these inconveniences manually and it remained to show you how to do this automatically. Today we have two applications that will help us prevent their installation and eliminate them, if these misfortunes are already installed. Cleaning… [Read more...]

Tresorit, 50 Giga secure cloud storage with automatic synchronization - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a cloud service for file storage / synchronization, it is called Tresorit and offers us 50 Giga of free storage space for life if we install the right client, see the link below (limited offer LifeHacker). You should know that normally Tresorit only offers 5 Giga for free, it is not known how much it will… [Read more...]

How to buy items on Ebay, information and advice - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will discuss about shopping on Ebay, I will give you all the necessary information to make you a little brave. When it comes to shopping made on foreign sites, Romanians have reservations, on this occasion you have to I tell you that the security measures on Ebay are even better than in our country and the protection system of [Read more...]