How do you stop calls and SMS on Telekom

How do you stop calls and SMS on Telekom

How do you stop calls and SMS on Telekom

How to stop advertising calls and SMS on Telekom - stop advertising calls and text messages.

The collection of personal data is a problem that the average user does not understand very well. This is not because it is stupid, but because service providers make texts with "contractual terms and conditions" almost impossible to understand.
The text of the contract is so tricky that you need specialization to understand.

Euphemisms used by providers.

Personal data - Name, surname, phone number, call list, sms, email, address, location, cloud storage data at them, etc.
Data processing - taking advantage of your data
Data processing by partners - selling your data to third parties, ie we will give the data to others to call you and break you with text messages.

Collection and use of data by the provider is not OK!

If for services like Gmail, Facebook, etc. we understand that data is collected because we have a free service, when it comes to Internet service providers I can not accept data collection.
For Orange, Vodafone, Telekon, Digi, etc., we pay the bill. Since you pay the bill, it's not fair play to burn yourself on the other side. You know the saying: and… and with the money taken.

To begin with, Telekom lets you stop collecting data.

In Telekom, we have the options to disable data collection. It's a very good thing, but Telekom did not do it so well. It is a European Union-wide law that will enter into operation on 28 May, which obliges all agencies working with personal data to provide customers with information and tools to disable data collection.

Why do we receive calls and sms from businesses?

I receive all day long day SMS offers and poll calls and test drive invitations.
I received a call from Renault today, to go and test I don't know what car. When I asked where they got my phone number from, the woman told me calmly "the number appears in our database".
Well, with this logic, I can steal something too and when the police come I tell them that "the object appeared in my house".

Do you want to stop advertising?

I did a tutorial in which I showed how can we stop advertising companies from pursuing us? on the Internet. Because yes, through banners and cookies that appear on any site, we can be tracked everywhere. This is called behavioral advertising.

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    1. Marian said

      Hello! The article is very useful. I have a problem how to save documents, pictures of whatsapp in the phone so I can print them.
      Thank you .

      • ViorelR said

        Well, they are saved in the phone in the whatsApp folder, and if you have other folders looking for them, you can save them to your computer by connecting your phone, and then you do what you want from your computer.

    2. corleone said

      I do not know how you did this, but I do not have these settings on my mobile or desktop

      • On the desktop, after logging into your account, in the lower left click on "account settings", at the top under the name of the submenus…. Enter "Manage agreements" and there you will find what Cristi looks like in the clip… .. success.

    3. Andrew said

      In general, is this thing valid on the subscription? or on prepay?

    4. Hello, I left the country and I did not activate Romanian now as I can activate it

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