Solving problems in games, video drivers replacement

Troubleshooting games, replacing video drivers. A few months ago I had some problems with the Nvidia GTX860 video card on the Acer V Nitro laptop (VN7). When I was playing any game, the image and the mouse were locked for about 5 minutes, and an annoying hum was heard from the speakers. After taking it by elimination with all possible causes, I came to the conclusion that… [Read more...]

Acer BIOS update, black screen bug

The bios update is normally done when we have problems. If there are no problems on your laptop or motherboard, no bios update is required. In my case, I have problems when the Acer VN7 laptop comes out of standby and has a black screen; And for the image to appear, you have to press the touchpad or keyboard several times. A bios update can… [Read more...]

Intel assembly AC 7265 best wi-fi network card

Intel AC 7265 mounting, the best wi-fi network card Who doesn't want a Wi-Fi connection as fast and stable as possible? That was the idea when I started to change the network card in my laptop; That it is unacceptable to have a better connection on the phone than on the laptop. My laptop, Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7) came with an Atheros network card. As it is known,… [Read more...]

Deep Cool S40 review, quiet and inexpensive cooler

Hello friends, today I decided to make the central unit of the PC as quiet as possible. For this I will use Deep Cool Gammaxx S40, a cooler for the processor which is cheap and very quiet, in addition it is easy to install, which is important for those without much experience. The stock cooler from Intel or AMD is pretty good, unfortunately these coolers do a lot… [Read more...]

Solving the problem of Windows 8.1 Wireless Connection Limited

Hi friends, today we will solve the problem with wireless connectivity on windows 8 or 8.1 "Limited Connection" or "No Connection". Even if it is not officially recognized, this is a bug in the new Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems. Users using Windows 8 or 8.1 receive a message under the wireless connection at some point, instead of typing "Connected" or… [Read more...]

PC components to be mounted in the housing

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial we will mount in the case the components we bought in the last tutorial: -de-lei / Attention: Before mounting the motherboard on the case, don't forget the spacers, they come with the case in a bag together with the necessary screws. ... [Read more...]

Haswell system configuration, ssd, usb3, fast boot to 1000 lei

Hello friends, today we will configure a system with a fixed budget of 1000 lei and next time we will buy and assemble the components, with this tight budget we will be able to make a fairly competent system for most tasks. We will build everything around an Intel Pentium G3220, a processor that is extremely close in performance to Haswell series processors… [Read more...]

How portrivite download drivers for laptop

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you where and how to download the right drivers for our laptop. It is quite frustrating to buy a new laptop, to install the operating system and finally to realize that more nothing works properly. The webcam does not work, bluetooth does not work, wireless and lan do not work, sound and video do not [Read more...]

PlayStation DualShock SIXAXIS gamepad on the PC and OnLive 3 with emulator

Today I will show you how to install a PlayStation gamepad on Windows, more precisely I will install Dualshock 3 Sisaxis, a gamepad that can connect to the PC via USB or wireless via bluetooth. This is not about drivers because Windows installs "something" there when you connect the gamepad, unfortunately nothing works with the drivers that download automatically. In order to … [Read more...]

Second hard drive on the laptop instead of the optical drive

Today I will show you how to mount the second hard drive in the laptop, instead of the optical drive, for this we will use the adapter that I took from ebay, for this I paid 18 US dollars but these Adapters can be much cheaper if you take them from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. ($ 7-9 US). The package came to my door in 7 days, it can come from Asia… [Read more...]