OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap
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OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

From the outset I am aware that all fans Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc., will be angry with me and will reproach me as I paid Chinese from OnePlus, to do a review favorably. To give everything back, I have to confess that OnePlus not never contacted me, and even if it happened, this was still a balanced review
Sometimes it can seem pretty excited, because it's me, that's my nature; But that does not mean I'm not right.
Began rules:
The program contains images with a strong emotional impact for those enrolling any brand.
Program genre: Drama for some reviews to others.
Please do not take personally!
OnePlus What's with that?
3 OnePlus OnePlus is produced by the Chinese company, a subsidiary of a larger company, called OPPO. Under the same conglomerate (OPPO) and find OPPO and Vivo brands of phones that are as good as OnePlus 3. In this conglomerate of brands, brand OnePlus is directed towards performance; Kinda like Alienware PCs.
How good is OnePlus 3?
To be brief, as the performance is the best in the market. Of course, in the consumer's mind performance mix design, camera with unnecessary functions. When I say that OnePlus is 3 most powerful, I mean the speed of uploads and move through the interface, applications, menus, etc. If we take into account the whole package, it might be best if those from OnePlus bring some improvements in the next updates.
Improvements to the last OTA OXYGEN 3.2.1.
SRGB mode Optic AMOLED screen. That was the problem when internet mini Anandtech has published a review that mentioned that lacks a standard sRGB color mode, and that the default colors are pretty bright. In two weeks OnePlus developers brought by an sRGB mode OTA update, and now people from Anandtech They say now OnePlus screen 3 in sRGB mode is one of the best screens that they have ever tested: "The display has gone from being the most Inaccurate display that I've seen in years, to being among the most accurate displays That we have on record"
memory management sparked a heap of controversy, by the fact that some applications were not kept active in RAM, GB 6 car at our disposal. The issue was resolved last update and is now used almost everything RAM. Of course, we must be realistic, you can not use all the RAM just for apps and games for the system is in permanent need of a refill. In the video we showed multitasking several applications open RAM; 16 7 applications including games.
Audio blocked (solved). Another improvement to the OTA 3.2.1 is easy adjustment of audio processing aggressiveness in video filming. Before noise reduction was too aggressive in the shooting, it is now more relaxed. In detail a talk in a few days, in particular Article dedicated room.
Quick Spec:
CPU: Snapdragon 820
GPU: Adreno 530
Ram: 6 GB LPDDR4
Storage: UFS GB 64 2.0
Screen: AMOLED Optic × 1080 1920
Gorilla Glass protection 4
Back Camera: Sensor 1 / 2.8 "f2.0, Sony 16MP, PhaseDetection autofocus, OIS, 4k
Camera front: sensor 1 / 3.2 "f2.0 Sony 8 MP, EIS, 1080P
Fingerprint sensor: ceramic, 0.2 ms
Nano Dual sim: dual standby, dual 4G
Cellular: 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G + (450 / 150)
WiFi: 802.11 Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac, Wi-Fi Direct, Hotspot
Bluetooth: v4.2, LE
NFC: Yes
OTG: Yes
3.5mm Jack: Yes
Location: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Beidou
Battery: 3000 mAh
Charging: fast charging Dash
USB: v2.0, Type-C reversible
Why I chose OnePlus 3?
Over time I had a pile of smartphones, from HTC HD2 (vintage)Which was the first phone with 1 Ghz processor (Windows Mobile Android soup) to OnePlus One. Meanwhile I had S2 and Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Note1After that I went to Nexus 4 (Vintage), where I found simplicity. Samsung TouchWiz interface in comparison with that was super slow, classic Android interface if it was not. So I came to appreciate simplicity and not to support complex interface: TouchWiz Samsung, LG or HTC Sense UI.
Besides the interface for a smartphone, it is important support. As soon as a problem occurs, it can be solved. If giants Samsung, LG, HTC, etc., very difficult to resolve bugs in the first phase they are ignored or denied by the manufacturers.
OnePlus is a small company and move quickly. In a few weeks off any 3 updates, which resolved most complaints came from the community.
Install ROMs and root without warranty.
OnePlus phones are the most flexible when it comes to development. In seconds you can to unlock the bootloader and flash a ROM or make uiesti root without losing your warranty. It's your phone, do what you want with it.
We have no bloatware on OnePlus 3, 2, One or X.
OnePlus phone 3 has no bloatware, that does not have the unnecessary applications. Only comes with basic applications plus some Google applications that can be uninstalled or disabled at any time.
I could go up tomorrow with OnePlus 3, but better will let you see the review.
If you see this review OnePlus 3 desktop or laptop, you can use the list to navigate quick description of this review on Youtube.
Where to buy and how much OnePlus 3?
Costa 1800 Lei and can be purchased from the official website. So I took myself.
If you hurry, you can buy the phone from Amazon
OnePlus 3 mobile phone, Dual SIM, 4G, Snapdragon 820, 6GB RAM, 64GB, 16MP, Android 6.0.1, Graphite
Video Tutorial - Review OnePlus 3, too fast and cheap


