Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review and user guide

Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review What is in this user guide - Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera review Some time ago we installed two Tp-Link Tapo C200 surveillance cameras, and after using it for 2 weeks something, I'm pretty sure this is a product I can recommend. Tp-Link Tapo C200 motorized camera ... [Read more...]

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turn your phone into a surveillance camera for where it is not worth installing cameras. Surveillance cameras don't keep us from thieves, but they do keep us connected to what happens when we're not where the camera is mounted. As we all know, even though the rooms have been cheaper lately, it still costs you some money to install a room and that's why ... [Read more...]

Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in an application Each surveillance camera manufacturer has its own application with which you can watch live images transmitted by that camera or those surveillance cameras. Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you have to open an application for each room. The rooms of… [Read more...]

Reset IP Remote Hikvision IP Camera Password (CAUTION)

Reset the Hikvision IP camera password from a distance (dangerous). the last tool presented in the tutorial is really bad. Even if you want to reset or not speak to the camera, it would be good to look at the tutorial. Surveillance cameras are those devices that you install once, and then forget about them. But sometimes we need to go to them and then BUM, I forgot my password. ... [Read more...]

Power cable net with PoE or Power Over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet PoE or Power Over Ethernet PoE or Power Over Ethernet is a technology whereby we can transport electricity through net cables, to power devices such as: surveillance cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones and more. others. The technology is relatively young, but in the future it may be the basis ... [Read more...]

The phone, like the camera, with Perch

The phone, like the surveillance camera, with Perch in the past I have made several tutorials related to surveillance systems, surveillance cameras, NVR and even, the use of the phone as an IP camera or webcam. Today I will present a service, which also has a phone application, which turns the latter into a real IP camera with motion ... [Read more...]

Dahua PTZ camera surveillance motorized outdoor

Surveillance cameras are of several types. We have interior rooms, baby monitor rooms, cameras with various focal lens, bullet rooms, fisheye rooms, etc. Today I will present an IP camera from Dahua, Speed ​​Dome or PTZ (pan tilt zoom). These rooms are motorized and can be oriented in any direction from a distance. They can also zoom when ... [Read more...]

Hybrid NVR Hikvision, recording and managing IP cameras

The NVR (network video recorder) is a device for managing and storing records from connected network surveillance cameras, ie IP cameras; It is a kind of DVR for the network, because the DVRs are compatible with analog cameras, from which the signal does not come through the network, but through coaxial cable. The IP surveillance cameras are smart devices, which can be ... [Read more...]

Super affordable IP surveillance camera

IP surveillance cameras have evolved a lot in recent years. Now we find IP surveillance cameras with all the advanced features, at a super decent price. A few years ago we would have paid a small fortune on a room with similar amenities. Our friends from, have a very good offer for the surveillance camera Hikvision Mini ( PT in the tutorial. The… [Read more...]

Functions, settings and image quality Hikvision IP camera

Hi friends, a few tutorials ago I presented the IP surveillance camera Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I, a camera that ultimately proved to be excellent, in fact well above my expectations at the time of purchase. Apart from the fact that this IP camera has a top sensor, it also comes with a very sharp (2.8mm-12mm) focal lens, we have some chromatic aberrations. [Read more...]