How to send pictures and video via SMS - extremely simple

How to send photos and videos via SMS

What faster and more reliable method of sending photos, videos or files is SMS. SMS is to everyone in the phone and is almost impossible not receive the SMS message with pictures or videos.
Now everyone knows that in fact SMS not send pictures or video, but we can do a combination between Google Drive and SMS, which allows us to quickly send any messages inside.

How to send photos and videos via SMS

How to send photos and videos via SMS

The advantages of the proposed method of sending photos, videos and files via SMS:

1. SMS are almost free
2. Net included is about everyone nowadays
3. No need to install other applications (just Google Drive)
4. It is a quick and generally available to everyone
5. You should not use social networks

Send them large files directly from phone to phone
Send files from your phone to PC wireless high speed
As the program automatic sending an SMS
Espionage or call log and sms backup for android phones

Why not use an application like Facebook and Whatsapp?

To go social exchange files with applications, we must fulfill several conditions: to have both speakers installed applications, both have opened applications and be connected somehow (friends, contacts, circles, etc.). From all this it is enough that one condition is not satisfied and the file will not reach the destination.

Why not use MMS?

MMS cost and limits your maximum amount of data sent to 300 KB, totally insufficient for pictures today that over 5 MB each.
MMS costs:
Orange - 14 Euro Cents
Vodafone - 18 Euro Cents
Telecom - 14 Euro Cents
Providers have other offers, some very advantageous subscription, but from my point of view MMS is exceeded.
If you still have any net subscription card, why should we bother with MMS?

With SMS, receiving pictures or video sites is guaranteed.

SMS works to everyone in the phone and it is guaranteed that when sending the recipient will receive the message if the phone has started to receive the message when the phone starts.

Prerequisite for sending photos and videos by SMS to go?

The most important thing in the method presented is the Google Drive, which must be installed on your phone. I think almost everyone has this application installed. If you do not, I suggest you install and use it, because you can help more things.

You can send photos and videos via SMS to anyone!

As shown in the tutorial method anyone can send photos and video by sms and do not need only the recipient's phone number.

How to send pictures and videos via SMS - video tutorial

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  1. Adrian Gudus said

    I have not met one smartphone or tablet to come with preinstalled Google Drive. No need to set up your account, or make one for part of the suite of Google services. It will automatically use the Google account you've added smartphone when you complete the wizard (configuration steps) to first start the smartphone. Google Account added wizard that comes by default with the rest Drive access Google services: Maps, Hangouts, Google Plus, Keep, News & Weather, Music, YouTube, Books, Calendar, Google Photos, etc.

  2. We just tested, uploaded a personal 29 second video file to Drive and 59.9 MB. I then sent it all through the sms and the file can not be played, it loads in the blank. Quality is lost, however, the settings appear to automatically run on 360p (no other manual playback quality can be set), the original file is of superior quality. But, I repeat, the video can not be played back. There may, however, be some limitations (file size, etc.).

    Anyway, the idea is very interesting in terms of sending photos.

    Happy holidays and as many useful tutorials!


    • Use the option to download, because the drive behaves like Youtube site, trying to transcode video. Download site, you'll have the official version. If you already way google opening drive, try to copy the link in the SMS and open it in a browser incognito page. Above the arrow to download the video you have.

  3. That's wrong said pictures and video sms. It's more like a normal sms link. So you can also link to a song and open the beautiful browserveru sua yt application

  4. if the link saved SMS received will have access to this file whenever you want? If so, how can I restrict its access to the file after a while?

  5. in fact all the net is transmitted through said totul.impropriu net SMS.daca did not not work.

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