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  1. A few items that will help you make a more complete opinion about OnePlus 3.
    OnePlus 3 Bend, scrach, Burn, test etc.

    OnePlus 3 teardown (removal) (guts)

    OnePlus 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

    OnePlus 3 vs LG G5

    Axon vs ZTE OnePlus 3 7

    OnePlus 3 vs Huawei P9

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  2. Sergiu said:

    Night mode is specific 3 plus one? Cun and I can have the samsung?

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  3. Laviniu said:

    If you are root on OnePlus 3, can do ota update?

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  4. Laurentiu Sirbu said:

    Hello. I want to buy a phone plus one 3 but I would like if you can make a rewiew messaging application. I want this as annoying problems occur in my current phone, sony z3. What happens? Job because I personally have to send multiple messages at once, I want to make an announcement. I created groups and when sending over 30 incoming SMS message very annoying "application ships a no of messages you agree?" And at that time shall give ok, ok, ok every time and then check whether the messages were sent or have to send them along. I tried with other messaging applications on the Play Store, but most contain problems. I have also tried to send messages only once in each 10 20-30 place, but without change. I checked all settings, but nothing in this regard. Do not tell me the watsap, Viber etc. as I asked a gentleman from a phone company known ... they are people who do not use Track the applications and some are not always connected to the internet. SMS eate easier for the client receives the message on time no matter which phone. I hope I made myself clear. I want to create a group of 20 people in contact, and then send a message to this group to see if you have problems. Interestingly, the old Samsung s4 we ship each 20 sms once without encountering "difficulties" ... Messaging Service is the only one that I am sure the recipient gets my message in time. Thank you and expect an answer this way.

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  5. decebal12345 said:

    Systemless root and how it works? I confuse something to any custom rom? If it has drawbacks, why there was another kind of root? Around the time this tutorial?

    A, and the camera.

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  6. Petre Lascu said:

    Sounds like a super phone, to master healthy! I ordered myself a Super UMI after more documentation on the net, all specifications that correspond less battery instead of mA 4000 has only 1000.Nu keeps me only a few hours a day!

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  7. Joseph said:

    Good evening! You can point to a link where we can order directly from the manufacturer OnePlus3? On site I found them. I found in our country, but 2300 lei. Thank you!

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  8. Florin said:

    I got a UMI and so is the battery just is 2500. Drain the battery immediately.

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  9. super phone and I am going to purchase. and I for one would like to make a tutoril camera's etc. really worth pennies and seems cheap compared chu samsung s 6 7. and credca's cheaper that does not make such advertising on TV etc. and speaking of what you said sir some say too much branching 6 GB memory. there are always grumpy and if it was not 4 dc gb more and more. and even if it's samsung and OnePlus are serious people as long as it's perfect. and know that the Chinese do the best equipment the latest credca no one equals him. yes we, Romanians know them on the cheap Chinese etc. and that's why I do well but can do very qualitative and Hatches. and do not forget that the Chinese working at large companies most. however the price decreases over some time in May. and I love its case. I do not like the glass that give it went away either with protection cover. who want to take taken with confidence as said and crystals. and Cristi what he meant tel tied there best as he referred to the technology itself is not so hard credca raised in glory

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  10. BRAVO Cristi, beautiful and detailed tutorial.
    I bought myself this phone, I was surprised by the quick delivery (11 acquired on July estimate delivery on 19, 15 July in my hand, but it might as ordained in Italy).
    About phone and the controversial, you did well to specific "rules began" I liked hard
    Bravo again
    Hello and more tutorials

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  11. Alberto said:

    TUORIAL QUALITY, bravo Cristi, expect the one about the camera!

