How to check battery health on your laptop?

How to check the health of the battery? The role of a laptop is to be a portable computer, and when we say portable we automatically think of the battery. that is why it is extremely important to know how to check the health of the battery. Technology has evolved extremely fast in recent years, but it seems that the batteries have gone a little slower; Despite the greater capabilities of [Read more...]

LAPTOP WITH STRICT SCREEN (black) - problem solving

LAPTOP WITH BROKEN SCREEN (black) - problem solving What do we do when the laptop screen breaks and we can no longer use it. You probably think it's simple, you connect your laptop to an external monitor, right? The problem is that it doesn't work, or at best we can only use the shutdown system, without being able to reinstall or enter the bios. The description … [Read more...]

Gaming Laptop Purchasing Guide and School

Gaming and School Laptop Acquisition Guide Nowadays laptops have become capable enough to replace a desktop. It can be said that a good laptop is not as expensive as in the past. What's important about a laptop? 1. The screen should be IPS 2. Quality keyboard 3. Good touchpad with fast response 4. Powerful dedicated graphics processor 5.… [Read more...]

How to play PC games on an Android phone

How to play PC games on an Android phone What is Game Streaming? For a long time, remote gaming technology, as it is known, has been available; but still we don't really see gaming services, to which you can subscribe and play, any game until you are full. Why don't we have streaming game platforms? Some time ago I did a tutorial about… [Read more...]

2016 gaming laptops, procurement guide

Gaming laptops 2016 Gaming laptops are a category of quite expensive products most of the time; Not during this period, when manufacturers make substantial discounts on gaming laptops and more. The gaming laptop is good for other tasks as well, not just for gaming. Because high-performance components are used, gaming laptops are… [Read more...]

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop Nowadays, if you want a high-performance laptop, you have to get a gaming one; Not even business laptops offer serious processors. Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, cheap and good gaming laptop The entire laptop industry is gravitating towards ultrabooks; That wouldn't be a problem if the ultra low power processors… [Read more...]

The lifetime of the laptop battery more advanced settings

How can we get longer battery life on our laptop? Battery life is a constant pain for those who use laptops away from the outlet. In a way, what good is a laptop if it doesn't have a battery? On Windows we have power plans that we can juggle, to drain as much of the battery as possible; Unfortunately, in many cases we have lawsuits… [Read more...]

Best cheap gaming laptops

Buying Guide, The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Gaming laptops are a niche product, and like most niche products, they are expensive. They are expensive, not because they have "special" components, but because they are made in limited series. A gaming laptop (for gaming) must have sufficient processor capacity, sufficient system memory and [Read more...]