Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of the company

Oneplus 5 dual camera
Oneplus 5, worth it or not, the price and philosophy of the company
Oneplus is a new company in China, which has been remarked by coming to the market with a new philosophy and a very interesting business plan.

First steps of Oneplus!

Related to Oppo, Oneplus launched its 4 year after launching the Oneplus 1, an excellent and very cheap phone.
The Oneplus 1 had at that time the best specifications on the market, but the price was a very small one, just 299 euro.

How did the Chinese at Oneplus succeed?

I'm not a business professional, but here I can see with the naked eye that Oneplus went on several fronts with some measures that sounded very tempting in the ears of users:
1. Building a brand of "performance and quality at a low price"
2. Reducing production costs (facilities shared with Oppo)
3. Bringing products closer to the customer (own deposits)
4. Removing conventional advertising costs (mouth-to-mouth advertising)
5. Increasing the price of incremental phones (on chess)
6. Improving the experience "updates, support, software quality"
7. Removing users' anxiety over ROOT (no matter what ..)
8. Transforming the phone from “enthusiast phone” to “status phone”
9. Apple-branding of the Oneplus brand to win the “crowd” that dreams of the APP

Presentations and review of Oneplus phones

Presentation Oneplus One, the expensive phone killer
OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM
OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

Worth Oneplus 5?

The answer is yes and no


If you have a phone of some 2 years, it does not work well.
If you have a weaker phone
If it's your first phone
If you do not want to buy a second hand


If he picks up a top phone of 1-2 years or less
If you have a phone with Snapdragon 801, 805, 810, 820, 821
If you are going to buy SH OP3, S7, G5, etc.

Is the price of Oneplus 5 big?

It depends how you look at things. If you look at the price, then you will see that it is smaller than the price of S8 or G6, but on the other hand, it does not offer the equipment that Samsung and LG offers.
OnePlus 5
Personally, I think Oneplus, as a company, is heading in the wrong direction. But as I told you, I'm not an economist, and I do not know how these things go. I'm judging with the IT mind, who knows that there is no need to throw a needle on this crowded market, and the Oneplus company takes it from left to right with a dizzying speed.
A cautious one?
I emulated the future in the future, and I saw the Oneplus phones in the Apple Store on the same shelf with the iPhone, a sort of Android iPhone.

What do you think?


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  1. I have owned this phone for 2 days ("upgrade" from S7 Edge after I broke the glass on the screen) and I can say that the phone moves flawlessly. I have the 8 + 128 gb version and I am very satisfied.
    When it comes to camera quality, compared to the old S7 Edge… it is totally kneeling in low light !!! A lot of noise in the images and the lack of optical stabilization is very obvious.m
    The "dslr" type pictures look gorgeous, the colors not being over-saturated. Captures in normal light are superb, with a very high level of detail.
    The battery is phenomenal! Lejer passes over 6h SOT with intense use in 4G.
    The load is amazing, in 30 minutes it loads 583%, and in one hour it reaches 92%.
    The phone has received today's 2 patch update (bug fixes + fixes to camera, bluetooth and system).

    Pros: durable battery + super speed offered + 8 gb ram + "depth" mode that amazed me with results.
    Cons: FHD screen + no headphones in the package + much noise in low light.
    At the S7 edge camera it outstrips it, but at performance is the enormous difference, OP 5 moving without a lag (168k points in antutu) so my opinion is worth buying!

    • Merci for useful information.
      Please tell us how it looks like 4K shooting without stabilization.

      • The lack of stabilization is very clear and any movement, no matter how small, is felt and seen :)))
        Honestly, I'm very pleased with it especially when it comes to battery life at a load cycle and the duration of the load.

      • Adrian Gudus said

        It does not seem right to say that S7 kneels OnePlus 5. The views of all great YouTubes are quite different, contrary to what you say. Even iPhone enthusiasts have recognized that 1080 videos (where OnePlus 5 has only EIS or electronic image stabilization) OnePlus 5 gives the class to any smartphone, including the 7 Plus iPhone.
        One is specific and you know that ONLY in low light and 4K does not excel and another is to say that OnePlus 5 is disappointing to the room (per total).
        I do not kill my pictures, either inside or outside. I do not put the room first because I rarely use it.
        Another aspect is that although I have a OnePlus 3 that shoots 4K and has optical stabilization, I DO NOT shoot 4K and even hurt me in this 4K capability. When I shoot, I shoot at 1080 (not even put it in 1080 60fps mode)
        4K filming is limited to 10 minutes and a few seconds (some 20) have taken up some 500 and some MB from internal storage. Right? I do not need that! Let me add that I can not play 4K besides the phone anyway? I do not have a computer capable 4K, I do not have a 4K capable laptop and I have no 4K TV.
        What does it matter to me on a smartphone?
        1 Do not use obscure (proprietary processor) hardware with which Android enthusiasts can not work, can not develop custom rhymes, mods, custom krenel. So it's not the case of OnePlus 5
        2 Keeping my battery. You have nothing to say to OnePlus 5 as you have said well!
        3 To give you a fluid / smooth use experience. No doubt, OnePlus 5 definitely offers such a thing, always offered!
        4 Have good sound and sound loud. OnePlus 5 offers this.
        5 Be nice, have a nice design. OnePlus 5 offers this, and even if many criticize the iPhone 7 Plus copy, I like this and I consider it a plus, not a minus!

