Acer BIOS update, black screen bug

Update your BIOS is normally when we have problems. If your laptop or on your motherboard, there are no problems, do not require a BIOS update.
In my case, I have problems when your laptop Acer VN7 out of standby and has black screen; And to display the picture you have to press several times on the touchpad or keyboard.
A BIOS update can solve compatibility with some hardware, such as network boards wifi new hard drives for high capacity and new generation SSDs.
In the past we've talked about BIOS updates; I even made a BIOS update from floppy (sorry to sound and picture) or Gigabytebios. Or maybe you want to see how it's done BIOS update Asus motherboardsOr maybe UEFI update for Asrock.
In the past a BIOS update was a kind of bogeyman, but now the process is super simple and intuitive; Even an inexperienced user can do that if less attentive.

Acer BIOS update, black screen bug

How to update the bios?
1. Download Bios suitable for laptop or our card base
2. Bios unzip and run exe's
3. Wait until the process is finished
It is very important to download the update BIOS right will not work otherwise.
Drivers, manuals and BIOS sites to find the Acer Acer official website support.

Video tutorial - Update Acer BIOS, fix black screen bug

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  1. Titi Visan said

    Cristi Hello! 10 windows and I do not know why start button no longer responds to click right as such do not have access to functions there. What to do ? Thanks for your time.

  2. Sall Cristi, this goes for any laptop PC ???? Or goes for ??

    • What I did in tutorial applies to Acer. For other laptops or desktop motherboards are similar methods; But attention must download the BIOS specifically for the laptop. Even BIOS tutorial, you can not install on other Acer laptops.

  3. Win 10 from which you initiated BIOS update is installed UEFI? I ask this because when trying to update the BIOS on a Toshiba laptop with Win 7 installed BIOS setting "Legacy", I received a categorical refusal by the flash software. Somewhere scrape makes sense because UEFI BIOS and probably can not be updated only in this way. There is the possibility that the manufacturer no longer be bothered to do a BIOS can be updated and non-UEFI mode. If you Win 10 installed non-UEFI, that you have set "Legacy" in the BIOS, it will confirm that the BIOS UEFI can be installed in this way, not depending on how it is set and everything depending kitchen manufacturer .

  4. Cristi good, and I now have the opportunity to congratulate you for the work you deposit here and even follow you to the tutorial des..referitor enough today, I have an Acer Travelmate 5335, 7 Win, 32- bit, Intel Celeron 925 Intel GMA 4500MHD is older but I have the same problem as the like in the tutorial. I got the link that you left him, I made all the settings for my model laptop, but honestly when I checked box bios to see what I download this laptop, I do not know actually what to choose, especially as there is no a recent update (as of last 2011) and I saw that for your model of Acer installed a recent 2015..Te pretty please if you can look and tell me what bIOS update should I choose? Thank you and hear only good

  5. Cristi Hi, I have an Acer laptop, I installed Windows 8.1 and I have a problem. When you give it shut down, stays on after the bulb goes out (the laptop is on, but the screen is still black), and when I give restart, restart sometimes get stuck {write on the screen, the screen freezes practice}. Please nice to me and tell me what the problem is.

  6. Eduard min said

    Hi Cristi. I have an Acer Aspire 7750G, i5 2450M, with 2 intel and amd video cards and I have a problem with the video drivers… it always gives me error and blue screen after I install them. Please help me. (I had a chip graphic is defective and has been replaced) then the problems started but continue now acum)

    • Eduard min said

      with windows 7 now… before I had win 10 but I was told that it is not suitable for this laptop model

  7. Hi I have a problem with an Acer laptop ES1-532G-P8HS. I did a factory reset of your laptop's BIOS respect and when I saved my key F10 dark black screen. Restart it as nothing displays. What could it be? Please help!

  8. Hello. I have a laptop ACER Aspire E5-575G Intel Core i5-7200U Ram 8GB processor, 1TB Disk, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2GB card. I've updated the bios because I tried all sorts of solutions to the following problem: Disk 100%. We tried all sorts of settings and disable some functions but the Disk immediately reaches 100% and is blocking. Have you encountered such problems in W10?

  9. sal cristi I updated the bios with the same problem, but after the update the problem was not solved at acer ES1 521 THANK YOU

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