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  12. Hello, may be a link with the cover?

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  13. Tutuorial nice, but mostly I like the description. Something like "next to impossible" super hard. I had a little off the lights I take popcorn and press play. :)) further luck

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  14. Razvan said:

    I bought and I phone now Catez days ... I though that software OXYGEN have improved ... For example lacking the ability to shrink the screen and work with one hand ... If you could run two applications simultaneously on exran would again be a I also ... I purchased with an iPhone. What displeases me more is the lack Facetime or imessanger or better interconnectivity with iPhones ... Anyway we tested enough alternative to Facetime Software (IOS) and not seen to be any one to equal it. Even Google have done an integrated system like Facetime and / or the messenger as the IOS and put it in the Play Store ... Apple. then were even countries ....
    Otherwise ... coming from an iPhone is a great advantage to have access to the phone's internal memory and install what you like.
    In my opinion, subjective fact that aside from the exceptionally hard, Android's can be improved.

    The tutorial is very successful. Congratulations.

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      An alternative to Facetime is Hangouts (you can find in the App Store) can do with it video calls / voice mobile data or WiFi. On Android, comes preinstalled Hangouts

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  15. We have one plus two since emerged that is now a year and I swear is the fastest phone ever had and I can say I had f models especially the gold version samsung.Astept who know they will 3 plus one coming soon and certainly in the next moment I'd buy Thank you for tutorials!

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  16. Razvan said:

    He managed to connect with someone OnePlus 3 HDD? I saw a tutorial as can be with OnePlus 2 and I bought myself ADPT (not one but three) and fail ... Both HDD and a USB stick ... I want to say only adapters purchased all have USB 3 female … Thank you

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  17. digitalmind said:

    I bother you with questions about buying a 2 3 OnePlus on the official website:
    1. You can pay by card or e Musa direct a PayPal account? If so, the card must be in euro or amount can be lei (RON)?
    2. What to do with security, if something happens with product who handles it, etc.?

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    • if you have tried you find out the answer. it can be paid by credit card and paypal. and if you take into account the amount of 399 automatically lei dollars as the day is at Eura. and with the guarantee. is call the courier far as I know and raises it comes home.

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  18. Marian said:

    Cristi, you can make a recommendation on and a protective case / tempered glass? What do you think about selling their homes sites from the OP3, especially Sandstone finish?
    To protect your phone you are using tempered glass / protective case?

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  19. Greuceanu said:

    I also have some concerns:
    Phone delivery commissioned in Romania is made exclusively by DHL?
    If the parcel arrives via DHL, and I am out of the country and come back after 2-3 days, what happens to it (package)?
    Thank you!

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  20. Lucian said:

    1. Given all tests on this phone is that you need to put them cover and tempered glass screen for greater safety? You resort to these two protections? I was impressed by pouch from Ringke Fusion and I would be curious if there is a viable option for this phone.
    2. Since the phone can connect easily to a stick or HDD, using any antivirus on your phone? Or, do you think we need an antivirus on a smartphone?
    3. Can you give us more details about the battery and that's what's duration between charges depending on the applications used. Thank you!
    PS: Very good tutorial. From what I've seen so far, it seems to be an impressive phone from all points of view. I expect the interest on these series OnePlus 3.

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  21. Caesar said:

    Hello! Cristi, I have a question. To pay by PayPal who convert from lei in euro? Paypal or bank? Because from what I heard on the net foreign exchange from PayPal would not be too good.

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  22. Sonnik said:

    Situation: Here -used map while listening to music from a player (some) phone right at the entrance auxiliary machine. How do I get when I have music at maximum volume to cut my music completely or to reduce intensity as during Directions to hear at a different (lower). I mean how do I set the volume of applications atio two different media.

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    • Sonnik said:

      Hello Cristi, posting above was a draft and by mistake I clicked enter without it correctly, without saying please help me, etc. Hoping that it's too late now correct omissions.
      So a OP3 with root, Xposed and some knowledge shy about Android (coming from the WP 10) try to give him head and the first idea as I can set somehow indicatiilevocale of the map to be dependent on another path Sound ( gender alarm or ring) and not the media. Poweramp do something only partially. Thank you.

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  23. Marian said:

    For those still looking to buy OP3 because they did not have in stock Dash Car Charger is in stock now, I made the leap and ordered the phone and accessories (DCC houses Sandstone).