        The other aspects of bezel less display, rounded corners, retina sensor or iris scanner are mofturi, arfe and figures for those who want the gadget to give them status, not something Practically, that even useful to you when you do something on the phone.
        What I would have liked to have OnePlus 5 and it would have been really useful would have been water resistance. Even so, in my opinion is the perfect gadget for me.

        • Greuceanu said

          Adrian, I appreciate you for all the articles you have written on Videotutorial.
          I respect your expressed opinion, to which you are entitled as anybody else.
          It does not seem right to say that it does not seem right to you that someone else said S7 knelt OP5 on the camera. It is his opinion as the one expressed by you belongs to you. Both opinions have the same value, no matter what you think.
          If you were careful, the man said he kneel in low light, not in general.
          2) What you appreciate in a flagship smartphone is very different from what the vast majority of those who want such a smartphone appreciate.
          The most appreciated qualities at a top phone are statistically, camera, display, battery, design.
          Every top-of-the-line phone from any brand behaves at a fairly similar interface level, all running smoothly and without obvious lag.
          In the 2017 year of grace, when the overall trend is to see as much 4k as possible, and more and more people are turning to a 4k TV, it seems strange to me not to say shamefully to say that (4k A phone) is not a quality appreciated by a high-end phone customer.
          That OP5 gives the photo class is an obvious glimpse, the phone has a certainty inferior to S8 / S8 + this year, no matter how good you are at photography.
          Unfortunately for your opinion on this aspect, the camera is somewhat of a high quality flagship today.
          I would avoid making shifts to those who appreciate other qualities than those listed by you in a flagship, because I can also say that half of your arguments are mofturi, banality without much relevance to most buyers of such phones, what What really seems to me to be a reality.
          But that does not mean that I do not respect your opinion. I think it is a little characterized by some self-sufficiency that does not have its place. In the sense that it is inappropriate to think that you are just right, no matter how good you think you are.
          MY OPINION!

  2. Florin Oake said

    Hello! It is not related to this tutorial, for who does not know, has appeared the usb stick of 2 TERRA. Good luck!

  3. Hello Cristi! I first want to thank you for everything you do I have learned a lot from this site I have been watching you since XP, it seems to me or did you start to lose confidence in One plus? Much success and work power still you are the strongest !!!

  4. Mihai Lambru said

    Hi Cristi, I have been "with" this company since 1 + 1 purchased through that invitation system. Now I have a 1 + 3t that I have not been disappointed in any way so far, but I ordered oneplus5 and believe me it's worth all the 500 pounds. I'll come back with more details after about 2-3 weeks of use. I like what you do, keep it that way in the future! Hello.

  5. Carmazan said

    I would not buy it at this moment. I have an 3T OP and I see that the biggest advertisement at OP 5 is at the camera. It's not the reason to invest in a phone. I prefer to take pictures with a camera.

  6. Laurentiu said

    Congratulations Cristi for the tutorial. I can say that it is a sincere and correct tutorial from you (a very good answer to those who accuse you, that you brag too much about this oneplus company). Regarding the phone…. I can say that I'm a little disappointed with the way it looks because I don't own this phone. The resemblance to the iPhone 7 plus is obvious, but also the oneplus 3 T is quite similar to HTC. It seems to me or does oneplus not want a direct rivalry with samsung? As long as you buy the processor from them, doesn't it seem normal to ask them to make a phone similar to the competition? :)) I own oneplus one thanks to you and I am satisfied with it. The difference between oneplus one and two was quite small (probably that's why you went straight to three) and I think that many with oneplus 3, disappointed by 5 in appearance, are waiting for 6 :). I wonder… if oneplus "owns" control over the software, I really can't do anything custom? I think the most successful in terms of appearance (even software in its time) oneplus one was the most successful. Real killer… look - soft - price. I retire because I'm at work. Congratulations and as many tutorials as possible. You are special with good and "bad" :). Good night.

  7. Oneplus 5 is no longer a flagship killer.oneplus one was, but it will not be a flagship killer, this phone should have the same performance as s8, but at a much lower price. If the processor and ram is near S8, the display is a bit farther, the design the same, the camera is a bit behind it, it does not have the card slot, and there would be some. A good day

  8. I went from 1 + 3 to 1 + 5 and I did not have that really excited feeling like when I bought 1 + 3 bone oxygen is the same with open beta from 1 + 3 at the pictures chapter really are clearer and in 2x But it's not as obvious or misleading, the screen is more advanced than 3 on the light, it makes 10 photos, but on the dark, the pictures of the gXXXXXX galaxy is ok. If you put s7 with 7 + 1 in the dark it is clearly visible on the screen that in the room s5 comes in more light I refer to pictures made without flash,
    The loudspeaker is heard by 2x louder than 1 + 3 and the volume on headphones is very loud

  9. Hello. I also got the phone this week right from
    Below is my first attempt to portrait mode.

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