As you enter the account to someone else and read WhatsApp conversations

As you enter the account to someone else and read WhatsApp conversations?
Hello friends, today's tutorial we'll see how we read and how we can spy on conversations WhatsApp children, wife, friends, people close.

As you enter the account to someone else and read WhatsApp conversations

How does the account of someone else's WhatsApp

We may not necessarily want to spy on someone only to monitor our children or grandchildren.
Tutorial will show you today is not a hack.
Do we use special software and will not need root.
The method presented in this tutorial simply exploiting a feature that WhatsApp has; It's about WhatsApp Web.

Why do we need to go on someone else's WhatsApp account

All we need is to install our phone (the one on which we want to spy on the victim) an application called WhatWeb For Whatsapp and have access to the victim's phone (which we want to spy) for up 5 seconds.

When the method will not work Spy WhatsApp?

1 - if the victim's phone has a code, model or fingerprint to lock the phone and we can not access for 5 seconds, as I told you above

2 - if the victim has an application installed that blocks access to certain applications and we can not access the victim's WhatsApp application, even if we have access to other applications or functions in the victim's phone.

How do we protect access to the account by someone else WhatsApp

How can you protect someone so you can not spy on WhatsApp on your phone conversations?

Password or fingerprint phone

- secure your phone with a password, PIN or unlock pattern (or set your fingerprint sensor) and never leave your phone unlocked and unattended.

Pin only application WhatsApp

- if you are more comfortable and do not like to go through the routine of securing and unlocking your phone by PIN, unlock pattern, password or fingerprintYou can use an application that selectively blocks access to applications you chose.
Others will be able to use your phone but not applications that you choose to secure your password or fingerprint

Tutorial on how to set the password for applications

A tutorial on how chicken password applications or files can be found here Paroleaza phone and tablet applications on the App Lock

Video tutorial - How to log in to someone else's WhatsApp account to read their conversations

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  1. Tutorial for those believed to be cheated

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Or a parent who wants to watch their offspring. Anything that can be used in a good purpose or a bad purpose. Each one to choose in order to use that thing.

  2. something similar for messenger is?

  3. Victim WhatsApp on your Web history remains connected devices and can disconnect all sessions.

    • I would like to know in iOS how can you see if you Wats up spied with What web! much the

    • I think I'm watching I went to wappweb and I saw a last synchronization that I disconnected all the pcs do you think you are still being watched?

    • I think I was also tracked that I entered wappweb and saw a last synchronization and underneath it was writing disconnect from all the pc I disconnected and now you think she is still watching me? Now when I go to wappweb, I'm only showing the Qr code

  4. Now, as you can see if someone is spying on conversations and how we block?

  5. Grigor Danut said

    To supervise children is quite useful. The only big problem is seattlements victim's phone and it is more difficult to achieve considering that most have password access to the phone.

  6. nicolae said

    Now the reverse, as you can see if someone is spying on conversations and how you lock it?

  7. simona said

    tutorials on it for Lumia phones?

  8. Cristian said

    Hi, on android 6.0 it remains to notice the notification in the top bar that another device is connected to WhatsApp Web… can something be done to stop it from appearing?

  9. Woegell Igo said

    Assuming that for five seconds someone had access to the phone and scanned the code… .how to fix the victim's trouble? Is the phone reset to factory settings?

  10. Bravo Adrian a useful program for whoever has children, congratulations

  11. Daniel said

    In vain, you scanned the phone code that you spy to appear in the notification bar that is connected to another phone and the man disconnects it and does not go any fart so you can not spy whatsApp

  12. Daniel said

    If it is a way not to appear in the notification bar as being connected to another phone

  13. How do I find the i-phone app? I do not find whatweb

  14. Cristina said

    Hi, I would like to see my husband's messages but I do not have access to the phone left home by 2I can you help me see conversations or there is no way if I do not have access to my phone? I am waiting an answer, thank you

  15. Hello. Who can help me find the identity of a person with a mobile number ms.

  16. puscasu mihaela said

    hello adrian, I made this application on my husband's phone… .and I ask you if I go in and read his conversations, it can be seen that I have read or his last activity appears pot you can tell me why

  17. How can I get in if I do not have access to my phone?

  18. hello pot .can I transfer whatweb on the new purchased phone, without having to perform the scan operation?

  19. Hello. I'm gone to work abroad and I suspect my wife is cheating on me. He's always on watshap. How can I get into her watshap if I'm gone?

  20. A very good and needed application

  21. Cristina said

    Hi. If you've done my whole story with scanning, how long does it have access to my account? How can I stop him from seeing my conversations anymore? And if I wiped out my phone all his conversations were left to him? Thank you!

  22. I was also spied with this program, to cut off the other's access to all you have to do is install and you'll program whatsweb and check "disconnect all sessions"

  23. How do I install my app? I downloaded watsapp web, further?

  24. Hello to everyone, I can see the question about Iphone, yes, it's true that WhatsApp Web does not exist on Iphone, maybe Adrian will give us a solution through his tutorials and for Iphone.
    What do you say Adrian, will there be a solution for us who have Iphone?