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  24. Gabriel said:

    Can I buy the invoice on the website OnePlus Europe.

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  25. Sal comes with tempered glass affixed to it?

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  26. Hi, does anyone know if the second card can be used only 4 or 3 2g or (as in most phones)? Thank you.

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  27. Hello! Cristi, I have a question, I ordered today and I OnePlus 3 Soft Gold, I'm interested in how long it took to get to your home. Thank you.

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  28. Hello again. Read more opinions / reviews, one problem arises. The battery! Can you tell me anything about this, considering for some time using the phone? Thank you.

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  29. I read a comment that the phone has reached the recipient within a week of the date on which it was ordered. Today I wanted to send an order on my website and it states that OnePlus Estimated delivery date will be August 31. That much last be brought (in Poland, I guess)?

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  30. TenMinus9 can be as long as these firecrackers on Android phones have built-in battery, it's not worth a damn. Who can afford to give millions every 12 6 months just to buy another phone as the current need to throw it because you can not change the battery? Obviously, a normal person would not give in Romania 12 million every 6 months. A stupid, yes.

    As you have seen in your life moves a removable battery that has 950 Lumia and Windows Mobile 10?
    Definitely one to say so, but we know Certainly not, and will not say yes just to seem ridiculous. 6 GB Ram. Why pray? Games? Marketing strategy. Petarda the Android OS from RAM suck worse than a hungry baby.

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  31. Cristian Mospanciuc said:

    I love this phone OnePlus 3 want to buy it, but all countries are only situ dual SIM phone found on that site with just one card.
    If aevti possibility submit my address, link, where you can order with a single card.

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  32. Cristian said:

    I have a OnePlus tel 3, I set unlocking the mark, but if debliochez pressing the power button lock screen appears and can be removed only through gesture with your finger from the bottom up.
    What wrong setting by blocking tel ampreta?

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  33. Cristian said:

    I have a OnePlus tel 3, I set unlocking the mark, but if debliochez pressing the power button lock screen appears and can be removed only through gesture with your finger from the bottom up.
    What wrong setting by blocking tel footprint?

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  34. Cristian said:

    I thank resolved, was active and smart lock!
    When you do a tutorial on installing their drivers, and installing unlocking super su, recovery, for ONE PLUS 3?
    Your tutorials are super good, do a wonderful thing, congratulations!
    Thank you!

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  35. Hello. I purchased this phone, only do not know if my watch is compatible with (Samsung Gear S2). Can someone help me?!

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  36. When a camera to do a review?

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  37. I have a problem with OP3: I do not connect to facebook messenger on mobile data, wifi only. Do you know any solution?

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  38. Brilliant, I order two, wait and Soft Gold (ptr wife) but already during delivery reached 5 weeks: ((, will appear OP4 until the time comes, especially because I want to order when you reenter Gold site in stock.

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  39. Hello, I did order the OP3 last 5 weeks from receipt, I liked turorialul and phone so I quit my lenovo Pro Vibe Z2, whatever big companies do not receive an update fix bugs per year

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  40. Chapter delivery, left Poland Wednesday at 16 via DHL (we were notified by SMS) and Monday morning (I got another SMS) at 10 I received. What took longer was to dispatch (about 2 weeks).

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  41. So I had many mobile brands and talk about those costs as a small car, but something does not believe that we may use and remain so surprised, as if it were my first smartphone one, a telephone exceptional in every way view.

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  42. OP3 are Polish?
    I recently saw a brand of SSD from there, you can trust?

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  43. ivanescu said:

    What is the difference between plus one and one put 3M 3? The DHL do not charge commission? I see on the official site as the price has risen! Congratulations tutorial!

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    • Adrian Gudus said:

      There can OnePlus 3M you mean 3T
      3T has a new processor, 16 MP camera on the front and slightly larger battery. Otherwise, the design, size, like OnePlus is 3.
      So the difference in price charged for the processor version newer 16 MP camera on the front and larger capacity battery
      Unfortunately OnePlus 3 can no longer buy from them, no longer produce. Only if you find other stores stock.

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  44. Hello. Where can I buy a display for OnePlus 3?

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  45. Florentina said:

    Hi! Congratulations for tutorial! How can I improve the battery to one plus one? As changed ... just everything! Not me you than 1 day, and if you talk much, just half a day. Thank you in advance.

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