How to reset your Windows password if you forget it :-)

How to reset your Windows password if you forgot it How do you reset your Windows password if you forgot it? In case you forgot your Windows password, you have two options. The first is to reset the password and the second is to reinstall Windows. On what operating systems does Windows reset the password? Windows password reset, that is the method presented in this ... [Read more...]

Reset IP Remote Hikvision IP Camera Password (CAUTION)

Reset the Hikvision IP camera password from a distance (dangerous). the last tool presented in the tutorial is really bad. Even if you want to reset or not speak to the camera, it would be good to look at the tutorial. Surveillance cameras are those devices that you install once, and then forget about them. But sometimes we need to go to them and then BUM, I forgot my password. ... [Read more...]

As you enter the account to someone else and read WhatsApp conversations

How do you log into someone else's WhatsApp account to read their conversations? Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can read or spy on WhatsApp conversations of children, wife, friends, close friends. How to access someone's WhatsApp account Maybe we don't necessarily want to spy on someone but just monitor our children or ... [Read more...]

As you can see passwords, pictures and pages to others - affected online stores

How do you see the passwords, pictures and pages of others - online stores affected Security IT security is somewhat vague nowadays, when the average user does not differentiate between web and virus vulnerability. We tried to inform as soon as possible, but unfortunately the message did not seem to reach where it was needed. On the contrary, we see as online stores ... [Read more...]

Connecting to a WiFi router without password

This tutorial exemplifies the simplest method of connecting to a secure wifi router, without the connection password. It's so simple ... I forgot my WIFI password! This is a classic example: you have the router installed for a few years and you simply forgot your wireless connection password. 1. You can reset the router, but you are not so skilled at networking, to put it ... [Read more...]

How to crack any password Wi-Fi, super fast using social engineering

How to crack any Wi-Fi password, using social engineering techniques. Social engineering is the technique by which individuals or groups are manipulated, in order to obtain something. The most recent scheme of social engineering is the "accident method", where the aggressor exploits the care for the victim for the loved ones, in order to obtain undue benefits aka… [Read more...]

Wi-Fi networks can be broken with this USB adapter and Kali

Wi-Fi networks can be broken! It is well known that Wi-Fi networks can be broken. Some easier, some harder, but in the end all can be broken if we do not have the time limit. An attacker with a lot of time and some knowledge, he can penetrate your Wi-Fi network and steal your data or worse, he can spy without you knowing. As I showed you in the tutorial ... [Read more...]

Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0, fast and affordable stick

Sandisk is known to be doctors in memory cards, SSDs and USB sticks; that's why I chose to buy a performance stick from them, a stick that I will use with live operating systems, especially for Remix OS, which I will present to you in a few days. But what if I bought another stick, as I had a lot, plus external hard drives and SSDs? See you, ... [Read more...]

Wifi password finder for any network

Finding Wi-Fi Password for Any Network Probably everyone connected to a Wi-Fi network with your PC once and for different reasons you forgot your password; Or maybe we want to transfer to the phone, the wifi networks stored on a laptop. Finding passwords from the Wi-Fi networks we were connected to is quite simple, if we use Netshell "netsh". Just use CMD and ... [Read more...]