How to translate a PDF document - free document translation

How to translate a PDF document

What is the tutorial on how to translate a PDF document about?

In this video tutorial you will see how to translate a PDF document. It is the simplest and fastest way to translate a PDF document.

How to translate an entire PDF document?

How to translate a PDF document - video tutorial
  1. You must have the document already downloaded to your PC or phone
  2. In the browser, go to Google Translate (on the phone move to "desktop site version)
  3. At the top you have 3 tabs: text message, documents and sites. Choose documents
  4. Press the "Browse on your computer" button and locate the PDF document
  5. After you have found the document, press the "Translate" button
  6. After the translation you will have a button "Download the translation"

What do the translations of PDF documents translated by Google Translate look like?

As with any translation, we will not have a translated "and adapted" version, but depending on the language used in the text, it is a pretty good translation.

Over the years and with the introduction of artificial intelligence, Google Translate has become very good.

Only if you think about how a few years ago, in order to translate something, you had to pay quite significant amounts...

Any translation needs adaptation to be easy to understand

Do not expect the translation to be like a naturally written text in Romanian.

Each language has its peculiarities and with this kind of translation it will seem that the text / ideas / etc. do not connect well.

This is where the role of a human translator comes in, who, in addition to translating the words, manages to put them back into sentences and interpret different terms, so that the text as a whole is easy to understand and "flows" easily and naturally.

I remember, when I was a child, I used to watch films shot on video tapes, where the translation was of the voice over type. There were no subtitles then, except on TV. The best films shot on video tapes were those translated by Margareta Nistor, who did a very good adaptation, in addition to the translation.

In conclusion, it is possible that a book, for example, translated by this method may seem a little strange to you; And let your brain feel a little more demanding, than when we read a well-translated and adapted book.

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How to translate a PDF document – ​​video tutorial

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