Tp-link PowerLAN 600 mbps, the net outlets throughout the house

PowerLAN adapters are devices that we inject the yarn net the whole house power grid, a distance of up 300 meters.

600 PowerLAN Mbps TP-LINK, net outlets throughout the home

Our kit is a TP-Link TL-PA6010, which theoretically can reach up to 600 Mbps.
PowerLAN adapters are very easy to use. We have two parts, one is put in socket near your router to which and connecting cable, and that the second piece goes into an area of ​​the house where not enough net site, connecting to course outlet and then the laptop cable.

What uses PowerLan

A kit PowerLAN, this TP-LINK can be used in many applications:
1. Net for Smart TVWhere we do not have cable net.
2. Expanding the wireless network adapters and safe access point sites.
3. Expanding the network in newly built areas
4. Connecting to the net garage, annexes, ip cameras, Intercoms, etc.

How good is PowerLAN site?

I put a bunch of tests, and I concluded that you can rely on PowerLAN. Speed ​​largely exceeds 100 Mbps and can reach up to almost 300 Mbps when PowerLAN adapters are walking distance from each other.

Merge PowerLAN the three phase?

Yes, go, but provided that common to be neutral on all phases. From here I realized that netul, actually goes through cable than zero, being used only for food Phase.
TP-LINK powerline kit

Results of the tests PowerLAN 600 Mbps TP-LINK:

1. Lobby at any 7 meters from the router, Download and Upload 93 89 (Mbps)
2. 6 Bureau on any router meters, Download and Upload 97 87 (Mbps)
3. Living in 3 meters from the router, Download and Upload 140 137 (Mbps)
4. Kitchen, 3 meters from the router, Download and Upload 214 244 (Mbps)
5. Adapters in the same socket double, Download and Upload 284 287 (Mbps)
6. Hallway with a strip adapter, Download and Upload 91 70 (Mbps)
7. Lobby Wireless AC Router 7 meters, Download and Upload 355 374 (Mbps WiFi)
8. Terrace adapter 9 meters, Download and Upload 124 134 (Mbps)
AC 9 9 wireless Terrace meters, Download and Upload 14 24 (Mbps WiFi)
I did a test with speedtest + gigabit internet connectionBecause I wanted to see real speed internet. The tests were made with the server RDS Bucharest.

How did tests PowerLan?

During the tests I had no problem. The adapters were connected quickly and functioned stable ping between 4ms and 5ms.
What's the best of wireless, and cable PowerLAN?
Ladder stands like this:
1. UTP (The King)
2. PowerLAN (speed OK)
3. Wireless (comfortable but…)
Adapters PowerLAN prices

Tp-link PowerLAN 600 mbps, the net outlets throughout the house

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  1. it seems silly in some ways like it depends view as if a wire is nulu all as interconnected outlets etc. easiest if you have multiple PCs in the home network put them wfi boards of 500 1 MB or GB and have a good router wfi and net of fast connections in tota house. possibly a signal amplifier if you do not SmeN big house and all over the aces are good and I have walls full or nearly full .. Semal's safest method for me .. with a good router and antenna house wfi out signal amplification Maximum lei somewhere 600 all .. and how many devices you can connect. I router Telekom and am everywhere in the house semnalu full even go in the room farthest and scale have medium to etaju 1 as I sit downstairs then del to etaju 2 1 2 dashes and outside up near the staircase 2 outside lines.

    • it's not really stupid. The problem is that they are pretty expensive. I think going well.

    • I 40 meters from the garage to the house, and the wireless signal is weak, though I have a pretty good router. In case I want to mount an IP camera in a garage, or a video intercom, I like to bring the net there, because I need to store video on NAS. Of course I thought for a long time the importance of UTP cables and I buried one to garage; But if I had?
      There are many instances where you can not rely on wireless.
      In a room with many walls as a common office, where many electronic interference that we are close unused wireless media.
      If you have a smartTV, and you have not pulled your UTP cable to it, you will only have problems with video streaming. … And the examples could go on.
      PowerLAN adapters are tools that we really need.

      • I said get a signal amplified indoor antenna but in case you take one outside off. from what I read somewhere amplify smenalu distance 200 300 meters extterior procedure. I have not tested or anything but I heard from many. You can search information signal amplification antenna indoor and outdoor wfi do a tutorial. You can find something.