  25. Constantin said

    Adrian, please clarify. After installing the application, while I was sitting next to the "victim's" phone, it worked, but after a few days at work, it didn't work anymore. I get the home screen with QR code scanners. What to do?


  27. Hi, Adrian! I want to ask you something in particular about these entry possibilities on someone's whatsapp. Can you give me an email address, please? Thank you!

  28. If I'm in Romania and he goes outside I can see the messages and have to scan the code?

  29. Is it true for iPhone? I tried downloading the app but it does not appear in my appstore.

  30. Is it true for iPhone? I tried downloading the app but it does not appear in my appstore.

  31. Carmen daoud said

    Good night, I wonder if anyone has scanned the whatsup code on the phone, is it still able to read messages? If yes, how can I block the spying of whatsup

  32. Carmen daoud said

    Encountered was if the code was scanned and then the phone secured, the conversation reading remains valid.tot its time or only a certain period?

  33. Carmen daoud said

    The fact was if the code was scanned and then the phone was secure, reading conversations remained valid. Did my time or just a certain time? I was not clear about the answer

  34. Hello I can not find the application on the store anybody knows what the application is called

  35. But how can you do that the other person does not suspect? I installed the app and always appears as whatsapp is connected to another device

  36. Do you know a program that follows another phone without installing the same application on that phone?

  37. Do you know a program that tracks another phone for calls, messages, or locations without installing the same application on that phone?

    • Adrian Guduş said

      Without installing something on the other phone, you can not spy on it.

      • Dear Adrian..the victim appears to be "spied on" .. I have access to the request… tell me how I can remove the alert from his request..thanks ..

  38. And to install to track what needs to be installed?

  39. Hi. If you're copying whatsapp, u on another android because you do not have access to the phone at the time! You can scan the code. Or does she have to be on the victim's face?

  40. Bogdan ionut said

    And I expect the same answer

  41. Good evening.
    Tonight, a friend's husband tried to make me a scan code demonstration whats pup .. and after he scanned my phone all my conversations appeared to him .. then all in front of me on my phone pressed the dazactivation something like that and they disappeared.
    My question is if she now has access to my whatsupup, I have read instructions, etc. but I do not realize and do not want to be spied on by a stranger.
    I am waiting for an urgent answer.

  42. Hi, I would like to spy on my husband's messages on Wazzap, but he has his mark. What can I do? Thank you very much.

    • Nicu Bordânc said

      When he's asleep, it's a possibility to use his fingerprint, unless he wakes up during the action.

  43. If the child deletes the message from his phone, I can not see the message anymore. I checked. How is it possible?

  44. How can I block whoever accesses my account (s) from Whatsapp / FB Messenger? Thank you very much!

  45. grigore said

    I copied the code, the messages appeared, I did not open them, now I do not know how to read the messages. Please help me. I have to scan the code and then even open the messages, they have left but I do not know how to I open them? Grigore

  46. Hi there, is there no application? I searched her android and IOS and I can not find it. Thank you

    • For IOS you can find it on google, it's called "whatscan for whatsweb", you get "install" then ask if you open it in the App Store, you accept "yes" and the rest comes by itself.

  47. Hi
    Does anyone know if the app still exists? I can not find it

  48. Octavian said

    I do not find the app in the play shop!

  49. Hello, I have a problem with a hacker. It is constantly blackmailing me on my wup account. How can I stop it?

  50. My phone does not generate the code to scan!

  51. Super editorial and going great for messenger is something?

  52. I have installed a phone reader on my phone with a fingerprint and phone number but it only shows that the people they are talking about is my bbc how can I see what it says on whatsapp.astept answer

  53. iosif stan said

    I have searched for a Samsung j1 application and no longer appears on the application itself, which is the old phone applied. Thank you.

  54. I can't save the pictures from the child's account, I see his conversations but I can't save the pictures on my phone (I'm not on his list to send me the pictures) from his account …… .I have an account made at cool, how do I make it to add it through my phone when I enter its page in the phone. Thanks

  55. How do I stop the notification that she is connected to another phone ???

  56. The application is great, the only problem is that, when I enter the application, it appears that the victim is online…. Is there a possibility not to see this ??

  57. Keep pressed on that notification, and then you will appear to disable it.

  58. Hi. Who can help me find the identity of a person having a phone number?

  59. Hi adrian. Tell me if the people at whatsapp have suspended my number I have a chance to recover my account?

  60. If what the web did and did update no longer. How do I do?

  61. Andreea said

    Hi Adrian, the application worked, a message "to use WhatsApp update Google Chrome" recently appeared, I updated, refresh, uninstalled, installed and it still doesn't work. WhatsApp works but WhatWeb does not. Please provide a solution!

  62. Hi… top left to turn it off? Thank you!

  63. Hi…. How can I access my husband's Whasap so I can see his conversations without having access to his phone?
    Wait for response!

  64. Valentin said

    Hello. What can I do to stop it from appearing to be connected to another device. Or it enters my web watap and disconnects me. How can I hide the icon from the victim's phone. If there is another application please. Thanks.

  65. How can I access his watsup if I don't have access to his phone at all.

  66. Can I track two phones at the same time?

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