    • Typical Romanian. If someone else knows another way to do something, that doesn't mean that what is shown here is stupid and what you know is just fine. First of all, we have to thank the guys from for the tutorials they do, tutorials that make our lives easy many times when we catch our ears. Guys, I personally thank you for everything you do and don't pay attention all the chimpanzees who think they are smart, as well as many "beautiful and free young people" in this country.

  2. I use a little of 2 years and are very pleased with these adapters .NET is more stable and plus it's easier to use .As price, are in Romania do not know how but Paris can buy two to 25 euros .I say they are not expensive.

  3. If you have such an adapter and one I go to the neighbor who lives in me and I m 100 be connected to the same power cables should run the Internet at speeds somewhat ok?

  4. Hello. I want to make a correction to what you said the opposite trifazic.Deci a three phase current is composed of 3 phases, a void, an earthed (total 5 wires in both socket and plug). A phase lines is composed of a play, a void, an earthed (total 3 wires in the plug and socket). TP-LINK is shown tied to null inpamintarea single phase (ASTEL has 2 fire-crotch-contact, etc). Both networks are part of -Retele low tensiune-. In Romania under communism or blocks that were built only three phase where it was fitted kitchen with an electric stove and stove 3 every eye was powered by a plug and socket stage but they looked so :( Be careful that are mad can try to put in a plug TP-LINK is the result of three-phase instantaneous death of the person. Good day and pay attention to the recommendations.

    • Thanks for completion. Maybe I should specify that phase, but I single-phase sockets in the house, divided into three areas of the house, using each phase in a certain area.
      My emotion, came from the fact that not communicate at all stages between them, and I think it will not work PowerLAN adapter. But it seems that neutral is only used to carry data that is shared between all three phases.

      • I think it works just like the machine from teleshopping for gândaci.Poate even to note that while you have a benefit.

  5. I have and it is a thing to ask you I want to buy this antenna AirGrid M5-HP-23 underlying 30 km from Bucharest and I want to know if it is good from what I saw comes embedded with WIF thank you and look orce response or suggestion from Your good oz

    • So you can have a Wifi connection over long distances should be point to point and point to have an open field with no obstacles.
      Both points must have high power directional antennas.
      You must also take into account the legal implications. I do not believe the law allows it.

  6. Thank response but I'm asking you something about Antena AirGrid M5-HP-23 eastern good because I'm not very good and if I can connect to the wirless from someone else can break passwords to take gasete networks more because here Romtelecom goes to the net more than 6 thank mb

  7. PC contains Asus motherboard z87pro processor I7 4790 memory 16 GB Intel SSD 120 gb have a Rutar wirless tp-link model TD-W8970 can use in cobinatie antenna mss expect an answer because you understand perfectly throughout which also Thank fc

  8. Daniel Radu said

    Sorry to change the subject, but I wonder what use antivirus?

  9. Finally a smart guy and throw him not only antivirus is trendy, why do not you take an aspirin if head hurts.

  10. The second adapter can connect another to have wifi router to your destination?
    Thank you.

  11. I found this more efficient model,, Price is similar to the one presented to you, but has outlets in interior.Merita bought?

  12. Cristi, answer me if it is worth buying model with outlet outperform the one presented to you.

    • Probably all do the same thing, in addition the one with the plug is more convenient, because you do not spit the plug in vain. Now I can't tell you what power that socket can withstand or how filtered it is. I guess you can't put in microwave ovens or other motorized appliances, because problems can occur. I don't know exactly, read the manuals online and see how "usable" that socket is. In terms of performance, I think they are about the same, if they have the same maximum speed (theoretical).

  13. Thank you, the sockets interest me less, "brave" interests me the most.

  14. How can secure Powerlan signal adapter?

  15. Do not discuss any interference that may occur or might occur. Suppose data download something that interests me is not corrupt or send a file to someone important outlet and connects with a consumer somebody who we all know that flameaza plug firmly until it makes the connection problems could occur? I know that between low current circuits and NET TV-current circuits, the recommended minimum distance between them is 30 cm. I do not know if distance is recommended for protection or not interferences.

  16. PowerLAN Adapter can connect to an access point, router not? works?

  17. I can not find the information anywhere. can I buy 4 such devices and from one to give net to the rest? Or you are restricted to 2 only

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